Month: October 2008

A wedding, a pumpkin patch and everything in between

 - by Brittany

Kevin’s sister got married on the 18th. It was down at the hot springs in Genoa. When we got there to set up it was sprinkling and so incredibly windy. Eventually the wind died down and the rain stopped just in time for us to decorate. We finished the flowers just in time to change and make it to the wedding. It was so beautiful. The wedding party and parents all wore hats. There was a vintage theme going on. Everything turned out great. Here are a few pics from that night.

october-12-27-005-large.jpg  october-12-27-007-large.jpg  october-12-27-015-large.jpg  october-12-27-018-large.jpg  october-12-27-020-large.jpg 

The wedding party arrived in a carriage.

october-12-27-022-large.jpg  october-12-27-024-large.jpg  october-12-27-025-large.jpg  october-12-27-027-large.jpg  october-12-27-029-large.jpg  october-12-27-033-large.jpg  october-12-27-036-large.jpg  october-12-27-047-large.jpg   october-12-27-044-large.jpg

I got Jameson some new beanies and gloves for when we walk in the morning and it’s freezing. He had to try them on for dad.

october-12-27-053-large.jpg  october-12-27-054-large.jpg  october-12-27-055-large.jpg  october-12-27-056-large.jpg

Trying to get a picture of his Halloween costume, but he wouldn’t stand still.

october-12-27-058-large.jpg  october-12-27-061-large.jpg  october-12-27-065-large.jpg  october-12-27-063-large.jpg (An aviator’s gotta fly!)

One night as Kevin was working on the computer he gave Jameson this video tape case. At first, Jameson looked at it for a minute and then threw it to the side. So Kevin picked it up and showed him how it opens then gave it back. He spent the next 30 minutes figuring out how to open it. Then when he got it open the papers inside fell out. He insisted on putting the papers back in and closing it which took more time.

october-12-27-074-large.jpg  october-12-27-075-large.jpg  october-12-27-076-large.jpg

Jameson at our neighbors Halloween party, and Catherine and Jmo at the ward trunk-or-treat.

october-12-27-077-large.jpg  october-12-27-078-large.jpg

And finally, Jameson at the pumpkin patch

october-12-27-084-large.jpg  october-12-27-085-large.jpg  october-12-27-086-large.jpg  october-12-27-091-large.jpg

Checking out the pumpkins on his own.

october-12-27-092-large.jpg  october-12-27-094-large.jpg  october-12-27-096-large.jpg  october-12-27-098-large.jpg  october-12-27-099-large.jpg  october-12-27-103-large.jpg

Aunt Steph showing Jameson the funny colored pumpkin

october-12-27-104-large.jpg and Uncle Paul giving him a ride. october-12-27-107-large.jpg  october-12-27-108-large.jpg

Our family


We had so much fun hanging out with you guys. Thanks Steph, Josh, and Paul for waiting for us!


 - by Brittany

I was tagged a long time ago for this. Sorry Jen.

4x4x4 . . .

4 Jobs I have had:
1- Sterilization for dentist office
2- One-on-one aide for Autistic child
3-Office Manager assistant at Clear Capital
4-Office Manager for Pro-Tech Fire

4 Movies I have seen more than once:
1-Disney Movies
2-Just Friends
3-Italian Job
4- Blue Streak

4 Places I have lived:
1- Las Vegas, NV
2- Reno, NV
3- Elk Grove, CA
4 – Sparks, NV

4 TV Shows I watch:
1- Gray’s Anatomy (although if the lesbian and sex stuff keeps going this could end)
2- House
3- Friends
4- The Mentalist

4 favorite places I have been:
1-Palmyra NY
2-Mammoth Creek
3- Washington DC
4- the Tea House in Emerald Bay

4 people who text me regularly:
1-My Husband
3- no one else does regularly
4- I send pics does that count?

4 of my favorite foods:
2-Sunday dinner (roast, potatos, gravy, rolls, corn)
3- breads especially homemade

4 places I would like to visit:
1-Costa Rica
2-Europe (anywhere)
3- Hawaii
4- a Cruise ship

4 things I am looking forward to in the following year:
1- Jameson’s 1st birthday
2-finishing the backyard
3- Christmas
4- Nursery

4 people I am tagging:
I’d rather not tag but if anyone wants to fill it out, go for it.

October so far

 - by Brittany

This month started off pretty busy. I gave Kevin’s sister a bachelorette party (which pictures I will not post to save some dignity). Don’t worry, it was all good clean fun. Although there was a guy talking to us as she walked in and she wouldn’t believe I DID NOT order a stripper. He was just there talking to some of the girls, possibly trying to hit on one of them. The next day we had her bridal shower at The Clay Canvas. That was the first time I had been there, but definitely not the last. It was so much fun, and they had some really cute things for Halloween you could paint. That night I went with a friend to So You Think You Can Dance. It was tons of fun. I couldn’t believe the range and variety in the crowd. Some guy behind us got a little too excited for a few specific dances, though. Screaming like a little girl, coming from a guy = not cool.

october-3-11-029-large.jpg  october-3-11-017-large.jpg  october-3-11-027-large.jpg  october-3-11-025-large.jpg

I still can’t believe how high Joshua can jump. Geez!

The best part of the night was afterward. We were walking back to the car, which was parked in an ally behind some other cars. All the self parking garages were full, and valets were so backed up we finally said forget it. So as were walking back we see a cop suv parked next to the car. Dang it! Did the car get broken into? No! This tiny little man gets out and yells “Is this your car?” So this is how the rest of the conversation went…

Steph: Yes

Little cop guy who must have gotten beat up in school: What makes you think you’re special that you can park and block an ally?

(Actually he was blocking the ally not us)

Steph: Well there weren’t any No parking signs and there were other cars here.

Cop: (shined his light on the No Parking sign on the opposite side of where we are parked and down the way) So since other cars do it it makes it ok?

Us: Sorry we didn’t see the sign until you shined your light on it.

Cop: Well there’s a tow truck on the way. 10 more minutes and you would have been towed. (Whew, good thing we walked fast!) So what are you going to pay for the tow truck?

Steph: Are you asking how much money I have?

Cop: I’m asking what you’ll pay. They can get pretty expensive, like $130 minimum.

Steph: Well if I have to pay it, then I guess I will.

Cop: What have you been drinking? (Note: He asked what, not if. Way to jump to conclusions cop!)

Steph: (Points to her belly) Umm, Nothing, I’m pregnant. (She’s 26 weeks… pretty clear it’s a baby belly not a beer belly.)

Cop: Well where were you

Steph: At So you think you can dance. (A nice wholesome family show!)

Then he proceeds to give her a sobriety test. Dummy me, I should have been memorizing his badge number this whole time but I was trying to keep my mouth shut and not get us in trouble.

Finally he yells at us.

Cop: Just get your car out of here!

My dilemma, the cop was parked close to the car. So do I open my door and try to squeeze in without hitting his car, or wait for him to move like you would in a parking lot? I risked it and squeezed in the door. Stupid cop!

Anyways, our other happenings since then…

Jameson helped me make pudding one night

october-2-001-large.jpg  october-2-002-large.jpg  october-2-004-large.jpg  october-2-005-large.jpg

He still doesn’t know how to ride on his car, but he will climb in it.

october-3-11-030-large.jpg  october-3-11-031-large.jpg

We were able to get out of the house last Friday and enjoyed a little Panda Express. Camden held our spot in line while Jameson and Tanner got their lunches.

october-3-11-032-large.jpg  october-3-11-033-large.jpg

Nikki has found a new place to cuddle up


And finally Friday night we had SNOW! I am excited for it to get cold, but not that cold yet. My flowers are finally blooming again now that it’s not so hot. Well, they were blooming, now they are dead.


And that has been our month so far. We have a wedding left and then Halloween!