Month: January 2011

Sit back and relax

 - by Brittany

I got the horse back out of the garage for Ella to play with. Instead, Jameson  has taken to using it for his tv chair. It can’t be comfortable, but whatever.

“Let me out!”

 - by Brittany

(January 6th)

Ella is pretty much attached to my side. She does not like to be left alone, unless she decided it. This usually means she has sneaked into Jameson’s room to play with his toys while no one is looking. Well, I was out in the backyard collecting the bikes. They had been out for a few days in the rain, and I really don’t want them getting ruined. She was inside, and was not so happy that she got left behind. She was banging on the windows trying to figure out how to get outside with me.

Call me mom of the year for this one. I keep the cereal in the cupboard above the stove. We have a glass top stove, which makes it nice by adding more counter top as long as I’m not cooking. Jameson will now get his cereal himself which is why I found him like this…

One time that is still going to be hot or something, and then we’ll be in big trouble. Also, check out that cereal. Gross! He picked it out and loves it, and it’s cheaper than Lucky Charms. He even eats more than just the marshmallows so that’s a double bonus. It still looks really gross, though.


 - by Brittany

We rang in the new year with colds, and Ella hitting the ten month mark. I realized, looking at our blog, that the last picture I have taken was December 18th. So, Ella and I took a picture before church. We are both on cold medicine, so not the best, but we have a picture.

Ella is one busy girl. She loves her brother. If she wakes up before him, she will crawl to his door and bang on it if I’m not watching. She also loves her daddy. When he walks in from work, she gets so excited and immediately crawls to him. Ella is talking and telling stories all the time. Still no real words yet, though. For the last month, her bottom front teeth have been making slight appearances, and then disappearing. Yesterday, we finally felt the sharpness of teeth. Surprisingly her top right tooth, and bottom left tooth have broken the gum. It will be really funny if she only has these two teeth for a while.

Ella eats anything she can. She is a really good eater, and will still eat most baby foods. She also loves mac n cheese, and potatos and gravy. If you are eating anything, you are her new best friend. She loves to wrestle with Daddy and Jameson. He flips her around, and she laughs. She loves to be upside down, and will sometimes throw herself backwards while playing.

She is getting really steady on her feet. She can surf along the furniture, and will let go of things. She doesn’t trust herself yet, and will slowly sit down if she is not holding on to anything. Ella sleeps about 12-13 hours a night and another 3-4 during the day. She is still on 2 naps which is going to make church a little difficult. We were on the 12:30 schedule before, so her naps were before and after church. Now we are on the 9 am time, and morning are going to be rough until she switches to 1 nap.

Ella knows her name, and our voices. If someone else is holding her and I say something, she looks for me. She is happy most of the time. I am told constantly by others what a happy baby she is. I also get stopped a lot and told how cute or pretty she is. I laugh, because I get stopped almost every time we are out. Sometimes, I am in a hurry, and would rather people not stop me. But how can you resist this girl?

It’s a process

 - by Brittany

Early this month, I decided that was it. I was not buying anymore diapers for Jameson. So, I told him, “This is it. Mom is not buying any more diapers for Jameson, so when they’re gone we have to go potty on the toilet.” We’ve had treats Jameson picked out on top of the fridge since Halloween. He will even point to them and tell you, “Those are my dragon candies. Only if I go potty on the toilet.” But did he ever, no. So last Sunday, we ran out of diapers, which meant Monday morning, the training began. I think we went through about 7 pairs of underwear and pants on that day. Luckily, it never did get on the floor.

Monday afternoon, he finally told me before going that he needed to go. Each day has gotten better, and the amount of underwear we go through each day cuts in half. Today is Saturday, day 6. Jameson still has the same pair of underwear on we started out the day with. What’s different today? I’ve asked him about 5,000 times this week if he needs to go potty. Today, after I ask him, he turns and asks me, “Mom, do you need to go potty?” I respond with a, “No.” and he says, “Ok, tell me when you need to go, ok mom?” Ok child. Maybe I’ve said that phrase too many times this week.

Makes me laugh.

Also, if you want to keep Jameson busy and quiet, give him a puzzle. I bought a bunch of puzzles from the dollar store for Christmas, and this has kept him busy for the last hour. They’re 48 piece puzzles, too. He’s a pretty smart kid if you ask me. Although, he’s getting frustrated, because some of the puzzles are missing pieces. Where are they? Ella’s gotten a hold of them and eaten them. Then are now in the trash.