Month: March 2008

Big News!

 - by Brittany

Jameson rolled over last night by himself! He rolled from his front to his back. He’s been trying the last little while… Here are some pictures of his tries.

Starting out..


Getting closer…


Mad because he’s stuck!


So he got all the way over last night and it scared him. He was crying for a while afterward and he probably won’t try again for a while 🙂


and a few seconds later…


The last couple weeks..

 - by Brittany

A few weeks ago Jameson was able to play with some friends from the ward. These twins were born 2 weeks after Jameson. They’re still so tiny to me, and cute!

march-1-13-2008-001.jpg march-1-13-2008-002.jpg

We then had to a trip to Sacramento to visit family. Jameson slept the whole drive which was nice because it was just me and him. We had tons of fun then came home, did laundry, and got ready to pack for our trip to Vegas. A friend of mine was getting married. Our plane left so early in the morning! Usually Jameson wakes up between 4 and 6 at some point. Nope, not that morning! He was dead asleep at 5 when we had to leave to the airport. Kevin got to witness what a pain it is to go through security with a baby. We got to Vegas, took a nap, had lunch with Great Grandma Judd and then set off for the wedding. Our child was the worst, I think, he’s ever been. He was a terror through the whole reception. He’s never like that so what do you do? Saturday I had a seminar for Heritage Makers, so Kevin got to be with our little tyrant all day. Then we had to be up super early again on Sunday to fly home because of the time change! I swear… just leave the time alone! why do we need to change back and forth? He slept the whole way to the airport the whole time through security, and then it was time to board. Hello… he’s awake. He was awake the entire flight! Wonderful for me. Luckily it wasn’t a full flight so we had our own row and since it was first thing in the morning he was all smiles. The flight attendants would stop every time they passed our row, wait for him to smile, then finish their tasks. Everyone loved him on the flight. (Even when he screamed for now apparent reason for 5 minutes.) Here he is on his, technically 4th flight.


He starting not to smile when you pull out a camera because he’s too interested in it.