Month: September 2007

Just for Christina

 - by Brittany

Alright, so I am posting on a blog… just what you wanted Christina. Here you are:

1. What I was doing ten years ago:

 I would have been in 8th grade, at the fabulous Brinley, living in a trailor where if I sat up on my bed my head would hit the fan.

2. Five years ago

I just graduated and started my first semester of college. Had a great summer where my friends lived at my house more than I did and would come over to see my cousin… not me. I was living in dorms with the bathroom down the hall afraid someone would steal my clothes while I was showering or lock me out of my room. And I had to listen to the construction start bright and early each morning right outside my window for the new dorm being built.

3. One year ago

We had just moved into our home and were waiting for the landscaping, leaving a cooler with soda or gatorade on the back porch so they would do a good job on our yard.

4. Yesterday, September 26, 2007

Went to work, then home, then to a party for gourmet pre-packaged foods and flannel board stories. Then home to watch Kevin put together the baby’s dresser.

5. 5 Things I would do if I suddenly had $100 million:

Umm, definitely pay off debt. Then probably build a nice home on some land with a few comforts, invest, and put it in savings. If we had that much money though my house would be more technologically advanced than I would ever want or need so maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have the money.

6. 5 locations I would like to run away to:

Costa Rica, Europe (anywhere), the cabin, Vail, Breckenridge.. I’m ready for snow.

7. 5 bad habits I have:

Not answering the phone Sunday morning (for fear of what they’re going to ask me to do at church), eating dough.. even though they tell you not to when you’re pregnant, procrastination, I’m sure Kevin could give you more.

8. 5 things I like doing:

boating, snowboarding, visiting family, going to the cabin, being lazy

9. 5 TV shows I like:

Dancing with the stars/So you think you can dance, Bones, House, Ugly Betty, the Monday night Comedy lineup

10.  5 things I hate doing:

cleaning the bathroom, pulling weeds (ours now just look like the bushes next to them), paying bills, plucking my eyebrows (it makes me weasy), and dishes

11.5 Biggest joys of the moment:

Feeling the baby move… Just not at night when I’m trying to sleep, getting the room ready, getting to spend time with Kevin now that he doesn’t have so many classes, starting new jobs, and knowing I have less than two months of not being able to sleep on my stomach.

Heritage Makers

 - by Brittany

I am an Independent Consultant for a digital scrapbooking company. I figured since most blog users are computer literate, what better place to advertise. This is a great company that offers professional products to cherish your memories; books, posters, calendars, cards, postcards, etc. You can use simple designs and layouts, or you can make your book look like you’ve spent hours at your craft table cutting and pasting. The best part is, with digital cameras so popular, you just upload your pictures to their website and pick which ones you would like to use. No need to print them just to stick in a box for later scrapbooking. You can work on your project from anywhere not just at home! If you want more information you can visit my website, email me at, or leave a comment. I’m excited to work with this company and wanted to share!