Oh Miss Molly

 - by Brittany

We’ve done it! We made it another month… now at month 8. Miss Molly is the love of all our lives. She is the center right now. Jameson put his big brother skills to work, helping her sit back up when she has fallen over, carrying her all over, giving me a slight heart attack sometimes. He lets me know every time she’s poopy, and keeps an eye on her so I can shower once in a while.

Ella. Oh what to do with this girl. She loves Molly. Like, too much. She is the first to let you know Molly is crying in her crib. The first question of the morning is, “Where’s Molly?” Even when Molly is on the floor in front of her. She is constantly kissing or petting Molly to the point, she will knock her over. Ella will wake her up… just to check on her. But she loves her sister dearly, and I hope that continues on through their lives.

Molly is now 8 months old. She still just has the two teeth. She rolls everywhere, and gets up on all 4s. In the last 2 days, she has started the crawling motion. Give her a couple more days, and she will have it mastered. She gets frustrated and will get in more of a bear crawl position, and then face plant. Pretty funny. She can sit back up from crawling positions, sometimes. Molly imitates and talks back to us. She also leans forward to receive her kisses. Every once in a while, she will give you a nice wet kiss back… if you’re lucky. Dad is yet to be so lucky to receive one of these. She is constantly in motion. Holding her is a pain sometimes, because she has to be able to see everything that is going on. So she will try to flip in your arms, back and forth. Sleeping is starting to get better. She goes to bed around 7:30, I feed her before going to bed around 11:00, and then she will sleep till 6 or 7. Those 6 am mornings are rough, though. I always try to get her to go back to sleep, but it doesn’t always work. She is starting to eat more solids, and loves salty things. Molly has such a good temperament, and loves her siblings. And she is pretty dang cute!

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