Month: October 2007


 - by Brittany

october_20-23_2007_050.jpg october_20-23_2007_052.jpg

The room is not completely done but we finished painting and putting up the border last night. There’s still a few things we need to get. 

34 weeks

 - by Brittany


6 weeks and counting. This is the first picture I’ve taken like this and probably the last. The baby is healthy and has a strong heartbeat. He’s head down which is good, except my ribs kind of got the raw end of the deal.


 - by Brittany

may-oct-2007-218.jpg may-oct-2007-217.jpg

So the kid isn’t born yet but is already getting spoiled. Kevin’s parents are really excited and have already been shopping a few times for the little guy. We love it too, except the fact that he will be wearing nicer close than we do!


 - by Brittany

crib-003.jpg crib-002.jpg

Kevin’s been very good about putting the furniture together when I’ve asked. The room is a work in progress but here is the crib. We at least have everything put together so the child has a place to sleep. His dresser is all set and are next project is painting. We are down to 8 weeks left. Good thing it’s getting cold, because I was getting really hot. We’re in for a long winter…. it’s been snowing off and on in the mountains for the last few weeks and at one point there was snow in our backyard (only enough for a foot print).


 - by Brittany


I am glad to say that at 5 months pregnant I was still able to zip up my dress and breathe (for most of the night). This was in July at our friends reception on the beach at Lake Tahoe. I made it till about 9:00 p.m. and then the dress had to come off. It was a long but very funday!