Oh my! What a month.

 - by Brittany

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These are the many faces of Molly, who is now 10 months old. She was not about to hold still for me to take some pictures, so we did our best. You can see how big this girl is getting by her doll sitting by her feet. She is into everything, and never holds still. You might be able to tell by the stairs in the back ground, but yes, we moved. Our backyard has a much different view now. No more trees and moss, but more on that later.

Molly decided to teeth the week we moved. She got all 4 top teeth in. The front two came faster than the 2 side teeth, but all four are showing their sharpness. She has discovered the stairs, and has mastered how to go up them. We are still working on the down part. As long as she is on the stairs, she can go down. But, once she gets to the top, she stands triumphantly and yells. Then, can’t figure out how to turn around, so, she tries head first. We’re working on it. She has also found the toilet paper and door stops. She crawls like a mad woman, and is starting to bear crawl every where. I don’t think she likes the carpet on her bare legs, or the tile. She can walk when pushing something, and surfs along everything. Usually, she sleeps from about 7:30 pm till 7:30ish am, which is nice. She loves the phone, as you can see in the last few pictures, but just starting putting it up to her ear and “talking” in the last few days. She will also mimic what you do. She smacks her lips, shakes her head “no, no, no” and will wave on command… usually. When everyone starts laughing, she will laugh, and she tries to sing the hymns at church. She is off the charts for height and about 24 pounds. She’s a tank, that’s for sure. But she is beautiful and happy, and I always have random people commenting about her. She is usually so happy, or mean. She has super baby strength, and can really hurt you. But we love her.


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After taking these pictures, she found her way to the bathroom.

DSC_0534 (Medium) DSC_0532 (Medium)

How do I get mad at that face? She is so proud of herself. Molly has a great older sister, though, who rolled the toilet paper back up for her.

After, the toilet paper was cleaned up, we went outside to play with the neighbors. They decided to have some popsicle races. The boys lost interest after one race, but Ella loved watching the sticks go.

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So you see those shadows? Because I’ve been enjoying them. That means the sun is shining!


I missed some

 - by Brittany

I found some pictures that never got posted.

(Sept. 6)

Molly is 11 weeks old. She laughs and smiles all the time. Her hand-eye coordination is getting better, and everything goes in this girl’s mouth.

Here are the other two crazies this week.


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Delicious frosting

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Little Miss Ella turns 2! Kevin had to leave town for a business trip, so we decided to celebrate her birthday on Sunday. We had a few friends over that are our “family” here for some dinner and dessert. We had dinner, and then busted out the cupcakes. I have to say, the frosting was delicious made from here. Ella’s favorite song is “Appy irday to you!” So she was so excited for the song and cupcake. (I was a slacker and missed a picture before the candle went out.)

Not sure she ate much of the cupcakes, but every kid loved the frosting. I was trying to get a picture of her eating her cupcake, but every time she saw the camera she’d turn and say, “Cheese!”


I was lame this year and bought a cake. But, it was an ice cream cake and it was delicious! We had some presents to open along with a package from Grammy. Our sweet friends spoiled her just like family would. All the kids were so helpful in opening presents. Jameson insisted she needed help with everything, including playing with her new toys.

We had a great night with friends and love their company.

Ella has lost all of her baby-ness. Except maybe her nice chubby cheeks that I still love to kiss and chomp on. She says small sentences and phrases. She loves to jump and climb, run and wrestle. Basically she tries to copy anything her big brother does. She eats almost anything, and usually more than Jameson will. She no longer has her bottle, any by doing so, she drinks much less milk. She loves her binki, and I am in no hurry to push that issue. We’ll get there, hopefully before next baby comes. Ella is such a girl. She loves high heels, bracelets, necklaces, crowns, headbands. Any time we go to friends houses, she finds all their dress up stuff and comes out completely decked out. Since we had boy first, the thought of dress up has been far from my mind. So, for her birthday, I got her some princess dress-up shoes, that she now wears all over the house. She loves the itouch and whispers it in her sleep. Sometimes, I just don’t know what I am going to do with her.

I took both kids in for check-ups,. Ella is 30.2 lbs which puts her in the 75-90%, and is 34.5 in tall which puts her in the 75%. The doctor didn’t hear her murmur, which, is a good sign. It could have been because she has a cold, and the rumble in her chest from the cold might have covered it???? or that her hole is closing up. I still need to do the follow-up with the cardiologist, so we’ll see. She did really well at her appointment though. It’s a good thing we ask her about body parts, because it made checking her mouth super easy. We just asked her where here tongue was and she opened her mouth. We didn’t have to worry about shots, because our previous doctors take FOREVER to send records. So, until the new office gets the records, we can’t do any shots. Irritating.

Jameson finally got his 4 year check-up. He told the doctor tons of stories. The kid never stops talking now. Especially about rules. He was 48.4 lbs which puts him in the upper 95%. He is 44.25 in tall which again puts him in the upper 95%. Actually, on the chart he was around 115%. The doctor said there is a theory that at the age of 2, you double their height and that is how tall they will end up. That means Jamo would be around 6’1″. Makes sense. But, according to this theory, that would mean I should be about 5’8″, so I’m not too sure how dependable this theory is.

So, for now, every one is doing good. Ella is a big girl, and Jameson loves to tell her the rules.


Busy busy

 - by Brittany

Tuesday, the 18th, ended up being much busier then expected. Because of the snow storm, there were cancellations at the dentists office. So, I changed my appointment to 10 am and took Jameson with to get his teeth checked. While there, I got a call from my OBGYN asking if I could come in for an earlier appointment. They were closing early due to the storm coming in. So, I called my friend, who was watching Ella, and asked if Ella could stay a few hours longer. Then, I made sure we would be done with the dentist by 11:30. Check. Then, I called my friend who was planning to go with me and asked if that time would work for her. Everything checked out, so I called back the doctor’s office and said yes, we would be there. All this was taking place while Jameson was in the chair.



He loved the glasses they gave him to protect his eyes.


He was also willing to open his mouth as long as there was no threat of x-rays.


He did great until it was time for fluoride. He was not having that. Then it was my turn. As I was getting my teeth cleaned and receiving a lecture for not flossing, Jameson started pulling snacks out of my bag to eat. What does he pull out first? Peanut M&M’s. Great kid. Thanks. Then he pulls out fruit snacks, and then cookies. Geez kid. Can’t you pull the cheese out or the clemintine? Nope. He found a few other non-nutritious items in the bottom of my bag. Who knows how long they’ve been in there or where they even came from. The dentist and hygienist laughed at me, telling me I was down like 5 points. I tried to get points for the cheese, but that didn’t quite make up for it. Oh well.

So we hurried out of the dentist office, picked up a friend and made it to the doctor’s in time right as the snow started. While there, I was totally shocked to find out…


Another girl will be joining our family. I have figured it would be a boy, pretty much since I had Ella. I always thought our next kid would be a boy. Nope. Sooo wrong. Jameson was not happy. He wanted a baby brother. Sorry kid. So this summer, life will change. We will become out numbered. Never a dull moment at our house. Especially since this baby has been such a surprise. Surprise… I’m pregnant. Surprise… it’s a girl.

It took us over an hour to get home (normally a 15 minute drive), I picked up Ella, and we continued to watch the snow fall the rest of the day.