Month: April 2011


 - by Brittany

Today, Jameson told me..

J-“Mom, we say please to our friends, and sorry to the babies.”

M- “Did you hurt the babies?”

J-“Yup. I hit Lilah with my head.”

Wonderful. I didn’t know that happened while playing today. As you can tell, he is not so nice to the little sisters of his friends.

Every time Jameson does something good he says, “Mom, I’m a great helper!” Not a good one, a Great one.

He “berry likes” everything. We need to work on the “v” sound

“I so excited” comes out when I tell him his friends are coming.

Instead of knocking on our door in the mornings, he had taken to stomping on the ground. Not cool. It also wakes up Ella.

Oh dear

 - by Brittany

Jameson loves to help his dad in the garage. The other night (4.8.2011) I went out to check on them only to find them making bullets. Jameson loved sitting with his dad. He would stick a little screw driver in each casing first, before handing them to Kevin. I asked if that had a purpose, and Kevin told me no. It was just something he did. Pretty funny.

I’m a little nervous for what these two will be up to in a few more years.


While waiting in the car

 - by Brittany

While waiting for friends to show up before playgroup, we had a little sing-a-long in the car. Ella decided to not yell during this song, but actually sing with us. She is usually not a fan of the car. We have play group at the church, but I don’t get out of the car until others show up. No sense in unpacking the kids or the toys if it’s just us. So we had about 15 minutes to kill in the car before someone showed up.


Check out those legs!

 - by Brittany


I had to wait till the next morning for my model to show off her new baby leggings. Here she is in all her glory.

Remember… These were made from knee socks. I found them on sale so they were under $3. Not too bad, huh?

Then Jameson decided to get a hold of the camera and show you what is important to him. Obviously, Rapunzel is one of his new loves.



 - by Brittany

What will we find in the tub?

(You get to see my tub, only because I just bleached the heck out of it today.)

Why is Violet the Puppy sitting on the tub? Because it wasn’t long ago she was found in the tub. See, we have a problem around this house. Her name is Ella. Anytime anyone is in the tub/shower and she is not, she is not happy about it. If you don’t keep an eye on her, more than just a person ends up in the tub. You see, it all started when both children were in the tub, and I pulled Ella out to get her dressed. Normally, she plays in the bathroom drawers while I get ready, but as I was getting ready that day, she disappeared. I walked out to check on Jameson, and caught a glimpse of something purple in the tub with Jamo. I walked in, and there was Violet. Yes, a Leapfrog toy, which I stood in line for an hour for, was in the tub. True, it was Black Friday and it was a steal of a deal, along with my other purchases, but still. I tried to resuscitate the dog, by letting her air dry, but she is now mute. No sounds, unless randomly by chance. That was the beginning.

Since then, pull-ups, crayons, gift boxes, and more have been chucked in the tub while we have been in there. If you hear Jameson yelling “No baby-sister!” and he is in the tub, just know Ella got a hold of something that is now in the water. Keep a close eye on her! Kevin learned the hard way on Sunday. He almost lost a gift card to the wetness. Luckily, his awesome wife and taken the gift card out of the box.

Rain, Rain go away!

 - by Brittany

And please, please don’t come back. Last night the news said SeaTac airport hasn’t had a sunny day in the last 35 days. You know what that means. We’re getting restless. March was the 3rd wettest on record. That’s just not so fun. So we’ve been filling our time with some projects.

Kevin has been making bullets. He’s about to be banned from the kitchen at nights, because that means he stealing utensils/bowls from the kitchen to use in the garage. It does mean that he is being more cost effective when he goes to the range, but my poor bowls and spoons pay the price. Here’s just a sample.

While Kevin was working in the garage, Jameson decided to take matters into his own hands. Kevin was working on his gun in the garage, which left an empty gun case for Jameson to fill. He was ready to go. It was full of his blanket, his drawing book, crayons, and his knives (his forks for eating).

And what have I been up to? Making some play mats and hats. My sweet cousin has a new baby to hold, and that new baby girl needs some cute hats to keep her head warm in Alaska. I just finished today. I was hoping to get them mailed today, but instead, I got to clean the bathroom…

Jameson wanted to get in the shower as soon as he found out I was going to get in the shower this morning. So I told him as soon as I was done, he could. Ella was down for a nap, I was getting ready, and Jameson was in the shower. After I was ready for the day, Jameson called for me. I walked in, and I asked if he was all done. He replied, “No, I not all done. But Mom, there’s poop in the tub.” What!! Maybe you don’t all want to hear this, so just skip this part. I look in the tub, and not only was there poop, but he tried to push it down the drain, which caused the water not to drain. How awesome is that? So he got rewashed, the toys in the tub got thrown in the sink with bleach, and I now got to clean the bathroom after I just showered and got ready. Since I had the bleach out, I went ahead and bleached the walls and ceiling. That’s one thing I’ve never had to worry about living in Nevada. Everything dried out. Here, the mildew runs down your walls if you don’t wipe them down every so often. So, the sewing projects did not get completed till after the kids went to bed.

Both of these were made from tutorials found here. I love her site, and the tutorials are easy to follow. I will say, this blanket was not as easy as she said. In fact, these may be the only two I make. (I made two sets.)

Baby blanket/ play mat and hats

And baby leggings made from knee socks. These really do take only 5 minutes. I thought they would be great under some new skirts I got Ella. It’s not warm enough yet to have bare legs here, so these will work perfect. My model is already in bed, so we will have to try these out tomorrow.

And that had been our past few days.


 - by Brittany

Jameson says some really funny thing lately, and I need to be better about documenting them. Last week, it was actually sunny outside and not raining. Jameson’s friends were over, and playing in the backyard. Luckily, my friend wrote down their conversation. (I copied this from their blog, so thanks Lauren for documenting it.) To clarify, this is between Abby (Jameson’s friend), her mom= me, and J= Jameson.

Abby is out digging in the dirt with one of her best friends, J. I called out to her to come back so we could leave.
“But mom! We are building a temple out of sticks and mud and paint! We’re almost finished with our temple!”
Me: “Oh wow! A temple! What color are you painting it?”
Abby: “Lellow and white.”
J (very frankly): “And black.”
Abby looked at J and then looked back at me. “And black.” She turned around to run back and yelled, “Come on J—, we have to build the temple!”

According to Jameson, Abby is his sister, sometimes his daughter. He always tells Rose, the lady at the post office, about his friend Abby. Yes, we are on first name basis with the ladies in the post office.

Today, Kevin asked Jameson:

K- “Jameson, what’s mommy’s name?”

J- “Brittany.”

K- “And where do we live?”

J- “In our house!”

He does state the truth.

Every time I help Jameson pull his underwear up after using the bathroom, he tells me, “Mom. Don’t spank my bum.” It makes me laugh. Everyone once in a while, I loose my grip on the underwear, and the spandex waistband “spanks” his bum.

Kevin went to check on him, because he’d been in the bathroom for a while. He opened the door only to find Jameson, still on the toilet, and yelling at him, “Dad! Get out! and close the door!”

His sword yesterday was made from my sewing picker (in the case), jammed into the inside of a medicine dropper. Got to keep an eye on my sewing tools or they disappear.

Anytime he finally gets around to doing something I’ve asked him to, he replies, “Mom, I’m being such a good helper.” This is after at least 15 minutes of me constantly asking him to so the chore.

He is a crazy kid, but is pretty funny with what he comes up with.

A new hat

 - by Brittany

Grandma sent a package, and it arrived with Ella’s birthday present in time for her 13th month mark. We love this girl, but she is feisty. Currently, she has the top 4 font teeth, along with the bottom front 4 teeth. She is pretty much grown out of her 12 month clothes and is into 18 month clothes. Her feet are a size 4, and her hair is getting curlier as it gets longer. She loves Jameson, and will knock on his door in the morning if he is not up yet. She also loves everything to do with Jameson: his juice, his food, his clothes, etc.

Some things she’s good at:

  • She walks all over now, and never crawls. She is even starting to run, but is still a little stiff legged.
  • Waves bye bye
  • Plays peek-a-boo
  • loves to climb up, then jump on Jameson’s bed
  • shying away from 2 naps and going to 1
  • sleeps 12-13 hours at night and the last 2 days took only one 4 hour nap rather than 2 naps
  • doesn’t prefer car rides. After a while she just screams… not so fun
  • loves to “play” the piano and sing with it
  • tries to put everything on like a hat
  • loves grapes
  • hold phones/remotes up to her ear and starts to “talk” to them

Jameson was so excited to open the box, no matter who it was for.