Month: May 2011


 - by Brittany

Sunday, May1st, we attempted church. After having to take Ella out a few times, I gave up. I left church after the first hour, and we headed home to change. We went over to my friend Jenna’s house to spend some time. Her baby was about 3 weeks old, and oh so tiny. My kids were never that small. Jameson played with her boys, and we ate bagels. We didn’t take any pictures this time, though. I think we were both too tired to try and fight 6 kids to take a picture.

Dad came over for dinner with us Sunday evening, and told us how he barely made it. He had let me borrow his nice luxury car (the race car according to Jameson) and he had been driving his truck. On the way over, he heard a crack and his whole tire was tilted inward. Not a good sign. Luckily, we were leaving the next morning, so he took his car home. Monday morning, he showed up to fix his tire. Ella and Jameson were very interested in helping.

He took a break from his tire to help us play tetris in packing the van. Let me just say, we are some awesome packers. By 10:00 am we were on the road and headed to Sacramento. Christina and I against 5 kids on a 10 hour drive. Awesome.


 - by Brittany

Saturday morning, we got up and met a friend for breakfast. I hadn’t seen her since since before I was married. It was so fun to see her and catch up. While we talked, Jameson got a hold of my camera, and took pictures of everyone else in the restaurant. Most were of himself, but some were of other people in the restaurant. Kind of funny. After breakfast, we headed to the Springs Preserve. It is a natural spring in the middle of Vegas. It has been there my whole life, and I’ve never been to see it.  A few years ago, they remolded and created a place you actually want to visit. We met Auntie Erin and Uncle Jeff there. Jameson played on the rocks while we waited.

We decided to do the ladybug class that day. It took us forever to find the location of the class. It was all the way in the back of the preserve and none of the workers could tell us exactly where it could be found. When we finally got there, the class was about to start. The lady described ladybugs, what they eat, their characteristics, etc. Then she asked the class, made up of kids under 7, what an exoskeleton is. Seriously, lady? So after a long discussion and a book reading, the kids got to pick out a rock and paint it like a ladybug. Erin and Jeff were so excited to paint their own rocks.

(That’s Marc entering in the background. He finally found us, only after being harassed by a worker wondering why he wanted to go to the kid class. I do see the man’s point in questioning, but don’t accuse. Geeze.)

While the rocks dried, the kids got to go outside and release actual ladybugs. There were hundreds of them, and they were all over in the grass. The teacher lady got so mad, because the kids were stepping on them. Well sorry, lady. Where do you want them to step? Plus, aren’t you supposed to release ladybugs early in the morning or late at night? I’m pretty sure mid day is not the best choice for those insects, so who knows if they will survive anyway. Erin loved having them crawl all over her.

After our ladybug adventure, we headed over to see the animals and other exhibits. They had a room that showed flash floods in the desert. There was actually a sign that said, “The 2 common ways to die in the desert is of thirst or by flash flood.” Really? Nice sign for the kids. It was really cool how they had the water come rushing out. It kind of scared me a little as we were standing on the platform in front of it. Next, we headed outside. As we were out looking at the animals, they had lizards on display. I told Jameson to forget the ones behind the glass and look at the one on the ground. 🙂 Another display had some type of lizard in side and the conversation went something like this…

Erin-“Hey Jameson, look at this lizard.”

Jameson- “No that’s a (specific kind of lizard).” I don’t remember the name of the lizard.

I laughed and told Erin to look at the sign next to the display. He was 100% correct. I was laughing and Erin felt dumb. I told her “Diego” makes me feel dumb all the time. Nothing is just a whale, or lizard… they all are a specific type.

After the animals (which were kind of lame if you ask me), we went inside to view those exhibits. Jameson took a ride with Erin on the train.

Don’t ask me what Jameson was doing. We had lots of fun. We didn’t get to do the petting zoo part, because that cost extra, and we didn’t feel like paying to pet weird animals. So after we played inside, we headed over to eat.

Jameson loved telling Erin and Jeff about how “We drive in Grandpa’s race car.” We borrowed my Dad’s Lexus while we were in Vegas, and he thought it was a race car. He told everyone we were driving in a race car. We also went over to visit my Dad at his house, and after we left, Jameson told me in the car…

Jameson- “Hey Mom!”

Me- “What?”

J- “We driving in Grandpa’s race car?”

M- “Yes, I guess.”

J- “Hey Mom.”

M- “What?”

J- “Grandpa lives in the jungle!”

I was laughing. The plants out front were a little overgrown, which meant they were chest high on Jameson. He was so excited to go to the jungle.

Anyway, we had some dinner with Erin, Jeff, and Marc then headed back to Grandma’s for an early bedtime. Thanks for a great day, Friends!

Never Gonna Happen

 - by Brittany

Friday night, we had dinner as a family. Grandma picked up KFC for us, which was a feat in itself. The were out of original, and told Grandma it would be 15 minutes, so she waited. Then, after she waited, they told her their cooker was broke, and after about an hour, she finally got some chicken. My aunt, uncle, and cousin came along with my dad, sister, her kids, and even Paul! He drove down from Provo, missing a class, just to see us.

After dinner, we tried to take a picture of Dad with his grand kids, and these were the best we got.

Ella has been completely attached to me since about a week before our trip. We finally hit the attachment stage, and man is it rough. Kayden wouldn’t hold still for a picture, and Jameson wouldn’t look.

What are we to do with these kids?

First Haircut

 - by Brittany

We left Wednesday, April 27th for Las Vegas. This was the start of our 3 week, 3,00 mile trip. Our first event was Thursday, the 28th. what was it you ask? A much needed haircut for both of us from our favorite girl. I used to get this girl out of her crib and now she’s cutting our hair. (Sorry to embarrass you, Laura.) So, I look like I’ve been hit by a truck. So don’t mind me. My kids were sleeping in the same room with me, except they weren’t sleeping. Ella ate her breakfast while she got her hair cut.

And the comb over is gone.

Our happy girl, with her new hair do. A new hair cut always makes you feel better.

Laura was a little nervous to cut mine. I kept telling her shorter, and she couldn’t believe I would chop my hair off. I had told Jameson I was getting my hair cut like Rapunzel does in the movie Tangled, so he was prepared. He told every one once he saw me that his mom cut her hair like Rapunzel. Later that night, my Dad stopped by (we were staying with my Grandma) and I found the boys both asleep in the same position.

It’s a good thing they Jameson fell asleep, because Grandma was watching the kids for me that night. She had a pretty easy baby-sitting night. I was able to go to “Singing in the Rain.” My dad built the sets for it, and even had to help develop a whole rain system. The students at UNLV designed a rain system, which on paper looked great, but in reality, wouldn’t work. So he had to reconfigure the system, and it was a success. The girl behind us just kept saying, “This is awesome!” and “This is the best one they’ve ever done!” It was pretty funny listening to her. After the play, Dad took us up to see the sets and the rain system. It was weird walking around the theater. I haven’t been there in a long long time. Crazy how time flies.

Her own set of wheels

 - by Brittany

I got an awesome deal on some outside toys which resulted in this nice wood paneled van. I know you are all jealous of this nice van. Ella loves it.

And sometimes Jameson takes her for a spin while Ella lounges in the back seat.

Fancy Shmancy

 - by Brittany

Even though it made us late for church, we had to take a quick picture before heading to church. Here we are Easter Sunday.

Trying to take a picture of Ella is impossible.

So Jameson woke up Sunday morning asking where his Easter basket went. I had taken them to fill them with candy then night before. I told him the Easter Bunny took it and hid it for him to find after church. He broke down, and started crying. He was so mad at the Easter Bunny for taking his basket. I had to have Kevin distract him so I could hide the basket for him to find before we left for church. It was kind of funny, but he was so sad. So he found his and Ella’s Easter baskets and then we headed to church. He got to bring a couple eggs with him, and then eat the others when we got home.

A Tangeled Easter

 - by Brittany

(April 23rd)

Since we were going to be out of town for pretty much all of May, we combined our Easter egg hunt with Kylie’s birthday. Her mom planned a “Tangeled” birthday party for her. So we had some little Rapunzel’s running around collecting eater eggs.

Jameson and his girls…

the Dad’s

I don’t know how many “engagement” type photos we are going to have of these two. If they ever do end up together, we are going to have so much fun at the reception displaying them all.

(Photos above taken by Brittany McCulloch)

Getting ready to find eggs.

And the hunt is on.

Then it was time to dye eggs. Surprisingly, the dye didn’t get any where else. Pretty good for 8 kids 5 and under.

After dying eggs, we had some birthday cake and presents. The guys took off to the gun range, and we soaked up the sun. The kids played outside all day, and we enjoyed every minute. It was a gorgeous day, and when those happen here, we soak up every minute of it.


Seconds, please?

 - by Brittany

(April 17th and 20th)

Ella loves to eat. She is not very good at staying clean while she does it, though.


Brownies for dessert

Kevin went to make sure Jameson was covered before we headed to bed, and found him like this.

How can kids sleep like this?



Seattle Aquarium

 - by Brittany

(April 16th)

So we have lots to update. Back in April we took the kids the Seattle Aquarium. we were actually headed up to Tulip Town, but the rain just got harder the further north we got. So halfway there, we turned around and met friends at the aquarium. Jameson loved running around with his friends. Something funny, Jameson did not want to touch anything in the tanks, but Ella was so mad she could not climb in them. She wanted to touch everything, and was not happy to just look.

So this huge puffer fish was found in the Sound. They were saying she is very temperamental. She has to be fed first or she won’t eat. It was true, too. He would try and put food in her mouth, she would close her mouth, and then spit it back out. Really weird fish, but Jameson and Abby loved watching it.

We stopped to take a break in the room where we were actually in the Sound. You could look up and see the docks. The kids ate some lunch and then we continued on the seals.

The kids took a ride on the whale. Not just any whale, though. It’s an “Orca whale, Mom.” Not a killer whale.
Jameson loved watching the seals. They even sunbathed for us before heading back in the water.

Like father like son?

So Tulip Town didn’t turn out, but we had fun at the aquarium.



 - by Brittany

It’s been 4 states and over 3,000 miles, but we’re back. As soon as we recover some sleep, the updates will start.