Month: September 2008

To Vegas and back

 - by Brittany

I threw my sister a baby shower down in Vegas this last weekend. Although it’s her second boy, she never received one with Kayden due to the fact her water broke the night she moved back to Vegas and was 4 weeks early. I do not have any pictures of the shower since I was hosting, but I will get a hold of some. My mom met me at my house then Friday morning we got up early and started out on our trip.  We stopped in Fallon for breakfast then continued on. Jameson slept from Fallon to Tonopah. Did you know the only grass in that small little town is at the high school? So we let Jameson run around on the grass of the home of the Muckers!

september-11-29-043-large.jpg  september-11-29-044-large.jpg  september-11-29-045-large.jpg

We made it safely to Vegas. Jameson did really well in the car sleeping from a little outside of Tonopah almost to Vegas. We had fun while we were there. Jameson was able to spend time with grandparents he doesn’t get to see very much. I know he wore my dad out!

september-11-29-047-large.jpg  september-11-29-048-large.jpg

He loved playing with Kayden, even though Kayden wasn’t a fan of sharing his toys. Jmo didn’t care. He was just happy to have someone to play with.

september-11-29-049-large.jpg  september-11-29-050-large.jpg  september-11-29-051-large.jpg

The boys with Grandma

september-11-29-052-large.jpg  september-11-29-053-large.jpg

Christina is so close to delivery, mom stayed in Vegas, and I drove back with Jameson. I turned his carseat around so I would be able to reach him better and keep him entertained. As far as any cop is concerned he was born September 24th. He slept from Vegas to Tonopah. I made sure Kayden wore him out before we left. We got to our halfway point and ate at the very lovely McDonald’s and then went over to the home of the Mucker’s again and played on the grass. We couldn’t stay too long, though, because it started raining. He was then awake till just outside of Fallon. We played peek-a-boo for about 30 minutes…


And then I gave him a piece of beef jerky to keep him occupied. He loves jerky, but only teryaki. We had original on the way down and he didn’t want it. Funny how kids develop their tastes so early. He chewed on that till just before Fallon, and then he finally fell asleep.

september-11-29-054-large.jpg  september-11-29-055-large.jpg  september-11-29-056-large.jpg

We stopped in Fernley at Kevin’s parents to feed Jmo dinner and let him run around. He enjoyed his time on the farm and then we finally made it home to dad!

Busy Busy

 - by Brittany

The weekend of the 21st we headed over to Sacramento. We got there Saturday and had a nice lunch at the Blue Gecko. Matt and Rachel had their luncheon before the wedding and we got there just in time to enjoy it. We then went with my mom to her ward picnic. Jameson loves the swings and Kevin finally got to see him enjoy them!

september-11-29-003-large.jpg  september-11-29-004-large.jpg  september-11-29-005-large.jpg  september-11-29-006-large.jpg

Then Sunday we got to go to the wedding. It turned out really nice. It’s finally official!

september-11-29-015-large.jpg  september-11-29-021-large.jpg  september-11-29-026-large.jpg

Jameson almost got more attention than the bride! Just kidding, but he was really cute!

september-11-29-028-large.jpg  september-11-29-029-large.jpg  september-11-29-030-large.jpg  september-11-29-035-large.jpg

Our family


The cake and one more of Jmo

september-11-29-039-large.jpg  september-11-29-040-large.jpg  september-11-29-041-large.jpg  september-11-29-042-large.jpg

The wedding was beautiful and we had fun even though Jameson decided to not let us sleep at all that night. We headed back after the wedding and but him to bed early!

First Tag

 - by Brittany

Well I was able to make it this long in the blogging world without getting tagged, so now here we go.

Here are the rules: Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours. Then tag 6 fellow bloggers.

1. I have food issues. My food doesn’t touch each other on my plate. For instance, for Sunday dinner we usually have roast, potatoes and gravy, corn, and rolls. My plate will be as follows: (clockwise) potatoes and gravy, corn, then the roll, then the meat. This way if the gravy runs it won’t get to my roll and make it soggy. Also, my food has to look nice. Kevin learned this when dishing up lasagna for me. He can’t just plop it on my plate. I need all the layers in tact.

2. I’m not tickelish, except in one place. (Don’t get dirty!) It’s the tops of my feet.

3. It really bothers me when the tops of the bottles don’t match the bottle. For instance, a green bottle needs to have a green top, not a blue one!

4. I still have my blanket for when I was a baby. About a month ago I finally quit sleeping with it. Now it is next to my bed just in case! I am working on sleeping without it and using my covers that are already on the bed. Kevin tried wrapping Jmo in it when he was first born, and I got mad at him. I unrapped Jmo and wrapped him in a different blanket.

5. I hate when Kevin throws his empty soda bottles or fast food bags in the backseat floor of the car, but I fill the cubbies of the doors with trash. At least my trash is contained. Isn’t that what they made those cubbies for?

6. Ok, I wasn’t going to put this one, but I can’t think of any more. I cannot pluck my own eyebrows. I do not have tamed eyebrows and they need to be shaped frequently, but I can’t do it. I get weasy and feel like I’m going to pass out. On the other hand, I hate paying someone to do it! Therefore, I never have nice looking eyebrows. Please don’t stare at them now, I’m already self conscious about them. At least don’t let me catch you staring.

So those are my weird, annoying habbits. I tag Christina, Jayci, Laura T., and Steph!

Last lake day of ’08

 - by Brittany

September 5th, we spent our last Friday at Sand Harbor with girls from the ward. We were the first ones on the beach…hmmm, where do we want to sit? 🙂 We were the only ones there for a few hours, before other people started showing up. Even then, there weren’t many kids, so our kiddos were clearly visible at all times. It was great. It would have been a perfect day if the bees weren’t out and the pine trees hadn’t started shedding their needles. Other than that it was a blast. Fun girls and the kids were pretty good… can’t beat that!

Camden, Ramona, and Jameson out at Foot Rock. Camden was showing how big he was being able to climb on the rocks.

september-5-10-001-large.jpg  september-5-10-002-large.jpg  september-5-10-003-large.jpg  september-5-10-006-large.jpg

Trent came out to visit us, and Camden was so excited! How cute are these two!

september-5-10-007-large.jpg   september-5-10-008-large.jpg

Our set up. See… we are the only ones here!


Charly also came out to visit us in the water. I love how her shows look in the water 🙂

september-5-10-010-large.jpg  september-5-10-011-large.jpg  september-5-10-012-large.jpg  

Ramona playing in the sand, or eating it, not quite sure.


Jameson looks drugged. Promise, he wasn’t.

september-5-10-016-large.jpg  This pool was the best investment of the summer. I highly recommend taking a pool with you to the beach. So much easier to keep track of your kid! And, the water gets warm!

Ants on a log… or just some really cute kids, and one very cute pregnant girl. (You wouldn’t even know, huh!)

september-5-10-017-large.jpg  september-5-10-018-large.jpg  

Charly playing in the sand, and then giving me her “cheese” smile! Such a cute, funny little girl.

september-5-10-021-large.jpg  september-5-10-022-large.jpg  september-5-10-023-large.jpg


september-5-10-024-large.jpg  september-5-10-025-large.jpg

The betrothed couple. Don’t they look like they’ve been married for 50 years? I was trying to get one picture with them both looking at me and this is what I got…

september-5-10-026-large.jpg  september-5-10-027-large.jpg  september-5-10-028-large.jpg  september-5-10-029-large.jpg  september-5-10-030-large.jpg  

Jameson, keeping his lifeguard post over the water, while Ramona takes the floaty to those in need.

september-5-10-031-large.jpg  september-5-10-032-large.jpg  september-5-10-033-large.jpg  september-5-10-034-large.jpg  september-5-10-035-large.jpg  september-5-10-036-large.jpg

Before we packed up to leave, I made a quick trip up to the restrooms. This lady walked out of the stall, looked at me, and gasped! What did I do? I wasn’t peeking or anything. She looked at me and said, “You have to most beautiful children on the beach.” Oh, well Thanks! Then she looks at me and says, “Do all those children belong to you girls or are you a daycare?” What!?! There were 6 girls and 8 kids. I looked at her and told her… “No, they’re all ours!” (With the exception of Ramona, but she’s close enough.) Crazy lady.

We had so much fun with everyone and look forward to next summer when Jmo will be able to walk and play a little more. Until then, Park days and music makers will have to do!

Hurley Jeans

 - by Brittany

So Jameson was given some Hurley jeans by my mom’s friend, Tina. She bought some clothes for him when he was born, but bought 12 month sizes. Good thing, cause he doesn’t have a very large selection in this size. Well he’s finally moved into this size. The jeans are still a little big, but he has a small belt that holds them up. They are so dang cute, I just had to show them off.

september-5-10-038-large.jpg  september-5-10-039-large.jpg  september-5-10-042-large.jpg

See what I mean! How cute is that little butt in jeans? Plus, now he is walking. Yup… at 9 1/2 months he is walking. He can go about 10-15 steps before he loses his balance. He is starting to walk, stops and stands for a minute till he regains balance, then keeps going. We are in so much trouble with this child. 🙂 So thanks, Tina, for buying him the cutest jeans ever!

My climber

 - by Brittany

Jameson is all over the place. He could probably walk if he wasn’t trying to run first! He grabs hold of his play pen and tries to climb up the slide.


Jmo getting a head start on his dad’s computer. He’s learning quickly, but he’s still a n00b 🙂

august-31-004-small.jpg  august-31-005-small.jpg  august-31-006-small.jpg

He loves the magnets on the fridge. He can’t figure out how to get this magnet off, though.

august-31-007-small.jpg  august-31-008-small.jpg

On the go

 - by Brittany

The last week or so Jameson has had some big changes. Last Thursday, Jameson was standing between my knees. He saw Nikki on the couch and got so excited. He turned, and took off. It took about 5 steps but he made it safely without falling. I called Kevin to tell him our son actually walked, not the few steps he takes on his way to the floor but walked. He was excited, I was scared. Great, he already stands up next to everything he can, and thinks the basket of dog toys on top of the kennel is way cooler to get to than his own. He climbs on whatever he can, and will climb your body as you hold him. Well, Thursday night we went to the famous Rib cookoff! We took a few newcomers with us. I don’t know how people who have lived in Reno their whole life have never been. Last year I was pregnant and worked really close to the Nugget, therefore, I went like everyday. It didn’t help that I only worked with guys with huge appetites. 🙂 Anyways, it was also Jameson’s first trip to the rib cookoff. Kevin took the liberty of feeding him before I noticed. We have a carnivore!

august-22-30-007-large.jpg  august-22-30-008-large.jpg  august-22-30-009-large.jpg

He was also fond of the hush puppies (deep fried cornbread) and lemonade.

august-22-30-010-large.jpg  august-22-30-011-large.jpg  august-22-30-013-large.jpg

Friday, Jameson and I got up and headed to Sacramento. Not an easy task when you’re trying to pack and a nine month old is trailing you getting out everything within his reach. We hung out Friday, and then went boating with the family on Saturday. Aunt Lynn was able to get up on the wakeboard…Not bad for a mom of 2 grown girls!

august-22-30-014-large.jpg august-22-30-015-large.jpg

Jameson chewed on his beef jerky for like an hour, content on the boat.


He loved the water. We sat on the swim platform and Jmo loved it. He couldn’t figure out why he could stand on the black part though and not the green.

august-22-30-021-large.jpg august-22-30-022-large.jpg august-22-30-024-large.jpg

Lunchtime… get some tan on those legs!

august-22-30-027-large.jpg  august-22-30-028-large.jpg  august-22-30-029-large.jpg  august-22-30-030-large.jpg

august-22-30-035-large.jpg  august-22-30-036-large.jpg  august-22-30-038-large.jpg  

Jameson mad, because I wouldn’t let him play in Nandi’s dog crate… too many nasty things in there. august-22-30-040-large.jpg

We came back home Sunday to find that Kevin had worked hard in the yard all Saturday and it looks awesome. I should have taken before and after pics, because we had weeds that were larger than the bushes, and they created a hedge next to the fence.

Jameson also had his first slurpee.

august-22-30-001-large.jpg  august-22-30-002-large.jpg  august-22-30-003-large.jpg  august-22-30-005-large.jpg

mmmm good! And that was our Labor Day weekend.