Month: June 2009

Promoting Searchlight and New Moon

 - by Brittany

So my friend is in a band called Searchlight and they have a song inspired by New Moon. So for all the Twilight fans….

You are hearing a very rough (and very acoustic) version the New Moon inspired original song “Center of Right”. Performed in this video by Adam Michaels, singer/guitar player of alternative rock band Searchlight. If you do not own the Searchlight album “Until the End and After” then get over to iTunes now and get it!

I’m hanging on the wire
Just strung to this line
And lust finds desire
I’ll navigate mine

Coming up roses
Weak girls
Stricken in poses

Take in a breath
Let out
And say you love me
Fall back
Fall in
And you’ll begin to trust me
Left now
Center of right

The blood set on fire
I fight to incline
The heart finds desire
How unfair to mine

And you’re all I ever wanted
If you need time
What I got is time
And I’m far more gone than jaunted
Leave a kiss and the new moon
Far behind

Here is their myspace site

Enjoy! Congrats Matt!!!

There you are

 - by Brittany

I finally finished updating so now people can stop complaining. There’s tons of pictures for my family who may need a copy. June has been lots of fun so far!

Father’s Day Weekend

 - by Brittany

Christina and Steve decided to go boating for the weekend, so we went to join them. Kevin stayed behind to catch up on much needed sleep, so technically Jameson and I went. We left Friday night, and picked up my cousin who needed a ride to Sac for a wedding. We ended up needing to stop in Grass Valley to pick up his tux. Well, Jameson got carsick on the winding roads and threw up. Luckily, I had Jessie to help clean it up. He finally fell asleep for the rest of the trip. So we got to there at about midnight. I laid Jameson in bed and by 12:30 he was crying. He continued to cry on and off all night so I got about zero hours of sleep.

My mom snapped this at about 6 am before she sent me to bed.


Well I did take him out to the car and got some sleep out there for a bit. It was a fun night. Saturday morning, my mom took him so I could get some sleep before boating. They woke me up about 15 minutes before leaving, and the put Jameson in the other car. I’m sure they new I was about ready to break if he cried one more time. We got to the lake, and some one was already set up in our campsite. When my mom told him we had reserved the campsite and tried to tell him our name was on the sign on the tree, he told us that they didn’t do reservations. Really? So we got the lady from the front office to come and explain the situation to him. She gladly showed him the name on the “Reserved” sign on the tree. After quite a few choice words, and about 25 minutes, they were packed and gone. His wife apologized, though, so the lady was willing to give them another campsite. How mad do you think they were that we didn’t even stay the night there?

Paul, my mom, and I stayed on the shore while Christina, Steve, Steve’s sister Carrie, her family, Don and the girls went out on the boat. It was nice to relax, I still hadn’t recovered from that night. Jameson was playing in the car, and locked the doors before we pulled him out. Luckily, the windows were cracked enough. Paul used the windshield wiper to push the unlock button. That could have been bad. They came back in and we went out on the boat. Jameson needed a nap and he does not like the boat. So he goes to sleep. He slept the entire time out on the boat.

june-20-015-large.jpg june-20-016-large.jpg june-20-017-large.jpg june-20-018-large.jpg

Paul on the wakeskate… till he reinjured his toe.

june-20-019-large.jpg june-20-020-large.jpg june-20-021-large.jpg

John and Jaxon


A little man love between Steve and John

june-20-025-large.jpg  june-20-026-large.jpg  june-20-029-large.jpg

Jordan was so proud of his gloves.


How cute does Drew look in pink?

june-20-028-large.jpg  june-20-031-large.jpg

A patient driver, who may have dragged Steve over a boulder.


Jaxon and John… little daredevil, or very well bribed.

june-20-034-large.jpg june-20-036-large.jpg june-20-037-large.jpg june-20-038-large.jpg june-20-040-large.jpg

What are you asking Steve?


Drew took advantage of the time we were changing the tube for boards. He was ready to take the driver’s seat.


Steve and Christina tried to get Kayden to ride the “water 4-wheeler” with them, but he was not having it.

june-20-046-large.jpg june-20-047-large.jpg june-20-048-large.jpg

John tested out his knee board skills. Check out that 360!

june-20-049-large.jpg june-20-050-large.jpg june-20-051-large.jpg

Steve had a bugar 🙂

june-20-052-large.jpg june-20-053-large.jpg

Christina showed Steve how to ride the knee board. She was very excited as you can see.

june-20-054-large.jpg june-20-055-large.jpg june-20-057-large.jpg

Steve was still able to wake board even after he got dragged over a boulder. Kayden cheered him on from the front.

june-20-058-large.jpg june-20-059-large.jpg june-20-061-large.jpg june-20-062-large.jpg june-20-063-large.jpg june-20-064-large.jpg

Then it was Steve’s turn to see if he could master the knee board. He says his arms were too weak. Whatever. It’s not like wakeboarding all day makes you tired. Sorry you let your wife show you up, Steve. 😉

june-20-065-large.jpg june-20-066-large.jpg 

John took one last turn before we headed in.

june-20-068-large.jpg june-20-069-large.jpg june-20-070-large.jpg

We headed back in, and all the boys had a blast riding in the front. Jordan fell asleep just as we pulling the boat out of the water.

june-20-071-large.jpg  june-20-072-large.jpg

Jameson finally woke up as we pulled the boat out. Drew kept him company in the front while we packed up to go.


John and Carey left straight from the lake and headed home. We went back to Mom’s and bbq’d.  The neighbors have a fruit tree, and the branch that hangs over Mom’s fence is nectarines. Drew loved them!

june-15-21-026-large.jpg june-15-21-027-large.jpg june-15-21-028-large.jpg

Jameson, once again, found a baby toy he wanted to play with. He thought it was a car and would chase people around the kitchen.

june-15-21-029-large.jpg june-15-21-030-large.jpg june-15-21-031-large.jpg

Sunday morning, the Dixons headed out, the Paul headed back to school. We were the only ones left. Jameson took full advantage. He saw us pick some nectarines off the tree, and after that it was over. He constantly had a nectarine in each hand. He decided to take a trip in the fountain. At that point, I didn’t care about keeping him clean and dry. I would change him before we left. He watered grandma’s garden for her, and then decided he needed to swim.

june-15-21-032-large.jpg june-15-21-033-large.jpg june-15-21-034-large.jpg june-15-21-035-large.jpg june-15-21-036-large.jpg june-15-21-037-large.jpg 

He didn’t like the apricotts as much (they weren’t quite ripe).

june-15-21-038-large.jpg june-15-21-040-large.jpg june-15-21-041-large.jpg june-15-21-042-large.jpg june-15-21-043-large.jpg june-15-21-044-large.jpg june-15-21-045-large.jpg june-15-21-046-large.jpg june-15-21-047-large.jpg

He laid out, dried off, then tried to put his socks back on so we could go. He got changed, then we headed off. Traffic wasn’t too bad coming home, which was nice. We spent the rest of Father’s Day relaxing with Kevin.


I can officially rent cars!

 - by Brittany

That’s right. I can rent cars without the added fees. Which means, it was my birthday! I spent the whole day in my pajamas pretty much. Then, Kevin and I went to dinner at Harrah’s steakhouse. It was such good food, and yummy dessert. Leighanne makes some delicious cakes! Kevin got me a new camera, so we had to test it out. Hopefully, now my pictures will be clearer and nicer to look at.


Here’s us at dinner. It was so dark in there, but we didn’t want to use the flash, so some of these pictures are blurry. Sorry about that.

june-15-21-010-large.jpg  june-15-21-011-large.jpg  june-15-21-012-large.jpg

june-15-21-014-large.jpg  june-15-21-016-large.jpg  june-15-21-018-large.jpg

Thanks, Brittney, for watching J-mo for us. Then we rented Fired Up. Kevin wasn’t so excited to watch it, but since it was my birthday he said he would. Well, he laughed more than I did through the whole thing. It was a low key birthday, but a good day. Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, Jake graduated from kindergarten. Crazy! He wanted to see Jameson, so we went to dinner with them. J-mo played in the arcade like he was one of the big boys. Jake was so concerned he would fall off the racing seat. Then, Jameson escaped and ran through the restaurant. I finally caught him, and on the way back to the table, he had the biggest grin on his face. We walked by a guy at another table, and Jameson put his hand up. Yah, the guy gave him a high-five and was laughing so hard. He looked at J-mo and told him, “Man, you got caught!” Jameson just laughed. Catherine and Steve thought it was hilarious, too. Then we came back to the house and Jameson got to show Jake his trampoline.

june-15-21-013-large.jpg  june-15-21-020-large.jpg  june-15-21-021-large.jpg

Congrats Jake!

Great Basin Adventure and some other random pics

 - by Brittany

Friday, the 12th, our ward went to Great Basin Adventure park. I have only been there one other time so it was fun to actually explore the park. Jameson and his friends visited the goats and the chickens.

june-12-14-001-large-2.jpg june-12-14-002-large.jpg june-12-14-003-large.jpg june-12-14-004-large.jpg

This was our picnic spot. We kind of took over the lawn.


Even though Jameson was a little bit short fot the log ride, I snuck him on. Well not really, because the teenage boys working the log ride could have cared less. He wasn’t sure at first. I pointed out the water and to look for ducks, then he was ok till the log started going up. He started to cry a little and gripped my arm for dear life. Then at the top the log sort of jerks into place before it drops. It was here, Jameson tried to scream, but it didn’t really come out. He held on so tight, and I don’t think he breathed the whole way down. I was laughing so hard. I know, nice mom. He didn’t really cry, but I think it was due to the fact he was so scared he couldn’t. Sariah was laughing from the back seat and said, “Bet your glad he still wears diapers!” At that point, I was. It was hilarious.

june-12-14-006-large.jpg  june-12-14-007-large.jpg

Kylie and I walked around the park to check it out. We found the lake, and showed the kids the ducks.

june-12-14-008-large.jpg  june-12-14-009-large.jpg

As we were walking throught the gardens, we saw some groomsmen getting ready for the wedding….

Wearing bright teal vests. And these were no small fries. It was hilarious. I so wanted to see the bride, but I think we were too early. We also so Mr. Tough guy taking a job with some shorts and sweat band on. Pretty funny.

We found the dinosaur section and Jameson is still trying to make his mind up about the swings. Skylar on the other hand, loved them.

june-12-14-010-large.jpg  june-12-14-012-large.jpg  june-12-14-013-large.jpg  june-12-14-014-large.jpg  

We had a fun time. Thanks Lisa for organizing it!

Jameson goes with Kevin to get the mail almost every day. He has started picking flowers for me on their way back. This is how the flower looks by the time I get it.

june-12-14-015-large.jpg  june-12-14-017-large.jpg  june-12-14-018-large.jpg

That Saturday I got up and went Garage sale shopping. Can I just say if you say you’re starting at 8 am, don’t sell anything to the people who don’t respect that and come at 6 am. Very frustrating for those of us who respect your wishes and have our routes mapped out. Anyway, after, we went to Fernley to drop some things off and picked up bbq on the way home. Jameson thought the sauce was good enough to drink.

june-12-14-020-large.jpg  june-12-14-021-large.jpg 

Then he spent the day with his dad in the garage. He loves to drive the cars.

june-12-14-023-large.jpg  june-12-14-024-large.jpg

Jameson has also found his new toys. Who would have thought the laundry detergent could be so much fun? He had to set them side by side and then bounce them.

june-12-14-025-large.jpg  june-12-14-026-large.jpg  june-12-14-027-large.jpg  june-12-14-028-large.jpg

What a fun weekend!

Finally… my trampoline

 - by Brittany

My sister called a while ago asking if I wanted a trampoline. It was the same size as hers, which is hard to find. Of course I wanted it. The problem was, the mat was ripped due to the snow storm they had in Vegas. The family was upgrading their trampoline, and getting rid of the small one. So my sister picked it up for me and stored it at my dads. I just had to make a trip to pick it up. My dad got the mat replaced for me so they could use it till I got there. So, Jameson and I made a trip. We drove down Thursday morning, the 4th (I know, this post had a long time coming.)

Apparenlty, the grapes J-mo had for breakfast were bad. He threw up just before the Fernley exit, and then again before the second exit. NOT COOL! We still had 7 hours to go and both his blankets smelled horrible. I kept the lesser of two evils out for him to use, and cleaned him up. We made it the rest of the way with no more problems. We got to Grandma’s and Erin and Jeff came to visit (while I washed his carseat). They were heading out of town the next day. They were so nice to come see me, and not make me travel more.

erin-and-us.JPG (Don’t mind how we look. We’d been in a car all day.)

Friday, Christina came over with the boys to go swimming. We missed Kayden’s birthday, so we brought his gift. He liked his “Wiggles Ipod” but wasn’t fond of sharing it with J-mo. Then, the boys had some quality cousin playtime.

june-4-8-001-large.jpg  june-4-8-002-large.jpg  june-4-8-003-large.jpg  june-4-8-004-large.jpg

We headed out for a swim, it was kinda windy, but the water was warm. Jameson was a little nervous at first, and Kayden rode Christina across the pool like a horse.

june-4-8-005-large.jpg  june-4-8-006-large.jpg  june-4-8-008-large.jpg  june-4-8-009-large.jpg

Jameson looks like he fell asleep right? Nope. He’s drinking the pool water.

june-4-8-010-large.jpg  june-4-8-011-large.jpg

This is where Grandma has always been every time we swim. Sitting in a chair by the pool. It doesn’t matter how hot it is, Grandma will sit patiently while we swim. She never complains, or asks if were done yet. I think maybe one time Grandma got in the pool with us when I was very little, but other than that, she sat next to us, watching.


The pool got a little chilly after a while when the wind picked up so we moved to the spa, and Grandma worked on her tan.

june-4-8-013-large.jpg  june-4-8-014-large.jpg  june-4-8-015-large.jpg  june-4-8-017-large.jpg  june-4-8-018-large.jpg  june-4-8-019-large.jpg  june-4-8-020-large.jpg  june-4-8-021-large.jpg

Kayden was being a great older cousin, and trying to help Jameson dry off. Then we headed to McDonalds, and Jameson took the trip in Drew’s carseat. He was loving it.

june-4-8-022-large.jpg  june-4-8-029-large.jpg

The boys took full advantage of Grandma’s guest bed. (You see why I need the trampoline.)

june-4-8-030-large.jpg  june-4-8-031-large.jpg  june-4-8-032-large.jpg

Saturday morning, Drew tried on some of Jameson’s hats. Then Christina and I hit up the outlets. We found some good deals, and Drew was pretty content the whole time. He finally crashed out as we were headed back to the car.

june-4-8-033-large.jpg  june-4-8-034-large.jpg  june-4-8-036-large.jpg  june-4-8-037-large.jpg

june-4-8-038-large.jpg  june-4-8-039-large.jpg  june-4-8-040-large.jpg

Saturday night, Jameson got to play at Grandpa’s.

june-4-8-041-large.jpg  june-4-8-042-large.jpg  june-4-8-043-large.jpg

Jameson insist on playing in the baby toys.

june-4-8-044-large.jpg  june-4-8-045-large.jpg

And wrestling with Grandpa…

june-4-8-046-large.jpg  june-4-8-047-large.jpg  june-4-8-048-large.jpg

Jameson found Grandma’s exercise bike. Christina and I used to play on this when grandma baby-sat us. It’s been through all the grandkids, and it’s fun to see my own kid on it.

june-4-8-049-large.jpg  june-4-8-050-large.jpg  june-4-8-051-large.jpg

Sunday morning I took Jameson on a trip down memory lane. I drove by the house I lived in till I was about 12. They have kept it very nice looking. They took out half the grass, so when I say I had to mow the lawn growing up, it doesn’t look like so much anymore.

june-4-8-052-large.jpg  june-4-8-053-large.jpg

I was going to take a picture of my cousin’s house, but the people were outside so I drove one block over and took pictures of the house we built. It’s been landscaped and they enclosed the front door. I drove past it first, because there is another house built there now that wasn’t there last time I went by.

june-4-8-054-large.jpg  june-4-8-055-large.jpg  (Yup, I painted all the vents on that roof)

This was my elementary school we walked to every day unless it was pouring rain. Then my aunt would come pick us up (not even my mom).  They’ve changed the parking lot, and painted, but the trees are still there for the astronauts that died on the Challenger.

june-4-8-056-large.jpg  june-4-8-058-large.jpg  june-4-8-059-large.jpg

Then I drove back by my cousins and took a picture for them. The people have painted the house yellow. It took me a minute to figure out what was different.


As I was leaving the cul-de-sac, I ran into another neighbor walking home from church (we lived across from the church.) She said my friend, Jessie, was inside. It was so fun to catch up with her and see her. I haven’t seen her in years.

Then we headed to Jenna’s. Jameson got to play with Gavin, and had a blast.  He was fascinated by Marley when he got to hold her for the pictures. Preston made sure we knew Jameson was not supposed to have the remote, because it wasn’t his. I love seeing Jenna while I’m down there. Not only do our kids play well together, but we can talk like we just live down the street from each other. We don’t get to see each other very often, but it never feels that way when we’re together.

june-4-8-062-large.jpg  june-4-8-065-large.jpg  june-4-8-067-large.jpg  june-4-8-070-large.jpg  june-4-8-072-large.jpg  june-4-8-075-large.jpg  june-4-8-076-large.jpg

We had a good dinner at Christina’s and then I went back to my dad’s to pick up my trampoline. Jameson found the kittens and I’m pretty sure he almost killed them.

june-4-8-077-large.jpg  june-4-8-078-large.jpg  june-4-8-079-large.jpg

He would catch one and put it in the kennel. Then turn to catch the other one. While he was trying to catch the second, the first would escape. So he spent about 30 minutes trying to put both cats in the kennel.

june-4-8-080-large.jpg  june-4-8-081-large.jpg

He was so excited, and didn’t like it when I told him the cats were done playing. We had to wash our hads really well so I wouldn’t  have an allergic reaction to them. Before we left, I got a picture of Jameson with his Grandpa Judd.

june-4-8-082-large.jpg  june-4-8-083-large.jpg

Monday morning, before we headed home, Jameson took a few pictures with his Great-Grandma Judd.

june-4-8-088-large.jpg  june-4-8-089-large.jpg  june-4-8-091-large.jpg

On the way home, I had to take a picture of this restaurant. I think it’s in Mina. There’s signs every where for desert lobster. Yup, this is a boat, they turned into a restaurant. I think it’s hilarious. You can google it and find out more.


We finally got home, and Jameson was so excited to see his dad.We got his trampoline set up and he showed off his skills.

june-4-8-095-large.jpg  june-4-8-096-large.jpg

It was well worth the trip. We had a fun time, and Jameson loves his trampoline.