Month: December 2007

We see how it is :)

 - by Brittany

So we got the package from my dad and step-mom and waited till Christmas to open it in case the present inside wasn’t wrapped. This is what we found…


I think Jameson had twice as many gifts this Christmas as we did from relatives! We do appreciate everyone being so thoughtful and thanks Dad and Linda for the gifts. It was fun to get presents in the mail.

Such a mess!

 - by Brittany

december-22-25-2007-002.jpg december-22-25-2007-003.jpg

I forgot about the whole foot print hand print thing when Jameson was born so we did it when he was 4 weeks old. As you can see he has huge feet and hands. These cards about 5 x 5 in. This took a lot of work to try and get all his toes and fingers. When we were done we realized his foot hit the counter top and we had and extra foot print. Kevin was worried the ink wouldn’t come off… especially because we had church the next morning. I’m happy to say baby wipes took it all off.

4 weeks old

 - by Brittany

Jameson is now 4  weeks old and is making the funniest faces. He is awake a lot more, and has even started to make talking noises… well sounds besides crying. He even smiles once in a while and we actually caught one.



Not enough room

 - by Brittany

Everyone keeps asking how my dog is doing with Jameson. She really doesn’t care about him too much; she just wants to be by me. I try to come out to the family room for the late night and early morning feedings so Kevin can get his sleep. Apparently, he took a picture one morning. This is usually how we end up since Nikki (my dog) has to be by me, and Jameson sleeps longer if he can feel me.


Away in a manger

 - by Brittany

Last weekend we had a family Christmas party in Salt Lake. I drove over with my mom and brother so we could spend a few extra days rather than fly like we usually do. Jameson slept the whole way except when he woke up to eat. But then I couldn’t take him out of his seat to burp him… stupid laws really make traveling hard with a 3 week old. My aunt wanted all the great-grandkids to act out the nativity (I am one of the youngest grandkids… Jameson was number 36 great-grandchild!) She asked my grandpa to make a manger. My mom told him it needed to be at least 21 inches long since Jameson was 20 1/2 when he was born. Yup… Jameson was baby Jesus! Well we got back and grandpa had forgot and only made it 18 inches long. It’s a good thing he still sleeps curled up!

december-12-20-2007-016.jpg  december-12-20-2007-015.jpg

My step-sister was Mary in the little reenactment which worked out well since I trusted her with Jameson. All the little kids kept asking my aunt who was going to be baby Jesus, and she kept reassuring them she had one. When it was time I put Jameson in the manger. My cousin’s little girl (who is only about 4) was one of the angels and wanted to stay on the little stage the whole time. She was so cute. She’d lean forward and pet Jameson on the head then stand back. Then reach forward again…. she did this the whole time. My step-sister was holding Jameson because he had started to cry and the cute little angel told her… “No, you have to put him back in the manger.” All the great grandkids were really cute!

Here is our 4 generation shot… yup my grandpa even smiled for it!


Kevin was suppose to fly over Friday night but ended up with too much work and couldn’t. We missed him the whole time we were gone!

It Finally Snowed

 - by Brittany


december-7-2007-004.jpg december-7-2007-003.jpg

december-7-2007-001.jpg  december-7-2007-002.jpg

Last night we finally got a good snow fall. The first picture is our house, and the second is the view from our front door. These mountains usually don’t have snow on them, (they are on the east side of the valley) so you know when they are covered we had a good snowfall. The bottom two are from our back door. We have a drainage ditch behind us which I’ve never seen have water in it the whole time we’ve lived here. It looked like a real “winter wonderland” out the back door. This beats a Vegas view any day!

My pirate

 - by Brittany

Jameson does this thing where he opens one eye looks around and then closes it. It’s pretty funny looking. Here’s a picture of his pirate eye and one of his eyes open. Ok, so I think I’ve posted enough pictures and now people can quit complaining. 🙂



And thank Jameson for taking a long nap so I could post these pictures for you!