Month: April 2008

Out on the farm!

 - by Brittany


We went out to Kevin’s parents Sunday and they have some new sheep and baby lambs. They all worked hard to be able to catch one of the baby lambs and finally brought one over so Jameson could see. He had no fear just curiosity. He reached out immediately to try to grab it. He tries to touch everything he can see now.

Free Tibet!

 - by Kevin


Rob and Kris were nice enough to bring Jameson a shirt back from their recent trip to China! Thanks guys! While he’s not yet old enough to riot in San Francisco, he did try to eat the shirt while I was throwing the packaging away. Our little activist…

Although it’s big for him still, he was pretty stoked about it and we even got him to give a face other than the deer-in-the-headlights look in front of the camera. This has been rare lately as he’s really interested in the camera now. I think he was excited to have clothes that are too big for him instead of the usual, too small. He’s 4 months and starting to get too big for a couple of his 6-9 month items.

 While Jameson doesn’t yet know it, we are subliminally instilling diversity and cultural acceptance into his life. We are still trying to figure out how to make him left handed. Any ideas?