Month: April 2010

8 Weeks

 - by Brittany

This little girl is now 8 weeks old (on Monday, 4.19).

We had her 2 month appointment on April 14th. As of that day her stats were:

Height: 21.5″ (42.8%)

Weight: 10 lbs 1 oz (54.8%)

Head Circumference: 14.69″ (35.57%)

MBI: 15.31

Ella is starting to stay awake more, which Jameson loves to point out. I hear, “Mom, baby sister awake!” All the time. He also likes to point out her eyes, which I’m not too fond of. She is usually up for about an hour before falling back asleep. Starting on Sunday, (4.17) she started smiling in response to us. She has smiled before, but not consistently. Maybe she thought her brother’s Mohawk was funny. She will also follow us in the room with her eyes or turn her head. She is starting to have different cries to distinguish what she is in need of. I’m just glad we don’t hear the, “Please save me from Jameson” cry very often. Ella is also on a pretty consistent 3 hour schedule. At night she might even do 3-4 hours

Jameson is becoming more helpful. He will run and get diapers for me when changing Ella, but hates when it’s his turn. I wouldn’t mind starting potty training, but he could care less. So until he shows some signs of wanting to go potty on the toilet, we’ll stick with diapers. That is not a fight I want to have to battle. He is also starting to cry every time I leave him home with Kevin. I think it’s because I take Ella with me and leave him. The other day, he and I went to the grocery store together. He was so good, and was being so cute. He wanted Chick Hicks, and I had told him the next time we went to the store we could get him, if he was good. Well, Jameson woke up from his nap and asked to go to the store. Since he was being so cute and good, we ended up coming home with our groceries along with Chick, Sally, and DJ (from the movie Cars). I don’t think I ever realized how many different characters there are in that movie until now that we are buying them.

So life is getting back to normal. We are getting back into the routine of things, and doing well.

too funny

Mohawk is gone

 - by Brittany

Monday morning it took me two washes to get all the hairspray out of Jameson’s hair, and even then I probably could have washed it again. Well, I wasn’t going to try to shave the rest of his hair by myself, so I took my child out looking like a kid from the backwoods. We went to a library story time, and then the park. Check out that hair-do.

Yes, I was a little embarrassed by my child. When Kevin got home from work, I told  him the hair had to go. So before bed, we got busy and took care of our child’s hair.


During. Such a stressful situation for him.

And the finished product…


The rebel at church

 - by Brittany

Kevin really wanted to leave Jameson’s hair for church. I told him, “Fine, but you have to answer to the bishop.” We had to rush to get ready, since our kids actually slept in a little bit. I told Kevin we needed to take pictures before church, before anything got their outfits dirty at church. This is the best we got.

(I bought him new nice church shoes only to find out they don’t fit his feet. So we had to revert back to his converse adding to his whole presentation.)

So we walked into church at the end of the opening song and sat down. Immediately you could hear the chuckles behind us. Jameson was actually pretty reverent, and Ella slept most of the time, so we had a good Sacrament meeting. After, we had everyone coming up to us laughing, and questioning regarding Jameson’s hair. Some had bets on whose idea it was, and I heard an “I told you so” when I said Kevin did it. Everyone thought he was awesome, and some kids told their parents to do their hair like that.

Kevin took Jameson to nursery. (Kevin also just got called as a nursery leader.) I went to feed Ella. After she was fed, I did a lap around the church as I was burping her. It was also very warm in the chapel, so gospel doctrine was not sounding so appealing. As we were walking, I ran into the bishop. Our conversation went something like this…

Bishop- “I have to tell you, I was starting to get tired, because the chapel was so warm. I looked down and could see some spikes and was wondering what it was. Then Jameson’s head popped up from behind the pew. I started laughing!”

Me- “I told Kevin he’d have to answer to you about it.”

B- “No, that’s awesome.”

So the Bishop was ok with it. I told him it would be cut for next week. I also had the Relief Society president question our intentions, while laughing. She said we made everyone’s day at church. I just hope this doesn’t come back to bite us when he is a teenager.

Came home to find…

 - by Brittany

Saturday, April 17th, Kevin took Jameson to run a few errands. When they returned Kevin informed me he was keeping both kids, going to clean the house, and I was going shopping. Who can argue that? I was supposed to get stuff for me, but shopping for me is not so fun when I’m still carrying baby weight. Well, on their errands out that morning Kevin bought clippers to give Jameson a much overdue haircut. I was out walking around the mall, carrying all my shopping bags (I missed not having a stroller to store my bags in) I got a picture message from Kevin. It revealed this…


I started laughing in the middle of the mall. First of all, that he actually followed through, with his Mohawk idea, and also that he got Jameson to hold still long enough to cut and style his hair.  Kevin admitted he was nervous for my response and was relieved when I was laughing. So here is the series of events…

dsc01761-large.JPG dsc01762-large.JPG See how long his hair is?

Then after…

dsc01765-large.JPG dsc01768-large.JPG dsc01769-large.JPG

(He’s trying to do “thumbs up”.)

dsc01771-large.JPG dsc01772-large.JPG dsc01774-large.JPG

dsc01775-large.JPG dsc01779-large.JPG 

And does the boy fit the haircut, or does the haircut fit the boy?


 - by Brittany

Lately, Jameson has decided he doesn’t need to take a nap. So this was how I found him the other day (4.16.2010) when he should have been eating dinner.

dsc01754-large.JPG dsc01755-large.JPG

At least he didn’t fall asleep in his food.


 - by Brittany

Last Saturday, April 10th, we went to Tulip Town. It’s over 300 acres of tulips in Mount Vernon. It took us forever to get there, about twice as long as it should have. Luckily, the kids slept most the way. It was windy, and kind of cold, but the sun was shining. It was a nice, clear day.  Jameson was so excited to see the kites in the air. (He’s trying to jump high to reach the kites.)

dsc01661-large.JPG dsc01662-large.JPG

You weren’t supposed to venture through the tulips, which we obeyed in the beginning…

dsc01664-large.JPG dsc01665-large.JPG dsc01666-large.JPG

but the pictures were too good to resist not venturing a little ways down the rows.

dsc01670-large.JPG dsc01674-large.JPG dsc01675-large.JPG dsc01676-large.JPG

We had a nice old man (that had a very nice camera on a tripod) take our picture for us. I think this is our first photo as a family of 4. We never did take any at the hospital with everything that was going on. You can see Mt. Vernon covered in snow behind us.

dsc01678-large.JPG dsc01680-large.JPG


Jameson doesn’t like to get too close to Ella in our presence. When we’re not there, he has no problem. He did take one picture for us, and then watched the planes. He’s also learned to do “thumbs up” so he tries all the time.

dsc01688-large.JPG dsc01693-large.JPG dsc01695-large.JPG

We got a few of Ella in the Tulips. Hopefully I can get some of these on an announcement soon.

dsc01697-large.JPG dsc01703-large.JPG dsc01705-large.JPG

Jameson and Dad hiding from Mom in the tulips.

dsc01706-large.JPG dsc01707-large.JPG dsc01709-large.JPG

dsc01711-large.JPG dsc01713-large.JPG dsc01715-large.JPG

dsc01716-large.JPG dsc01718-large.JPG dsc01722-large.JPG

dsc01725-large.JPG dsc01727-large.JPG 

Looking for bugs on the flowers.

dsc01733-large.JPG dsc01734-large.JPG

A helping hand.


We checked out the display tulips, then headed to the barn to see the horses.

dsc01744-large.JPG dsc01745-large.JPG dsc01746-large.JPG


Before we left, Ella tried on her dad’s sunglasses. She looked pretty good.



 - by Brittany

Last week, April 6th, Ella had her appointment with the cardiologist. I had asked my sister how long her appointment had taken (she also had to take her daughter in to the cardiologist for a follow up appointment for a heart murmur) and she said it was real quick. So I took Jameson with me, and had other appointments planned for later in the day. Not so for us. After having to wait 20 minutes to even be checked in (Kevin’s employer never sent Ella’s information to the insurance) our appointment lasted almost 3 hours. Try keeping a 2 year old in an ultrasound room for 2 hours without having him turn on the lights, or get into anything. Not so fun. He will not be coming in 6 weeks for her follow-up.

She weighed 9lbs. 4oz. (with a diaper and binki) which means she gained almost 2 lbs. since coming home. She is also 21.26″ long. The found her results were about the same from the hospital, which is good. She is not getting worse or having her heart overwork. Her pulmonary valve is  slightly narrowed, which means it has to work harder to pump the blood out to her lungs. She also has a medium size hole between the top left and right chambers of her heart. This means the blood can flow back and forth between them. So her left side is receiving more blood than it should, and then is having to pump it out of a narrow valve. They are watching to make sure that left side doesn’t become swollen or show any signs of being over worked. For now, everything looks good. There are no outward signs if there is a problem. They just told me to watch if she has a hard time eating for long periods of time, that might be a sign. If she were to have to take breaks every few minutes rather than eating a full feeding. She will have to go back in 6 weeks for more ultrasounds, and as she grows, the visits will be spaced further apart. The doctors are hoping these issues fix themselves, but they wouldn’t consider doing anything until she was older if it was needed. The doctor also told me that she wouldn’t necessarily need surgery either. There are ways where they can go in through a vein in her leg that would lead to her heart, and they could patch her hole that way. It would require an overnight stay and a band-aide on her leg. So we’ll just wait and see. Hopefully her heart heals itself over time and no treatment will be needed.

Easter Eggs

 - by Brittany

Sunday morning (April 4th), we got up and went to our friends to have breakfast and watched conference. We had a delicious breakfast buffet with fruit, bacon, sausage, stuffed french toast, and some hash browns. (Does anyone know how to effectively cook hashbrowns?) Anyway, we had a good time, and did get to hear a few talks. Before the second session started, we came home and put the kids to bed. We’ve been having a friend of mine from high school over on Sundays for dinner. So after conference I got dinner together, and we picked up Eddie. After dinner, the boys enjoyed dying some Easter eggs.

dsc01649-large.JPG dsc01650-large.JPG dsc01651-large.JPG dsc01652-large.JPG dsc01653-large.JPG

Jameson thoroughly enjoyed dying the eggs. Kevin tried to keep the eggs one color, but when Jameson ran out of white eggs, he started re-dipping his colored ones. I should have bought extra kits so we could dye eggs year round. It kept Jameson entertained for a good hour. Hopefully Eddie enjoyed the entertainment that night. He never knows what’s going to happen at our house with a two year old.

Planes, trains, and… nope. Just planes!

 - by Brittany

The first weekend in April (the 3rd) we decided to check out the Boeing Museum of Flight. (We recorded General Conference to watch later that evening.) It took us a while to find, since the GPS had us end up at some crazy place. We were in some back entrance that only authorized vehicles were supposed to be. Oops. We figured it out, though, and ventured in.

dsc01606-large.JPG dsc01611-large.JPG dsc01612-large.JPG

This place is huge. You don’t realize it, till you start realizing how big the planes are and how many they have in this room. We got there and Jameson hadn’t had a full nap so the first little while he was pretty grouchy. He loved looking at the planes, he just wouldn’t take any pictures.

dsc01608-large.JPG dsc01609-large.JPG

(The first picture is of a Russian flight  suit.)

Jameson showed me what was on the F4 Phantom…

Checking out the SR71 Blackbird

dsc01614-large.JPG dsc01618-large.JPG

Ella took me on a quick ride. Then decided to go off on her own.

dsc01619-large.JPG dsc01621-large.JPG dsc01622-large.JPG

They also had a kids area, which we should have just taken Jameson to in the beginning. He loved it. He got to see how to control a plane and fly a hot air balloon…

dsc01623-large.JPG dsc01624-large.JPG

dsc01627-large.JPG dsc01629-large.JPG dsc01630-large.JPG

Jameson took me on a helicopter ride, and I was a little frightened.

dsc01632-large.JPG dsc01633-large.JPG dsc01634-large.JPG

(Yes, Jameson still has a black eye, but it’s getting better.)

Then we headed up to air traffic control. Jameson made sure the patterns looked good, and also checked on the trains going by.

dsc01635-large.JPG dsc01636-large.JPG dsc01637-large.JPG

Jameson made one last stop in space before it was time to go see some other planes.


We then headed into the WWII area with the serious planes.

dsc01640-large.JPG dsc01643-large.JPG

Before we could leave, Ella needed to eat. So we headed back to the children’s area to keep Jameson occupied for the time being.

dsc01644-large.JPG dsc01645-large.JPG dsc01646-large.JPG

And don’t you love how everyone wants to give you advice or tell you what to do with your children. While I was changing Ella in the bathroom, a lady decided to give her two cents. As I was changing Ella’s clothes, because she decided to get it everywhere, the lady asked if she was breastfed. I told her yes, and then she decided to tell me how I need to keep it up till she’s two, because that’s what’s best for her. I just smiled, but as I had a screaming naked baby I was trying to clean up, I was thinking, “Really?” Was she really going to lecture me in the bathroom while my child is screaming, and she’s waiting to use the bathroom. Not the time or place. Thanks, though.

Anyway. We had a good time at the museum, and might have to take advantage of their free nights the first Thursday of every month.

Later that night, the Easter Bunny stopped by and left some treats for Jameson and Ella. I won’t lie, Ella’s basket was more for mom and dad.

dsc01647-large.JPG dsc01648-large.JPG