Month: August 2011

Precious moments

 - by Brittany

After a bath, Ella desperately needs her hair brushed. I have found that if I let her brush her teeth while I brush her hair, she sits longer. Kevin caught me brushing out her hair last Wednesday.

If she sits for me, brushing her hair is one of my favorite times. Fluffing all the curls up after I brush them, is another one. I loved having my mom brush my hair out when we were little. That is one of the best feelings ever. There is something about someone caring enough about you to be gentile with your hair, while showing you compassion. Not everyone will brush your hair for you. So thanks, Mom, for always being willing to brush my hair.


 - by Brittany

We can not walk anywhere outside if either of these chillin’s see a bug. They stop dead in their tracks and watch.


While Kevin was working on his truck, these two were locating bugs in the street.

The princess

 - by Brittany

I found some fabulous shoes at Marshal’s, and Ella decided she likes them just as much.


Can you blame the girl for loving heals? The only problem is that she has a hard time walking in them. I do think she looks great in them, though.

6 years

 - by Brittany

This year, we celebrated 6 years together by going out for breakfast.20110824-105419.jpg

Our day started with some delicious breakfast. I found a breakfast restaurant, and when we pulled up, there were a ton of people outside. That had to be a good sign right? We waited for about 45 minutes, but it was worth it. We got home, and had a ward party that afternoon. The kids played while we chatted, and that night we settled in with a movie. Nothing extreme, but a nice day. I wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone else! I love you!

The future

 - by Brittany

We went to Toys R Us to look for something, and, in the process, Ella found her 16th birthday present.

She loved this and the barbie jeep. Great, huh. We’ll have to see what deals come out on black Friday or something. Or, maybe she can just enjoy them at the store.

5 Flavors

 - by Brittany

Remember I said I bought a bunch of fruit for the purpose of jamming? Here’s the proof…

I made 5 Flavors; blackberry peach, raspberry peach, strawberry, blueberry strawberry, and apricot. Each flavor rest peacefully in my freezer, except the blackberry peach. It’s too delicious to leave in the freezer.

My 45 month old

 - by Brittany


Every month I get a Pampers email informing me about my child. This month, it started telling my about my “45 month old.” Really? Isn’t it kind of unspoken that once you hit 2 years old you quit counting months? But, I haven’t really done an update about Jameson in a while, so I thought I would do one.

If you haven’t noticed, this kid is crazy. He is one of the most athletic 3 year olds I’ve ever met. He can bear crawl  just as fast as he can run on 2 feet. He is starting to write letters, and knows numbers. He sings songs and is so excited when he gets the “Number 1 Singer” wand in primary. I heard on Sunday he announced to his teachers, “I sing, I sing!’ so he could get the wand. He has found the fun in dressing up, and is now frequently a dragon. Proof? See below…



Some of the funny conversations lately have been…

One morning, Jameson climbed in our bed to get warm. He looked at his dad and said,

J-“Daddy, those your whiskers?”

Kevin- “Yes.”

J- “I don’t have whiskers, see?”

K- “Nope.”

J- “They went to lunch.”

He frequently gets in fights with his baby sister, and she usually wins them. She is a determined little booger. But, the minute anyone else is in the picture, he is a protector. She loves to follow him, and be one of the bigger kids. He still calls her “Baby” or “baby sister,” and keeps her on her toes.

He has also formed a really funny relationship with his best friend, Abby. When they play, I hear a lot of “Sweetheart, you ok?” or “Honey, we need to pack.” On the opposite end from Abby, I hear, “Babes, you have to be patient.” Cracks me up.

Almost every day I am told, “Mom, you know I love you?” Most of the time this is because he’s gotten into trouble, but it’s still awesome. His ritual anytime one of his friends leaves the house, he has to give them a hug, then blow a kiss, and finally a high five. He has to have the ritual anytime anyone leaves the house. Then, Ella has to have a high five, also.

Kevin played Jameson this version of “Little Pig” by Green Jello. Now, from the back seat, I constantly hear in a deep voice, “Little pig, little pig let me in.” Then in a shrill voice, “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.” Thank you, honey, for that.

What would we do without this little man. He’s crazy, but we love him. It’s so fun to watch him pick up new skills, and watch him get excited over things.

Tent city

 - by Brittany

We actually had sun for more than one day in a row, so we busted out all the tents and tunnels and played the afternoon away.

Ella was so excited, we had to catch her to contain her.


Just like old times

 - by Brittany

A friend from high school move to Seattle the same time we did. I have hardly seen her, shame on me, but I finally met up with her the beginning of August. She emailed saying another friend was coming up to visit, and asked if I wanted to meet up with them. It was a beautiful weekend, and so much fun to see these girls!

We got to talk and catch up. Thanks Danielle and Amy for giving me a chance to leave the kids behind and have fun.