Month: June 2012

Protected: So over this

 - by Brittany

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A week with Shelby

 - by Brittany

Last week we had a visit from Shelby. She came up to, hopefully, help with the kids a new baby, but apparently this little girl did not like those plans. So, instead, we played. The day Shelby got here, it was raining and cold. Surprise, surprise. But, I forgot the city was turning off power that day for work, so the house was about 63 degrees when we got home. It was a little cold. Luckily, we were only home 2 hours, and then the heater kicked on.

Wednesday, we stayed home so friends could come over, since that was the day their power was scheduled to be turned off. Thursday, we headed off to Pike’s Market. It was barely raining, so it turned out to be a good day to go. We grabbed some lunch and watched this band play while we ate. They were pretty good, and the girl would even dance on her wood to add to the music.


We bought a bouquet of flowers that Jameson picked out, but Ella insisted on carrying in the house. She almost tipped over, because the bouquet was awkward and heavy for her.


Jameson showed Shelby how to beat the asteroids and fight the birds in Happy Action Theater. Best game to get kids wiggles out before bed.


Monday came and still no baby. I figured I needed to be in the hospital by Monday in order to be out before Shelby left to go home. It turned out to be a gorgeous day. The only day, I think, Shelby didn’t freeze. So we walked to the park. That’s about 2 miles round trip. Plus, I was pushing the stroller. Shelby offered to push, but my point was to try to go into labor. When we got home, I vacuumed the house, mopped, swept, did laundry, and dishes. Do you think any of this helped? No. Oh yes, I contracted through all of it, but it did not help progress anything.

Really funny, though. Ella was watching the water shoot out of the ground, when it disappeared. She was checking out the whole, when the water turned back on and shot her in the face. I was laughing pretty hard. She shook it off, but made sure to steer clear the next time.


Tuesday, we took Shelby over to the Microsoft campus and met Kevin for lunch. We ate in their “cafeteria” which is ridiculous. Pretty much a mini mall but with a better food court. We walked her over to the store, and tried to go to the museum, but it was closed for something. Instead, we headed back to the Commons and played with the microsoft surface they have there.


After their game, we took the kids home and Kevin headed back to work. Wednesday morning, we took Shelby to the airport and dropped her off with no baby in tow. We had fun, though, so we can’t ask for more.

Ice cream cones that don’t melt

 - by Brittany

This week, our activity for young womens, was to take a treat to a new beehive. She doesn’t come to church, but we wanted her to know we were thinking of her. Some of the girls worked on a card while others helped frost cupcakes. I saw a cute idea of putting cake batter in ice cream cones. So, I tried it. The girls loved them! I brought frosting and food coloring, and showed them how to swirl the frosting so it looked like ice cream.


We finished up and dropped them off. I will be making these for kids birthdays as they are way less messy than regular cupcakes, plus smaller. Easier to handle.

New games

 - by Brittany

Last weekend, when we visited Kevin at work, we got the kids a new game. It is so funny to watch him play. You can’t watch for too long, though, or you get motion sickness.

Playing safari

 - by Brittany

Jameson asked Dad to play safari. When asked what that meant, this was the result.



It means Dad is the jeep. The kids were loving their safari ride.