Month: December 2010

It takes two

 - by Brittany

To make pigtails!

Ella’s hair has been long enough for pigtails, she just doesn’t hold still long enough to do her hair that way. Sunday, I was able to distract her and put them in. I think it’s especially cute, since she has her Dad’s natural curly hair, so they make little ringlets all on their own.

He came and then was gone

 - by Brittany

I woke up that morning to hearing Jameson knock on the door. If he can hear people, he will sit in his room and knock on his own door. If he can’t he will come out and knock on my door. I guess it’s better than waking up to him staring or jumping on me. Anyway, I heard him, and got out of bed. I could hear Ella too, so I told Jameson to go wake Daddy up. While Jameson did that, I went and turned the lights for the tree on, and got Ella out of her bed. We told him Santa came, but I don’t think he believed us until he saw his “Big Rex.” Even on Christmas Eve, when Kevin asked Jameson if he wanted to open some presents, Jameson would reply, “Not until Santa comes.” I had that pretty drilled into him. When he realized Santa had been here, he was so excited. Kevin pointed out that that meant we can open presents, and Jameson dug in. I think Ella was just as excited.

We spent a long time opening presents. We did one at a time, and Jameson helped us all. Then he had to play with everything that was opened before opening another one. We stopped for a break around 9 for some German Pancakes, bacon, sausage, and eggs from the chickens next door. Once we were fed, Ella went back down for a morning nap, and we opened all the packages that have come over the last couple weeks. Although it was different not being with any family on Christmas day, it was so much fun receiving packages. Jameson loved the hand puppets Grandpa Judd had wrapped for him.

Around 12:30, the missionaries showed up. We invited them to spend the day with us. I asked them what they usually eat on Christmas, and the first answer from Elder McClellan was tamales. Since I don’t make those, I asked Elder Bergstrom. His reply was that he usually makes Christmas dinner. I asked what it was he makes, and he said, “Prime Rib.” Well that settled my question of what to have for dinner. I told him to get me a list, and he can make our dinner. It was awesome. They got here, and he got the prime rib in the oven. Then he called his family. We chatted and ate some appetizers with Elder M. and  he was enlisted to help me with rolls. Then got into a game of Settlers of Cattan. We finished that game about the time Elder B. got off the phone. We gave the missionaries their gifts… buckey balls and nerf guns, along with groceries. Jameson wanted to show them the train…

(They weren’t quite prepared for a picture. Elder B. is on the left and Elder M. on the right.)

Then it was time for a nerf gun war. Furniture was turned over for barricades, and grown men were hiding on the floor. After the ammo was lost behind the couch or other furniture, it was time for a break. We finished up dinner, and had a fabulous prime rib. Kevin said it’s the best he’s ever had. After dinner, Elder M. called his family while we cleaned up and then put the kids to bed. Once he was off the phone, we played one more round of Settlers, and ended just in time. Our game ended at 9:15 and the missionaries needed to be home by 9:30. So that was our day. It was nice to have the missionaries here, because the tv wasn’t ever on, and computers were left off. There were no outside distractions, and we were in our own little world for a day. Hope everyone else was able to enjoy their day as well.

Silent night, Holy night

 - by Brittany

(This Nativity was painted by my Grandmother in 1987. I remember going to her house and seeing the pieces all over her glass table. She was painting, and if I am remembering correctly, my aunt was painting hers. I could be wrong, though. I would have only been 3 years old. I love that I get to enjoy it every Christmas. Last year, I did not get it out, and it didn’t quite feel like Christmas. We set clear rules in our house that this is Mommy’s, and Jameson does not touch. He is sure to tell all his friends the rules, too. He has his own set he can touch. Ella wasn’t tall enough to reach it.)

It wasn’t quite such a silent night around here, but Christmas Eve was lots of fun. Ella finally got her time with the train, and she was so excited. Every time it passed, she would reach out and try to touch it. Jameson loved that he could control the train and the whistle.

The day was spent playing trains, making one last quick trip to the store, and making monkey bread. My cousin was actually talking about her tradition of monkey bread, and it sounded really good. So once our bread was made, we headed over to our friends for our Christmas Eve dinner. Jameson didn’t even eat, he was too excited to play with his friends. So we ate our honey baked ham, and other delicious sides without him. We let all the kids open their one gift of pajamas. Once we got home, we got a couple pictures of the kids.

(Ella’s pajamas say “Daddy loves me” and Jameson’s say “Dear Santa, Define Good.” I thought they were appropriate.)

Yes, he was trying to sit on her. Then he had to hold on to her, because she kept crawling away.

After a few pictures, we talked about the nativity. Jameson was allowed to touch, so softly, each figure as we talked about who they were. Baby Jesus is always the best, although he did loves the camels.

Then we put out some cookies that Santa would probably like, and left some oats for the reindeer, and put the kiddos to bed. The time tracker online was wrong, because Santa was here by 10 pm.

Jameson recieved Toy Story characters he hasn’t collected yet, and Ella received a puppy that plays music, and talks to her. Due to our Black Friday shopping, both Santa presents were great deals.

It’s off to work we go

 - by Brittany

Jameson is becoming very aware that Dad is at work. Every morning he asks if Dad has gone to work. Then, during the day, if he gets hurt for some reason or is crying, he just wants Dad. I always tell Kevin that nothing better ever happen to him, because I don’t know what I’ll do with this child. He loves his daddy. So last Wednesday, Dec. 22, Jameson told me he was going to work with Dad. He went in to his toys and started searching. He came back into me and asked, “Where’s my tools, Mom.” (Background info: I cleaned out some toys, and his tool belt is something that got put in the garage.) So I told him it was gone. He looked at me and said, “No, Mom. It’s in the garage. I go get it?” Great. I should have hid it. I don’t want to get rid of it, but it’s always good to rotate toys, right? So, Jameson headed into the garage and got his tool belt. Then he put every toy that resembles a tool in it, and told me he needed the keys to the car. He got his chair (Curse that chair Catherine and Steve. He really does love that chair, so thanks for passing it on, but it allows him to get to everything.), and pushed it in front of the microwave. Well, he could touch the keys, but couldn’t grab them. Seeing he was not going to give up, and about to make a larger stool by putting something on his chair to make it higher, I helped him out. I was curious as to why he needed the car keys and where he was going. So, I taped him.

Luckily, working in the garage was good enough, and he didn’t need to go anywhere. I did call Kevin in hope he could tell Jameson that he couldn’t come to work with him today. But all I got was a voicemail, so that option was off the table. Good thing Jameson changed his mind, and working in the freezing garage was good enough.

Choo Choo

 - by Brittany

The first Christmas Jameson was born, Kevin received a lego set to play with his little boy. At the time, they couldn’t quite build legos together. This year was a whole other story. Kevin got the box out that held all the train pieces, thanks to his wife packing it for him. The two boys had such a fun time building the train, while every 30 seconds yelling, “Monster!” as Ella kept trying to come in the room. She was not happy she was banished to the other room, and it made it very difficult for me to get anything done. Kevin was back in his own little world, building with legos.

Don’t worry. Ella got her playtime with the train.

Getting crafty

 - by Brittany

I hadn’t planned on making much for Christmas this year, but it turned out that I did. This year, a friend got this “night in” bag.

And what came in this treat bag?

Some candy bars, a cozy for your soda, and a cozy for your ice cream so your hands don’t get cold. Now, since I was shipping this, the soda and ice cream are actually just the containers. Then I included a 7-11 gift card to replace the empty can and container with a full one.

***Funny story: I talked to her after she got this, and she said at first she didn’t understand how the cozy’s kept the ice cream cold for like 5 days. Then she realized it was empty. Made me laugh.***

My sister received this 6-pocket bag with a little flower embellishment. Perfect for church or the park, I think.

My mother received this shirt. It started off rather plain, but with a little help, became more than your average t-shirt.

Along with this bracelet to add a little flare…

And, last but not least, Grammy Brazell received a few ornaments from the kids, and a little something for the wall.

Hope everyone enjoys, and if you don’t, just pretend.


Shirt and snack bag came from Make it and Love it.

6 pocket bag came from Better Homes and Garden.

We made the ornaments at Creatively Yours.

Nothing too hard. 🙂

Let it snow

 - by Brittany

We finally made it to Snowflake Lane Thursday night. They play music, have toy drummers playing along, have a “snowfall”, and have characters walking the streets of downtown Bellevue. We thought we left in enough time, but got caught in the traffic. The whole time the drummers were playing, we were making our way to find our friends. It was ok, though, because the characters were walking the streets, so we followed them. Jameson couldn’t take his eyes off the drummers, even for a picture.

Ella just watched everything.

We finally made it to our friends and watched the end of the show. Jameson was so excited to find Woody and Jesse (if you need a translation, check here.)

Brittany M. took pictures of all of us.

After the show, we headed into the Microsoft building for some hot chocolate. We went up to the 28th floor, only to find a Christmas party going on that we were severely dressed wrongly for. As one woman got off the a different elevator in her tight strapless black dress, she looked at us and all of our kids like we were just awful. A few of the kids got in the door before we could stop them. Once they were all gathered up, we headed down to a different floor. We always have so much fun with this group. Jameson had to show how cool he was.

Christmas Cheer

 - by Brittany

Miss Ella received a Christmas dress from Grandpa Judd, so we had to try it out. She wouldn’t hold still, so we gave her an ornament to hold. That only lasted so long, before she was done posing for the camera.

Once we got to church (Kevin and Jameson stayed home, because they were sick) I was immediately asked “Can I hold her?” by someone behind me. She was the center of attention. Then, during the closing song, I opened the book, and as soon as we started to sing, so did she. She yelled during the entire song, making all the girls in front of us laugh through the entire song.

(The many faces of Ella.)

Loving it

 - by Brittany

Jameson left his lunch all over the floor, which means it was within reach of Ella. I came in to find this little fun mess.

When I asked, “Miss Ella, what are you doing?” I got this response…

She was so excited to have gotten a hold of the bag of Teddy Grahms. So after we got her cleaned up and down for a nap, Jameson and I finished off the tree. He tried to help put ornaments on, and I showed him his special ornaments. So now, he won’t leave his ornaments alone. He will constantly point them out, but we have gotten him to leave them on the tree. (He’s pointing to his barn ornament in the first picture.)

Trouble makers

 - by Brittany

Jameson has been going in to Ella’s room when she should be sleeping. This is the result…

He’s also been teaching her some of his skills.

What am I going to do with these two?