Month: February 2010

Slugs and Uncle Weston

 - by Brittany

Jameson loves to find slugs on the front door step. Every time we leave the house, he wants to look for snails and slugs. Tonight he told Kevin, “Common Daddy!” Kevin followed him only to find he wanted to go look at slugs. Apparently, they found some…

Then, they came back upstairs for Jameson’s nightly calls to Uncle Weston. He found this old phone when we were cleaning out a room. We’re not sure why, but every night he calls Weston, yells, and then hangs up. We finally caught it on video for you.

First, he calls and tells him he is climbing on the barn…

Then he calls and yells and hangs up on him.

Sorry Weston!

I spy… with a twist

 - by Brittany

We joke about all the things we find in Jameson’s bed. Well, this morning Jameson was not one of the things Kevin found. He woke up for his conference call, then came back up, and he told me how Jameson was not in his room. He has started coming out of his room on his own now. This has been going on for the last week. Today was a first for this…

dsc01439-large.JPG  dsc01440-large.JPG

Yup. Kevin found him on the couch. Poor kid was probably freezing. (The thermostats are all set low since I’m dying of the heat. His room has it’s own, so his room is always nice and toasty at night.) This was probably the reason he woke up at 7:45 am even though he was awake at midnight due to a nasty diaper. We put him back to bed about 30 minutes later, and then went to bed. We’re not quite sure when he woke up and wandered to the couch. I’m grateful he didn’t fall down the stairs. We’ll see what tonight brings.

Family days

 - by Brittany

Saturdays, we have tried to get out of the house and do things. Last Saturday we got lunch and went to the mall. Yesterday, we got some lunch and headed to the park. Jameson loved showing his dad all the toys at the park. Then, the boys ran across the lawn to the trees on the far side. I finally caught up, and we decided to take some of the trails. There were a few different hiking trails (they are all flat, no worries about hiking while being 36 weeks), but we stuck to the ones that led straight through. I had an idea of where they headed .

Here are some of us on the trail…

dsc01415-large.JPG  dsc01417-large.JPG  dsc01418-large.JPG

And guess what? I was right! The trail led to…

dsc01420-large.JPG  dsc01419-large.JPG  dsc01421-large.JPG

The temple! The sun was directly behind us, so the pictures didn’t turn out, but you get the idea.

We took our time getting back. Jameson found some sticks and had to investigate every tree.

dsc01422-large.JPG  dsc01423-large.JPG  dsc01424-large.JPG  dsc01425-large.JPG  dsc01426-large.JPG  dsc01429-large.JPG  dsc01430-large.JPG  dsc01433-large.JPG  dsc01435-large.JPG  

Jameson was playing hide and seek behind the trees…

dsc01436-large.JPG  dsc01437-large.JPG  dsc01438-large.JPG

We had a fun time exploring. Jameson was out within 5 minutes of being in the car. He fell asleep with his string cheese in his mouth. We spent the rest of the day relaxing. These pictures also show how large my tummy is getting which is also getting heavy. So after this walk, I was done for the day.

The rest of the day wasn’t a total waste. I did get “Jameson’s letters” to his grandparents made, written, and addressed. Now I just have to get them to the mailbox. So if any grandparents are reading this, look for your letters in the next week.

(Explanation of the letters for those who don’t know: Once Jameson was born, I wanted to keep our family updated on his happenings. That’s when we started our blog. But not all the grandparents know how to use the internet, or even have the internet. I was trying to think of a way to keep them all connected to our family. I have always been really close with my grandparents, and wanted them to know Jameson. Most of the grandparents live far away, so I came up with sending letters the old fashion way… through the mail. I didn’t want to just send a brag letter from me, though. So, instead, I send a letter from Jameson’s point of view. I also include pictures so they can see the things he’s doing or how he’s changing. The first year of his life, I sent a letter every month, since they change so much that first year. Now, they get a letter every couple months. I also keep one copy and save it for his baby book. It also helps me document his mile stones and what he’s up to. )

Here is an example of a letter. This is from May 2008 when Jameson was about 6 months old.

This month I have been doing so many things. At my 6 month check up I was 19.5 lbs (75-95%), 27 ½ inches (95th%), and my head is 17 inches (25-50%). Mom told the doctor how I roll all over and he said great! Then she told him that I can sit up for a good amount of time before falling over and that I can scoot using my hands, elbow, and toes. The doctor said that’s incredible! He said I should not be doing that yet and that I am super strong! Then the nurse gave me my shots so I kicked her. The nurse said I tried to use self defense and she would have to remember that for next time. 

                This month I took my first private plane ride! I did really good till the landing then I threw up all down mom’s front. She didn’t like that very much but my aunts and uncles thought it was funny. I also went to the lake for the first time. The water was cold, which I didn’t like, and I couldn’t get the sand to stay in my hand! I had a fun time, though. Dad always comes home from work to play with me. He makes me giggle and laugh. Mom and Dad sure do have fun playing with me!



Anyway. Just thought I would share, and show that the rest of the night was not a complete waste.

Like father like son

 - by Brittany

I love when Kevin gets the camera. I love seeing what Kevin wants to take pictures of and document. I love when we go in Jameson’s room at night to tuck him in only to find his bed full of toys, and Kevin says, “Don’t touch anything. Let me get the camera.” Friday night I was being lazy and didn’t feel like cooking. Ok, actually I wasn’t being lazy. I had been moving furniture around and organizing, which Kevin was not too happy about, and was worn out. So we ordered pizza. Luckily here, we live close enough Pizza Hut delivers unlike in Reno. (No more Domino’s!) Usually we cut Jameson’s pizza up for him, but Friday night, Kevin decided to let him have a go at the whole slice. He was so proud of him, he took pictures.

dsc01411-large.JPG  dsc01412-large.JPG  dsc01413-large.JPG

I think the last picture is an ad for Hidden Valley Ranch. This is the only ranch Kevin likes. Right now I have another kind from Costco that will never get eaten so if anyone needs ranch let me know. Kevin doesn’t like it.

I spy with my little eye…

 - by Brittany

I’ve told you before how Jameson hoards his toys in his bed at night. I’m fine with that. He is quiet and stays in bed, therefore, no fights at bedtime. Last night he out did himself. We went in his room last night to make sure he was covered and found this…

dsc01407-large.JPG  dsc01408-large.JPG  dsc01409-large.JPG

33. That’s right, 33 items were in his bed,not including blankets and pillows, and I counted the race track as 1 item. And yes, he does wrap his head in his blanket almost every night, and I hate it. He’s done this since we brought him home from the hospital. In his bed there were…

5 blankets

1 sheet

2 pillows

multiple stuffed animals (at least 7)

race track

race cars

lace up animals


4 binkis


3 D batteries

2 clappers

name train

matchbox cars

and Jameson.

I cleaned out his bed, and Kevin put him back in it. I guess I would rather have this problem than having to always put him back in his bed or finding him asleep all over the house. We never know what we’ll find in his bed at night.

P.S. I mentioned he doesn’t come out of his room. This morning I heard him knocking on his door to tell me to come get him. He didn’t try to come out, just kept knocking till I got the door. Funny kid!

What do crocodiles eat?

 - by Brittany

This letter was sent to our family February 14th. Rather than having to blog the same information, I thought I would just post the letter.

Hi everyone,

Here is our latest video of Jameson. He’s been kind of sick so he’s not his usual self. His Grammy sends him small video clips from her iphone that he loves to watch. (Got to love technology.) This morning we got some new ones and were checking them out. I thought she’d like to see how intent he is in watching them. But I also got a few funny things on video in the process so I’m sharing with everyone. Kevin has taught Jameson a few lines that will probably make other parents roll their eyes, such as:

Kevin: “What do lions eat?”
Jameson: “Lions eat people.”

K: “What do sharks eat?”
J: “Sharks eat people in the water.” (I’m not a fan of this one. What’s going to happen when we go to the ocean?)

K: “What do crocodiles eat?”
J: “Crocodiles eat Captain Hook’s hand.”

And so on. Basically, any big animal eats people.

In the video you also see something else he knows, llamas spit.
He is also big into watching racing. I think you remember the last video he was watching the auto auction. Today, he saw the Daytona 500 was on, so that is what is playing in the background. He wanted to watch racing over the Sprout channel (the kids channel).

Jameson loves these videos from Grammy, and will answer the questions when she asks. He frequently tells me he is going to see grandma or grandpa. I’m not always sure which one he is talking about. I think in the last week he has named them all on one occasion or another. He will even go get his shoes on and get his suitcase, go to the stairs and tell me bye. When I ask where he’s going, he will tell me, “To Grandma’s.” or “To Papa’s” or “I see Grandpa (Stan)” or “I go work with Papa Don”. We look at pictures all the time of everyone, and he knows all of you.

So here is his latest video.

Feel free to send Jameson any pictures of videos. He loves watching them and will ask to see them.

Love you all!

She’s here!

 - by Brittany

That’s right, there is finally a baby girl. Not mine of course (she needs too cook a little longer). My sister, Christina, had her baby this morning at 3:33 am. I’m told she was 7lbs 12oz and 19.75 in. She is having some breathing problems so they are monitoring her in the NICU, but other than that everyone is healthy and happy. Christina’s water broke last night, so they headed to the hospital. How is it that this is only an occurrence in about 5% of women, and she is 2 for 3? At least if your water breaks, you know they won’t send you home from the hospital to suffer through contractions till you’re further along. Anyways, here is Jenna Ruth Dixon…

jenna-ruth-1.jpg  jenna-ruth-2.jpg

In other news…

I haven’t taken a picture in a while, and I regret not taking them with Jameson. So here is our baby girl…


I think I gained about 20 pounds in one month. At least that’s what it feels like. I only have about a month left, which feels like an eternity. I’m ready to not have this baby inside of me; kicking, turning, pushing, hiccups, etc. I’m not so sure I’m ready to have this baby outside of me, though. She is definitely different than Jameson. He liked to kick off my ribs, she likes to use my pelvic bones or the side of my tummy. She is carrying definitely like a “watermelon” and Jameson was more “basketball”. She does not care for spicy foods, and lets me know. Luckily, this is not a problem too often.

So there you have it. One baby girl is here, one more to come. Maybe I’ll luck out and my water will break, and I won’t have a guessing game of whether I’m in enough pain for the hospital to take me or not.

“My pig!”

 - by Brittany

The same night of the barn, Jameson had another first. He was up a little later than usual since he was playing in his newly made barn. We put him to bed, then watch our Thursday night line up of shows that we had recorded. Just after 11 pm, I heard Jameson yell, “Mom!” and he was crying. We went upstairs to find this…


Jameson’s bed was full of items as usual. It’s like an I SPY game every night. This time, though, I was concerned, because his basket that usually sits on the changing table was in his bed… EMPTY. Most of the items were lined on his headboard. He was crying, and handed me his pig. When I took the pig, I noticed there was Vaseline all over it.  When I asked what happened he told me, “My pig.”

Me: “What’s on your pig?”

Jameson: “This.” (See what he gets in the picture?)


Me: “Did you put vaseline on your pig?”

Jameson: “Yah. Get it off.”

After finding a bunch of wet wipes all over in his bed….

Me: “Did you try and clean your pig?”

Jameson: “Yah.”

Me: “Do you and your pig need a bath?” (A discovery also showed he had it all over his hands, face, and in his hair.)

Jameson: “Yah.” and he started crying.

We couldn’t help but laugh. Kevin wouldn’t let me touch anything till he got the camera. Jameson was so upset. He knew he did something wrong. He’d been in his room for over 2 hours, and never went to bed. So Jameson got put in the tub at 11:30 pm and the pig got thrown in the wash. Luckily, Jameson came clean, and after a few washes, so did the pig.

Thankfully, it wasn’t on anything else or I might not have been laughing so hard. We tried not to let him see us laugh, because he was clearly in trouble. 🙂 But how can you not laugh when your child is so distraught and knows he did something wrong?

The old brown barn

 - by Brittany

The other night (February 4th) we were cleaning out some boxes to take back over to our storage unit. There is a loft in Jameson’s room that has a bunch of stuff we don’t need here, so I wanted to get them back to storage. Jameson was up above with me while I was handing stuff down to Kevin. He found one of the boxes from moving, and told me he was in his barn. So when we were done, we helped him create his barn.

dsc01385-large.JPG  dsc01386-large.JPG

When I told him it was time for bed, he pretended to sleep in his barn.


He has to take everything in there with him, and then take everything that’s in his barn to bed with him.

dsc01388-large.JPG  dsc01389-large.JPG

We’ll see how long the barn doors can withstand him climbing over them. For now, he loves it.


 - by Brittany

I love the way Jameson has to inspect the VHS case before he finds the right movie. Yes, VHS not DVD. They are more durable, so those are in his reach and the DVDs are on top of the fridge. He goes through each one, inspects the characters on the case, then either puts it back or tells me he wants to watch it. Then we go through the ritual of

“Push the button.”

“Let the movie come out.”

“Ok, pull it out.”

“Put your movie in.”

“No, turn it around. The other way.”

“Push it in.”

“No, don’t push the button again. Ok, push it back in.”

I love how fast he catches on, and I no longer have to get up for every little thing. (Seeing as how getting up is becoming more difficult these days.)