Month: May 2010

Ella at 12 weeks

 - by Brittany

Ella is now 12 weeks old (technically she hit 12 weeks Monday.) So I’m a little behind posting this. She has really started to smile and talk with us. She has a “laugh” but not a giggle yet. Most of the time she falls asleep around 9, I’ll feed her around 11:00, and then she’ll wake up around 4 am for another feeding. After that she will sleep till about 6:45, eat then play for about an hour, and then sleep till around 10 am. It’s nice that she goes down for a morning nap so early except that Jameson wakes up about the time she falls asleep. She has recently found her fist, and loves to suck on them.

Her hair is starting to lighten. Her roots have turned blond. When she gets a little bit more hair, I will have to cut some to save to show the two different colors on one strand. Ella is starting to play in her bouncer or on the floor mat with the toys hanging over her. She will be entertained for about 20 minutes before getting upset. She doesn’t really cry a lot, it’s more of a cry to let you know she wants something. So it’s not loud, or constant, but little cries here and there. She is kind of demanding with those cries, though. She loves to be held, and doesn’t like to be alone. She will cry if she can’t see anyone. She also wants to be sitting up to see things. If she is laying down and can’t see, she will let out one of her little cries. She has a sad face and poutty lip that can compete with Jameson’s.

Jameson still doesn’t really care for his sister all that much. When new people come he wants to point her out and show them, so that is an improvement. He will be nice to her only if we’re “not” watching. Once in a while he will give her a kiss. He will also play with her on very rare occasions. He gets close enough to her so when she kicks or moves her hands it hits him. Then he yells to me, “Ahh! Mom, baby sister’s getting me.” I don’t know if he’s playing or trying to get her in trouble, but either way, it’s pretty funny. I tried to get pictures of them taken this week, and I think the only picture he is in with her was because he was in time out and we put her on the grass in front of him. We’ll see what turns out.

Here is Ella tonight, talking with her daddy…


 - by Brittany

This is specifically for Uncle Paul. Jameson has not forgotten you, or what you taught him at Christmas. (Paul gave Jameson a piece of candy every time he answered correctly, which is why Paul is his favorite uncle.)

Here are a few videos of Ella. They are not that exciting as she was not cooperating. She is always so happy first thing in the morning, laughing and smiling. Once the camera came out, she would just stare at the red light. I thought the Grandmas and Grandpas would like to see it anyway.

Ella telling stories…

Ella, up close and personal…

And mother of the year goes to…

 - by Brittany

Last Wednesday, Kevin took a quick road trip. That night that he was gone, Ella decided she wasn’t going to let me sleep. She cried off and on from 10:30 pm till 2:30 am. She would fall asleep, then 20 minutes later be screaming. And I mean screaming to where her face is turning purple.  The only way she would sleep was laying on my chest while I was sitting up. I’m pretty sure she had a stomach ache, but nothing was helping. So I ended up getting very little sleep that night, as the sitting up position does not allow much sleep. The next morning, while I was trying to get a little more sleep on the couch once Ella was back asleep, Jameson decided to get his own breakfast. I woke up to this sight…

He was in heaven. And who wouldn’t be with your favorite shows and a box of cookies?

Ella continued to be a little fussy throughout the day, but that night did much better. I don’t know how mothers handle colic babies.


 - by Brittany

My aunt has made some adorable headbands, and she is selling them. They come in all sizes, and she can make any color, any size. The headbands are also adjustable, with a button on the back.  The clips are interchangeable. You could also just use the clips alone, without the headband. If you’re interested, let me know. I can send you more pictures, or check them out on my facebook photo album. I have taken more pictures, but haven’t had a chance to get them posted yet. So take a look and let me know! (Model not included.) Here are a few that are for sale…


Some headbands…

If you’re looking for a specific color, let me know and I can send you pictures of what I have. I can also pass along an order. They range from $12-$20 or you can just buy the clips.

Packin’ on the pounds

 - by Brittany

Our little girl is 11 weeks now. Somewhere I got ahead of myself, because I’ve been telling everyone she’s 12 weeks. Oops. She sure is starting to get some chubby rolls. See…

She is also starting to smile back, tell us stories, and on the verge of laughing. They aren’t distinct giggles yet, but they are close.

You know you want to come visit us and squish those cheeks!

Today we had another check up with the cardiologist. Everything is the same, which is good. We don’t have to go back for 3 months. Yay! The Doc said at that appt. he will probably just listen and no EKGs or Echos will be needed. That means it will be a quick appointment. I was excited to hear that. They are actually monitoring her pulmonary valve more closely than the hole in her heart. They want to make sure as she grows, so does her valve. They also check to make sure the right side of her heart isn’t strained and overworked. So far, so good.

By the way, today she was over 13 pounds. I don’t remember the exact weight, but that’s like a pound a week at least.


 - by Brittany

My boys decided to be walruses after seeing them on tv.

I’m really sad this picture is out of focus, because I love all of their faces.

On rare occassions…

 - by Brittany

Jameson does show his love for his sister.

Yes, she does get wrapped like a burrito every night. It’s called “The Miracle Blanket” and is awesome. If you’re looking for a good swaddle blanket, they are found here.

Such a helper

 - by Brittany

Lately, Jameson has started to be nicer to his little sister. This all comes after he sprayed her in the face with a water bottle while she was sleeping peacefully in her swing. Anyway, he is getting more possessive of her and has been wanting to help me with simple tasks. Tuesday night, May 4th, he wanted to help with her bath. He sat up on the counter with me and wanted to help scrub her head. I’m not sure how many times I said, “Do it softly.” in the 10 minute bath time period. He had a good time, though, right? And no one was injured, that’s always a bonus.

Princesses and Dragons

 - by Brittany

This little girl…

Who I think is looking more like the Brazell side of the family has started smiling at us.

She is also starting to get little rolls on her legs and arms, and even a double chin.

Monday, Jameson got to go to Build-A-Bear since his friend had a birthday. He chose a dragon. He did not like the stuffing machine, but when it came time to pick out some clothes, what did he pick? None other than a race car shirt.

We ended up putting the shirt back. He didn’t care if his dragon has clothes. Even now, the only time the dragon has been out of the box was to show his dad. He loves to point to his dragon and his tail (the tail sticks out of the box through a hole) every time we go in his room. Silly kid. Thanks for inviting us along, though. We had fun.