Month: June 2008

7 months

 - by Brittany

Jameson is now 7 months old. He is starting to talk to us. He will talk to himself all day but he will try and respond when we talk to him. He can sit up really well, scoot himself around, he will get up on all 4’s then splat on the floor when he tries to crawl. This actually gets him somewhere, though. He can reach for a toy while sitting and not loose his balance. He’s learned to turn on his tummy as he falls sideways so he doesn’t hit his head. Now he’ll prop himself up on his arm as he tries to sit up. As he lays on one side one leg just kicks the air. He will get on all 4’s and rock back and forth. He can switch toys from one hand to another, and has a much larger reach than most assume. He is able to get anything in front of him before you can move it. (Grammy realized this last night as he got her piece of cake she thought was out of his reach!) He loves to eat toes. He will scoot himself over to your feet, then go for your toes. He also is already trying to climb and stand. If you sit on the floor with him he will scoot to you and pull himself up on top of you. Then if you hold his hands he will stand up. Strong little boy! Kevin keeps trying to teach him to walk. I told him he needs to crawl first, plus I’m the one that’s going to be chasing him all day!

Modeling (George Costanza style)

june-21-25-019-large.jpg   june-21-25-020-large.jpg

Trying to crawl

june-21-25-018-large.jpg   june-21-25-021-large.jpg  june-21-25-022-large.jpg


Getting closer!

Random moments

 - by Brittany

Last week Camden came over to play for a bit. He took “Jamis” on an airplane ride.

june-21-25-002-large.jpg  june-21-25-003-large.jpg  june-21-25-004-large.jpg

Then he helped him put shoes on so we could leave


Such a big helper. Sunday he came over for some cup cakes… not sure he ate the cake part!


Yesterday, Jameson and I took a trip to Minden for a birthday dinner. We went to JT’s basque restaurant. It was worth the trip out there. I was a little nervous, because Kevin couldn’t go (he had class), and Jameson had just woke up. Meaning he would be awake the whole way down. So I fed him some dinner and we left. This is what he did the entire way down.

june-21-25-016-large.jpg  june-21-25-017-large.jpg

He never made one peep, and fell asleep about 5 minutes before we got there. Such a good boy.

One long night

 - by Brittany

So Wednesday afternoon I wasn’t feeling well and figured it was the Carl’s Jr. I had for lunch. I don’t really eat hamburgers from fast food places, because most are nasty. (I’m not against fast food, just nasty fast food.) So I dealt with the stomach ache all night, and tried to sleep it off. I finally fell asleep about 3 in the morning only to wake up with Jameson at 6:30. I felt ok in the morning so thought nothing of it. I got the kids ready and went for Jmo’s picture appointment at noon. (Yes, I’m finally getting pictures of him at almost 7 months.) Well the guy was a half hour late for our appointment, because of the family before me. All I kept hearing was, can we take some more shots of me with him, or those two… Not cool when you have two babies waiting. Well both kids did fine while we waited, I was just worried about when the guy would finally be ready for us and then I’d have two hungry kids. There’s a reason I plan for certain times! Well we did our photo shoot, Jameson did great, and Ramona played with the stroller almost the whole time. Not bad! So we leave, and I find a place to feed the kids lunch while we wait to preview the pictures. A half hour later we go back and as I’m looking at pictures, I start to feel sick. Great. I have two tired kids and I feel like crap. We get things done and head home, I figure it’s cause I haven’t eaten since breakfast and it’s now 2:00. I put the kids down for a nap and try to eat lunch. No go. Couldn’t eat, just felt even more sick. So my thoughts are:

Oh man, am I pregnant?!

No, if that was the case breathing wouldn’t be a problem, which I couldn’t breath.

So after throwing up and still not feeling well, and not being able to catch my breath, I call Kevin. He came home from work, luckily his brother happened to be here to stay with the kids until Ramona’s mom could come and our neighbor came to get Jameson. Kevin rushes me to the the Urgent care. After waiting for about 10 minutes (we’re the only one’s there, why are we waiting?) they take me back and check me out. First the doctor presumes I’m having an anxiety attack. After explaining and her actually examining me she figures out it’s not that. Smart doctor! Then she asks Kevin why he didn’t take me to the ER? What?! Aren’t you URGENT care. Aren’t they suppose to be an add on to an ER, not to mention they are 5 minutes away and it’s rush hour traffic to try to get to the ER? So she gives me a shot of Toroidal for the pain and send us to the ER saying she’s called ahead and a doctor is waiting.

We get to the ER and they try to make us fill out the same paperwork urgent care sent with us. So Kevin explains while I sit down. Thankfully, the shot started to kick in. Some things I learned while waiting in the ER…

1. If it’s urgent, don’t go to Urgent Care!

2. Unless you came in an ambulance, your the last concern.

3. If you are a minority or on Medicaid, you’ll be helped first.

4. I think the ER is just as bad as a state fair… it attracts some trashy people.

5. The ER is not for emergencies. You’ll die before you get helped.

6. I asked the doctors how to get help faster next time… the answer… mention chest pains, can’t breath, or vaginal bleeding. (I couldn’t breathe but said abdominal pain not chest… dang-it! so close.)

7. There’s always the person that is asking everyone what’s wrong, and talks loud enough for all to hear.

8. There’s always at least one person when they come in they are on SOMETHING and yelling four letter words at everyone.

image_074.jpg image_073.jpg

I learned all these thing while waiting for over 5 hours! Yah right a doctor is waiting! Finally got called back, and got things started. The nurse, Amanda, was super nice. The doctor’s assistant (not sure what she’s called) then came in and checked me out. Went over what the possibilities were and their treatments. Then we got to wait some more. Finally Amanda came back in, took some blood samples and gave me something for the pain and something for the nausea. Then another doctor took me to have an ultra sound. On the way, whatever she gave me kicked in. Nice.

0_image_009.jpg 0_image_008.jpg

It was kinda fun being wheeled down the hall. I’ve never really had to go to the hospital or even doctor other than for delivery. The last time I remember going to the doctor because I was sick, I went to the pediatrician. So we started the ultra sound which was really cool. Kevin liked that part because the doctor took time to tell him what everything was and how they measure it, and the instruments. He pointed out some gallstones, which could be the culprit. After waiting some more, I was wheeled to another room because they needed the room I was in. The new room had 2 other people in it and I’m pretty sure I was put in the storage part of the room. There was a wall length vending machine full of medical supplies, which Kev took the liberty to investigate. 🙂 We had to listen the the girl on the other side of the curtain complain to the nurse then call her mom when the nurse left and complain some more. Finally, Ricco, my new nurse came in with some updates. The doctor came and said the pain was probably cause by the gallstones , and all other test were negative for anything including the pregnancy test (thank goodness! Not ready for that again.) Finally, at about 2:30 a.m. we left the hospital and headed home. Thanks to Paul who came over and watched Jameson for the night. Sariah had come till Paul could get there because Jeremy had to leave, so we knew Jameson was in good hands. Sariah was great and got Jameson ready for bed so all Paul had to do was feed him and put him down. We finally went to bed about 3 only to have Jmo wake up at 6:30. Luckily he went back down for his nap at 8:30 and I went back to bed. Then Kev got up with him and worked from home so I could sleep a little longer. I’m a little sore today, but haven’t had any pain. They gave me a prescription, just in case. Hopefully, I won’t need it. They said the gallstones aren’t blocking anything and if they become a problem then call the referral to have them surgically removed. Great! Hopefully it won’t get that far. Another thing they said is that fatty foods can trigger reactions. So basically, eat healthier. So today I had all intentions of tackling the weeds that have taken over the back yard, but instead have tried to catch up on sleep. Also, If anyone has recipes that are more on the nutritious side let me know.  All my good recipes are not the healthiest, which I’ll still make but I’m going to try and at least have healthy meals out number the non healthy ones.

Wake up Jameson

 - by Brittany

Since Ramona was spending the night, I got to get up extra early. Jameson woke up about 5:30 (still doesn’t sleep completely through. Usually his binki will put him back to sleep.) If it’s before 5, I can give him his pacifier and know he’ll be up in a couple hours. When it’s between 5:30 and 6, I debate. Do I give him a bottle and then he’ll sleep till 8 or 9, OR do I not and know he’ll be up within an hour and he’ll be wide awake. So Monday morning I chose the bottle option. This would have been great except at 6:30 Ramona was up and ready for the day. Yay me. Ramona knows where Jameson sleeps and will try to always get in his room. Well I didnt want his schedule too thrown off, so at 9 I looked at Rams and asked her where Jameson was. She turned and looked at his room. So I told her,”Let’s go get him!” She was so excited. She went straight to his crib, stood up, and shook it. It went something like this…

june-14-17-098-large.jpg  june-14-17-099-large.jpg  june-14-17-100-large.jpg

june-14-17-102-large.jpg  june-14-17-103-large.jpg  june-14-17-104-large.jpg

Having some play time together


A new addition to the backyard

june-14-17-106-large.jpg  june-14-17-107-large.jpg

Ramona is now taking steps and CLIMBING! She had to get in and out of this chair all day.

june-14-17-108-large.jpg june-14-17-109-large.jpg

And she has figured out how to get in Jameson’s walker, but then cannot get out  .

june-14-17-116-large.jpg june-14-17-117-large.jpg june-14-17-118-large.jpg

june-14-17-120-large.jpg june-14-17-121-large.jpg june-14-17-122-large.jpg

Jameson loves his fingers

june-14-17-113-large.jpg  june-14-17-115-large.jpg  june-14-17-114-large.jpg 

Birthday and Father’s Day

 - by Brittany

So this year I had the joy of having my birthday on Father’s day. So it was debatable, Do I make Kevin breakfast for Father’s day and let him sleep in, or does he make me breakfast for my birthday? Since I had been in Vegas and didn’t get home till after 11 Sat night, I decided breakfast might not happen. I wasn’t sure what was in the fridge. Well Kevin got up and surprised me and made me breakfast.

june-14-17-039-large.jpg  june-14-17-041-large.jpg

Jameson decided to make himself comfortable in our bed that morning.

june-14-17-043-large.jpg  june-14-17-044-large.jpg

He finally woke up at 10, just in time to get ready for church.


Now that he can move, he never sits still. He was trying to get away right after I pulled him from the shower and wrapped him in his towel.


After church, we headed to Fernley for dinner with Kevin’s family.

june-14-17-063-large.jpg  june-14-17-068-large.jpg  

Ramona’s parents had to both travel for work this week so she spent some time with us. She loved being outside watching the animals.

june-14-17-069-large.jpg  june-14-17-070-large.jpg

Ramona got to feed the llamas… she didn’t quite know what to think.

june-14-17-071-large.jpg  june-14-17-072-large.jpg  june-14-17-073-large.jpg

june-14-17-074-large.jpg  june-14-17-076-large.jpg  june-14-17-079-large.jpg

Jameson on the other hand, grabbed the closest one and started trying to eat his ear!

june-14-17-082-large.jpg  june-14-17-083-large.jpg  june-14-17-084-large.jpg

june-14-17-088-large.jpg  My favorite face!


Kevin made it a great birthday. I feel like I should have done more for Father’s day for him. He even got me a chocolate chocolate chunk bundt cake! MMmmm. So good.


Thanks for a good birthday!

Such a flirt

 - by Brittany

I had some friends getting married on Saturday, but the wedding was in Vegas. So once again, I packed up Jameson and I and headed to Vegas. I scheduled our flight Friday morning during his naptime so he would sleep the whole plane ride down. Did he? NOPE! He flirted with the girls behind me the entire trip. And now that he’s somewhat mobile he doesn’t want to sit still. So I finally strapped him into his seat just so I could drink my nice little cup of free soda. And he still tried to escape that!

june-14-17-002-large.jpg june-14-17-003-large.jpg

Here are a few trick I have learned through our many flights

1. Always bring a stroller… Babies that are 20 lbs kill your back in a front pack!

2. Have everything liquid already in a plastic bag in one location.

3. Bring an empty water bottle through security, then use the drinking water mixed with the hot water from the coffee places to fill it up. That way you have warm water for bottles.

4. Bring your carseat up to the gate. When you get there ask if it is a full flight or not. If it is not, they will let you take your carseat on giving you an extra seat you did not have to pay for. If it is full, they will check it and it will be the last thing on the plane and waiting for you as soon as you get off.

5. Sometimes those $3 carts are well worth the money!

So we got to Vegas, I managed to get to the rental car with our bags, plus on with my sister’s baby clothes I was returning. We drove straight to my friend’s house getting there about noon. I love seeing her! We’ve known each other since the womb, so now it’s fun to see our kids play. Gavin absolutely loved him.

june-14-17-004-large.jpg june-14-17-007-large.jpg june-14-17-012-large.jpg

june-14-17-010-large.jpg june-14-17-006-large.jpg june-14-17-014-large.jpg

Gavin talk…

“Hey Mom! Is the lady with the baby still here?”

I had mentioned the phrase “bite my tongue” While I was talking and a few minutes later…

“Hey look, I can bite my tongue.” (Took us a minute to figure out why he was biting his tongue.)

My sister was out of town, so her dog was at my dad’s house, which is where we were staying. Jameson would watch her and then laugh. She kept running in and out of the room I was sleeping in, since my door was open (in case Jmo cried). So I finally just brought her pillow in the room so she would lay down and sleep. That was great except when Jameson woke up at 4:30 crying and she went running. She would poke her head in his room and kept checking on him. While he took his nap she went and laid on the floor in front of him and took her nap. Quite funny.

june-14-17-019-large.jpg june-14-17-023-large.jpg june-14-17-024-large.jpg

We were trying to take pics of Jmo and his Grandpa, but he was way too interested in Annie.

june-14-17-029-large.jpg june-14-17-030-large.jpg

Jameson eating his breakfast in the same high chair I use to eat my breakfast in. Notice the nice safety strap! 🙂

june-14-17-020-large.jpg june-14-17-021-large.jpg june-14-17-022-large.jpg

Saturday we had a good day. We got to visit with friends and my grandma and aunt. We got to show everyone how Jmo can now sit, roll where ever he wants, and scoot to whatever he wants. Saturday evening we got ready and went to the wedding. Everyone looked great. Congratulations to Zach and Tiffani!

june-14-17-031-large.jpg june-14-17-032-large.jpg june-14-17-038-large.jpg

Were weren’t able to stay at the wedding long, because we had to be able to return the rental car and make our flight by 8:55. (On a side not: Chrysler Seabrings have huge blind spots and no horsepower.) We returned our car, caught the shuttle to the airport, made it through security, got to our gate, and found out we were delayed due to a delay of a connecting flight. Our plane was sitting there waiting for us. So I got some dinner, fed Jameson, changed him to his pajamas, found out there were like 30 open seats (SCORE!) and waited for the plane. We ended up boarding by 9:15, I got my free extra seat with the carseat, and got comfortable. I strapped in Jmo and as soon as the plane started moving he was out. Yes! We landed, met Kevin, and headed home. It was a quick trip but we accomplished a lot and had fun.

*Disclaimer: I got a new camera and still trying to figure it out. This is why some pictures are blurry.

You Are Pocahantas!

 - by Brittany

Image hosted by Photobucket.comFree-spirited and wise. You have a strong passionate spirit that touches and changes all who know you. The wisdom and common sense that you have is really what guides you through life. Even so, you also have a very playful side that loves adventure and excitement.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Ridin’ in style

 - by Brittany

Jameson was close to outgrowing his infant seat so we went ahead and bought the next step up. Check out his cool new ride. He seems to like it.

june-11-002-large.jpg june-11-004-large.jpg

I picked this seat, because the headrest comes off. Until the child hits a certain weight and height you can take the headrest off making it fit easier in the back seat. Awesome, huh?! I thought so. Although, it’s not going to be long before I have to put it back on.

On a side note, today was park day. I packed up Jmo,  picked up Jake (a 5 year old), then headed up to pick another child up, Zoe (a 6 year old). As we were headed to pick up Zoe, I hear this from the back seat…

Jake: “Hey, I have hair on my arms.”

Me: “You do? What about on your legs?”

Jake: “Yup. (Long pause…) but none in my armpits!”

Me: “Oh really? When do you get hair there?”

Jake:”Umm… when I’m all grown up.”

And that was that. There were great at the park and played together the whole time. Although I did have to be a good guy with them and an indian with bows/ arrows  and I had to know there were bad guys all around to watch out for. They were cute together, and entertained each other well.

First Black Eye

 - by Brittany

So tonight Jmo was taking his bath, when it happened. He reaches out for everything now and had a few bath toys he decided he wanted. Well, he hasn’t fit in his fisher price bath tub for a while, and I decided the next kid is going to have a more cooperative bath tub. So I took the tub to one of my many pregnant neighbors. I kept the little cup that came with it. Key Factor for this story. Don’t ask me why but this cup has a jagged edge. Totally not safe for an infant tub, but it is useful. So Jameson was almost done. He was sitting up getting his back washed off when he reached for the cup, went face first into the water, and came up screaming. We thought he was just scared from the face full of water. Kev took him in the other room to dry him off and get him dressed while I emptied the tub and put toys away. All of a sudden Kevin let out a not so settling yell for me. He was bleeding just below his eye. So at the nice old age of 6 1/2 months, my son has his first shiner.

june-9-10-019-large.jpg june-9-10-020-large.jpg june-9-10-021-large.jpg

The culprit

june-9-10-022-large.jpg june-9-10-023-large.jpg

We’ll see how it looks in the morning. He was tough though and was smiling while we were trying to take pictures.


 - by Brittany

Ramona gets to come over and play about 3 times a week. In the past, Ramona didn’t pay too much attention to Jameson. She would try to play with him but only while he was in his bouncer or chair or something. Now he can sit pretty much on his own for long periods of time, he can scoot, and he rolls all over. NOW, he’s interesting. This week they have cracked me up. First, here are some past pictures…

march-14-april-2008-041-large.jpg  march-14-april-2008-045-large.jpg  march-14-april-2008-053-large.jpg

image_041.jpg  image_048.jpg  image_060.jpg

Ramona is really good at taking toys away from Jameson. Usually he doesn’t care, but this week he’s been fighting back. It’s hilarious to watch. She takes Jmo’s book, he rolls over to get it back… she’s more mobile so she immediately takes it back, he rolls and scoots till he can get his book back. He finally gives up and gets a new toy, she takes that one and the process starts over. They are starting to talk to each other, too. Ramona yells Jmo laughs, then Ramona laughs. They are so funny to watch now. Here’s some pictures of the last two days…

Trying to get the toy

june-9-10-008-large.jpg  june-9-10-009-large.jpg  june-9-10-010-large.jpg

june-9-10-011-large.jpg   june-9-10-012-large.jpg  june-9-10-013-large.jpg

Always willing to lend a hand… in each other’s mouth

image_068.jpg  image_069.jpg

How many babies fit in a WalMart shopping cart?


Ram’s would put this on her head and Jmo would sit and laugh at her


I can’t wait till he can crawl and keep up with her. Well maybe I can cause then I’ll be running all over the place! But for now, these two together are so much fun. (Sorry some pictures might be blurry since they were taken from my phone.)