Month: December 2008

Last Baby shower of the year

 - by Brittany

Steph is getting close so it was time for a shower. This shower was so much fun. I didn’t know most of the guest, so I was able to use fun games that I have used before at other showers.

december-1-13-052-large.jpg  december-1-13-054-large.jpg  december-1-13-057-large.jpg

The kids loved helping open gifts. It was a fun party if I do say so myself.

After the quests left, Jay made us some delicious lamb on his new rotiserie. Then we broke out the rockband. We decided this is a game to be played before you have kids. Jameson has a new found love.

december-1-13-062-large.jpg  december-1-13-063-large.jpg  december-1-13-065-large.jpg  december-1-13-066-large.jpg

Christmas tree hunting

 - by Brittany

Since Thanksgiving weekend was so crazy, we waited till the first weekend of December to get a tree. I have always had real trees, and Kevin never did. So when we got married he supported my tradition of a real tree. This year we decided to go cut our own tree. Kevin liked the idea of a “manly” activity and I liked the idea of a permit only costing $10. Well I went to the forest office and it took me a good 20 minutes to get a permit. Long line? Nope! The ladies in the office wouldn’t stop playing with Jameson, to give me my permit. As I was leaving a couple entered, and before I had Jameson locked in his chair they were already back in the parking lot. I have things to do ladies! Why couldn’t it have been that quick for me? Anyways, I got the permit, and then Kevin’s friend said we could go on his private property and cut a tree. So if anyone needs a permit, I still have one. So we headed up the hill, and finally found his property (his directions weren’t the best).

Jameson was all packed and ready to go.

december-1-13-023-large.jpg  december-1-13-024-large.jpg

Jameson and his dad scouting out trees, and checking out the area.

december-1-13-025-large.jpg  december-1-13-026-large.jpg  december-1-13-027-large.jpg  december-1-13-028-large.jpg

We found the tree!

december-1-13-029-large.jpg   december-1-13-030-large.jpg  december-1-13-031-large.jpg

Jameson and I waiting for dad to cut the tree down. He loved playing with my pig tails, not so fun for me.

december-1-13-035-large.jpg  december-1-13-034-large.jpg  december-1-13-033-large.jpg

The tree started at about 16 feet. It probably ended up at a little over 9 by the time we stood it up in the house.

december-1-13-037-large.jpg  december-1-13-039-large.jpg  december-1-13-044-large.jpg

Sappy hands when all was said and done. The finished product.


We never did get the angel on top, so she had taken up residency next to the tree.

Surprise, Steph!

 - by Brittany

The first weekend of December we had a surprise party for Steph to attend (Kevin’s older sister). She had no idea, and was completely surprised. I would have thought she would notice all of our cars, but luckily at the end of the week all you want to do is get home.

december-1-13-001-large.jpg  december-1-13-002-large.jpg

It was a My little pony party (her favorite when she was little). Everyone got to wear crowns for her.


Josh gave her Dance Dance Revolution, which became the hit of the party. Almost everyone tried it out.

december-1-13-013-large.jpg  december-1-13-014-large.jpg  december-1-13-017-large.jpg  december-1-13-018-large.jpg  

Jameson loved the balloons almost as much as his grandpa!

december-1-13-020-large.jpg  december-1-13-021-large.jpg

Happy Brithday Steph!

Jameson’s party

 - by Brittany

The invitations went out, and the party was on.

november-23-30-108-large.jpg  november-23-30-113-large.jpg

We made animals for the kids to wear around. They looked a lot better in my head, but what can you do.

november-23-30-103-large.jpg  november-23-30-104-large.jpg  november-23-30-105-large.jpg  november-23-30-106-large.jpg

I made a cake for Jameson and then a cake for everyone else to eat. They turned out pretty good, and tasted delicious.

november-23-30-043-large.jpg  november-23-30-046-large.jpg  november-23-30-047-large.jpg

Family and friends who came to see Jameson on his big day

november-23-30-048-large.jpg  november-23-30-049-large.jpg  november-23-30-050-large.jpg  november-23-30-051-large.jpg  november-23-30-052-large.jpg  november-23-30-057-large.jpg  november-23-30-058-large.jpg november-23-30-060-large.jpg  november-23-30-075-large.jpg (This is Kevin’s sister Brittney. It was actually her birthday and was nice enough to share her day with Jameson. Thanks Britt!)

The cake. He really didn’t get too messy. He ate the entire snout, but kept pretty clean.

november-23-30-076-large.jpg  november-23-30-077-large.jpg  november-23-30-079-large.jpg  

I don’t have a lot of pictures. Someone else had my camera so I’ll have to hunt down the good pictures of the cake eating.

Jameson didn’t really care to open presents, which I guess is a good thing for the Christmas gift that will be under the tree. He loved the toys and once we opened one only wanted to play with that. He had lots of help from friends, though, showing him how to play with the toys.

november-23-30-081-large.jpg  november-23-30-082-large.jpg  november-23-30-085-large.jpg  november-23-30-089-large.jpg  

Great-Grandpa put together his tractor for him

november-23-30-090-large.jpg  november-23-30-088-large.jpg

After we were done with Jameson’s party, we went out for Brittney’s birthday.

november-23-30-091-large.jpg  november-23-30-092-large.jpg  november-23-30-093-large.jpg

She got all her candles out in on breath! After, we all headed to Sheels to check it out.

Jameson was wired that night. He didn’t get to bed till about 11:00, then we had to wake him up early to fly to Vegas. Here is a picture of Jameson and his cousin Kayden in their suits. This is the best picture we could get.


My dad and his grandsons

november-23-30-099-large.jpg  november-23-30-101-large.jpg  november-23-30-102-large.jpg

It was a fun, but tiring weekend, and I was so excited for Monday (nothing to do). Jameson had his one year appointment, and here are his stats.

He weighed 25 lbs (90th %)

He’s 31 1/2 in. tall (75-95%)

His head is 18 in. (25th%)

He’s steadily growing and been about the same averages throughout the year.

Thanks to everyone that helped celebrate his first birthday!

(On a side note. My brother pointed out he went his whole first year of his life without Thanksgiving. He was born the Saturday after Thanksgiving and this year Thanksgiving was after his birthday. Kind of funny!)

First ride on the WalMart toys

 - by Brittany

While shopping for food for Thanksgiving and his birthday, I decided to let Jameson ride on the toys at the front. At first, he wasn’t sure, but then totally enjoyed himself.

november-23-30-040-large.jpg  november-23-30-041-large.jpg

So I have to explain the next picture. I always see the recycle you plastic bags boxes at the stores. So when I come home I shove all the bags into one single bag and then shove that under the sink. Well I always forget to take the bags to the store to recycle them, and, therefore, they have been piling up. Well Kevin was helping me clean for the party and all of a sudden I hear him calling for me. I come out, and this is what he had found.


Needless to say, he threw all my bags away, and skipped the recycling. I tried to help the environment. Oh well!

Jameson’s 1st Birthday

 - by Brittany

Jameson turned 1 on the 24th. We didn’t do much since his birthday party was going to be Saturday. We got him a rocking horse since he likes to jump on everything and shake it. (Boys definitely have a different genetic make-up. He was not taught this!) He loves his horse and will ride it across the family room. He can get is moving pretty good. So here are some pictures from his actual birthday…

Playing xbox with Dad the night before his birthday

november-23-30-001-large.jpg  november-23-30-002-large.jpg  november-23-30-004-large.jpg  november-23-30-005-large.jpg

How Jameson decided he needed to eat his breakfast. (He can break out of the straps! Not a good thing.)


Checking out his new horse!

november-23-30-008-large.jpg  november-23-30-009-large.jpg  november-23-30-010-large.jpg  november-23-30-012-large.jpg  november-23-30-015-large.jpg

We actually gave him his horse 1 day early since Kevin had work and class all day Monday. On Monday we headed off to the park, and he was in a hurry!

november-23-30-016-large.jpg  november-23-30-018-large.jpg (He would climb to the top of the tallest slide and sit, not sure if he wanted to go down.)

november-23-30-019-large.jpg  november-23-30-020-large.jpg  november-23-30-021-large.jpg  november-23-30-025-large.jpg

While we were there, Jameson took off across the park. There were 2 dogs playing ball with their owner that he had to go see. Luckily the guy was nice enough to let Jameson play with his dogs for a bit. Maybe eventually Jameson will have his own dog to play with.

After the park we got home, he took a nap, then we had to get the mail. Jameson has learned how to go down stairs, and therefore knows how to get out the front door, across the lawn, down the curb, across the street, and up the other curb. Unfortunately, he doesn’t care about cars.

november-23-30-026-large.jpg  november-23-30-028-large.jpg  november-23-30-029-large.jpg  

Jameson got a farm set that night mostly cause I needed the animals for his cake. He loves it, though. He will take the dog and make the “arf, arf” noise.

november-23-30-030-large.jpg  november-23-30-032-large.jpg  november-23-30-035-large.jpg  

Then he “helped” me with the dishes

november-23-30-037-large.jpg  november-23-30-038-large.jpg  november-23-30-039-large.jpg  

And that was Jameson’s birthday. He has learned so much during the first year of his life. It has been so fun to watch him grow. He is so interested in the details. He will watch everything, and observe. His hair went from dark and strait to blond and curly. He is trying to talk, but still doesn’t say distinct words. He will say “Mamamama” when he’s upset and needs me, but other than that he doesn’t address me. He has said Dada but we don’t know if it was directed at Kevin or not. He knows who we are, though. He loves to climb and uses his toys to get up on things he wants. He loves to talk on the phone, and now wants to call Grandpa every night. Jameson has leaned the meaning to the word “No” and doesn’t like it. Tantrums have started to errupt. For the most part, though, he is the happiest little boy and so much fun for me and Kevin.