Month: August 2009

4 Years to Us!

 - by Brittany


I’ve decided August was the wrong month to get married in. It seems like there’s always something going on. It was 4 years for us on August 13, and I spent the day in the car traveling apart from my wonderful husband. It has been an adventerous four years with ups and downs, but I’m so glad for all of them. We have had lots of firsts, and even some lasts. I’ve learned so much from Kevin, and he continues to amaze me and spoil me. Thanks for all you do for our family!

16-large.jpg moms-pictures-133-large.jpg (Trying to get a breeze under there. It was hot!)

moms-pictures-142-large.jpg june-through-september-2005-152-large.jpg

The Brumbies

 - by Brittany

The other day I was driving home and saw the wild horses. Despite what people think, these are no mustangs. It is fun to see horses, though, just hanging out on the side of the road.

august-1-15-030-large.jpg august-1-15-031-large.jpg

Grandpas, frogs, and Hot August Nights

 - by Brittany

August has been a busy month for us. Every week, Jameson’s “Papa” comes to visit (he’s done this since Jameson came home from the hospital). This week he brought bubbles for J-mo. He can say the word pretty clearly, and loves them. I never blow bubbles for him, because it makes such a mess, but Papa was willing to.


Tuesday night, Kevin came home from class with a surprise for J-mo. He had found a frog on his way in, and luckily Jameson was still awake. He loved it, watching it hop, and was so sad when Kevin let it go. If you ask him where the frog is, he holds his hands up, shrugs his shoulders, and says “I know?”

august-1-15-003-large.jpg august-1-15-004-large.jpg august-1-15-005-large.jpg august-1-15-006-large.jpg august-1-15-007-large.jpg august-1-15-008-large.jpg 

Jameson has a new found love. Jumping without even caring if you were paying attention to catch him. I’ve almost had him fall numerous times now, and he thinks it’s hilarious when you freak out after he’s launched himself over you. He has no fear, which is sometimes a good thing, but usually a bad. He does not care, and I’m going to have a heart attack.


Then, Thursday, my Dad came for a visit. He hadn’t been up to our house since Jameson’s blessing, so it was fun to have him. Jameson loved showing him all his toys, and that dad would go play with him outside. It turned out being a rather cold weekend, which was a nice change.

august-1-15-012-large.jpg august-1-15-013-large.jpg 

Saturday morning after breakfast, J-mo showed us all how full his tummy was. I can’t believe this kid sometimes. He has no fat on his body, and surprisingly under that large tummy is a 6-pack. He’s got more calf muscle than I do, but he’s got the roundest tummy.


We were going to head up to Tahoe, to spend the day with Kevin’s family, while dad stayed behind to get some work done Saturday. Well he started up the mountain, and after a little car sickness, we turned around. Thankfully, there was no throwing up, but close calls are no fun. Kevin’s dad hadn’t headed up yet, so he came by to pick up Jameson and take him up. While I laid on the couch to try and recover, my dad took Jameson out for a ride on his scooter.

august-1-15-016-large.jpg august-1-15-018-large.jpg august-1-15-021-large.jpg 

So once J-mo was picked up, we headed out for lunch and to look at some of the cars. We took my dad to one of our favorite spots.. The Oyster Bar. We got our usual bowl of clam chowder, and then headed out to the cars.

I think this was one of their favorites.

august-1-15-022-large.jpg august-1-15-023-large.jpg 

Dad really liked the bucket cars. I don’t really know what they are called. Maybe one day he can get his built. 🙂

august-1-15-024-large.jpg august-1-15-025-large.jpg august-1-15-027-large.jpg august-1-15-028-large.jpg

After the cars, we went and saw GI Joe. Definitely an action movie. I think they needed a tougher guy for the head of GI Joe, but it wasn’t bad.

Jameson returned to us that night, and church on Sunday was a trial. Our child definitely needs his sleep, and having to wake him up Sunday mornings makes him no fun. The rest of Dad’s visit was relaxing. Jameson and I took him to the airport Sunday, and half way home Jameson finally stopped crying and asking for Grandpa. He loves to point to the pictures of him, and will even go get pictures to show me.

Thanks for coming up Dad!