Month: December 2011

Frosting and gingerbread

 - by Brittany

Jameson picked out a gingerbread kit, and we saved it for Sunday after church. Kevin was still out of town, and I thought it would be a great way to pass the time. After Ella’s nap, we got out the kit. Jameson was in charge of putting the candy on. I think Ella’s job was to eat it.

The house lasted for a day before things started disappearing. I think the gingerbread man was the first to go.

Smile big

 - by Brittany

We had our ward party on the 10th. I ended up having to make a turkey for it, which I was not too pleased about. I was told they just needed an oven. Not, so. To top it off, Kevin was out of town, plus I said I would bring a vegetable platter. Anyway, I battled the kids, and when it was finally time to meet Santa, Jamo actually told him a real thing he wanted. Thank goodness. His last list made no sense at all.


When I asked him to smile, this is what I got.


At least he made everyone else laugh.

Botanical Gardens

 - by Brittany

We took the young women and young men to the Botanical Gardens on one of their free nights.


Can you see the peacock? Among many other animals. On the way out, I saw the garden. The grape vines looked pretty cool.


3rd Place

 - by Brittany

December 9th, our friends threw an Ugly Sweater party. I bought these sweaters for our family party, but then never did put them on. Let me just say there were some ugly sweaters there, so I was impressed that I won 3rd. I guess this sweater served it’s purpose. For me anyway.

We’re pretty sexy, huh?


 - by Brittany

And after a day or two, we finally had our decorated trees by the 8th of December.

Forgot to take a picture of Jameson’s. We’ll get one, though.

Oh Christmas Tree

 - by Brittany

It was time to get a Christmas tree, so the kids and headed to the same place we got one from last year. They really are so helpful and nice. We explored the lot first, and Jameson examined each one.


He showed Ella how to walk on the tree stands.


And they wondered why there was a hole.


Ella stopped to say “cheese” for just a minute.



We found a tree that would be perfect. It was within our price range, and we were ready to go. That is, till Jameson explained, “No, Mom, now we need to find my tree.” I tried to explain that Mom only brought so much money. But then, the guy took us to the back and showed Jameson the little trees. He thought it was perfect! Again, I explained that I didn’t bring money for two trees. Instead, the guy said, “I’ll give you both for the price.” Great. I think he thought he was helping out. A little Christmas Miracle. Jameson was so excited. I was just thinking, “Where am I going to put a second tree?” and “Now I have to go buy another tree stand.” So this little tree would not be free. It was really nice of him though. We get our trees from Allen’s tree farm, which is the closest tree lot to us. They’re great, and both trees are still alive.

We stopped to get a tree stand, and then headed home. We got Jameson’s tree inside, put Ella down for a nap, and then had a surprise visit. My Aunt and Uncle came by after their trip to the temple. I never got her message, so I was totally surprised. I love visits, especially from my only family that’s close. They brought us some treats, and the kids a little goody bag. Jameson loves my Uncle, and had to show him everything, especially the new tree.

Once they left, we got everything ready, and I brought the other tree in. Yes, Kevin has that awesome of a wife. It ended up only being slightly crooked, but I thought Kevin could help me fix that when he got home from work. Well, here it is Christmas eve, and the tree is still crooked. Oh well.


Gobble Gobble

 - by Brittany

This is late, but Jameson made a Thankful turkey in preschool. I thought it was pretty funny what he was thankful for.

The feathers were:

my friends

my brother named Jamo (he apparently thinks he has more brothers.)

my baby (Ella)

my mom

my dad

My parents (he keeps talking about his other parents and I have no idea who that is. We’ve definitely his imaginary friends stage.)



 - by Brittany

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Little red wagon

 - by Brittany


Grandma sent Jameson his birthday present/ Christmas present, and he was so excited. Can you tell? Ella insisted on sitting in it while I was trying to put it together. Not the easiest feat, but I got it done. Actually, they insisted on sitting in the next few days while watching tv.

What was funny, was the UPS guy delivering it. He got to know us pretty well while Kevin was restoring the engine in his truck. So he knocked on the door, then walked back to his truck and waited. When I answered the door, with both kids at my feet, he stopped and asked, “Do little eyes need to go somewhere else?” I was totally confused at first. I had to remember what was being delivered. Once I did, I laughed and told him it was actually a birthday present so we were good. He pulled the box out which had a nice picture of the contents on it. The kids got so excited, and I was thankful the UPS guy is careful.