In the kitchen

 - by Brittany

First of all, do you all have your comments in here? So far it’s been fun to hear from all of you. The following pictures could possibly be items sent your way in the future.

Like I said before, we have some fun stuff planned for Ella on Saturday. Today, I started making a few things in preparation. I am planning a Lady Bug theme, so everything is red and black. Even our dessert will be… chocolate cake and strawberry ice cream.

I also got the cupcakes and cake made, so tomorrow I can decorate them. Let’s hope the idea in my head will turn into a cupcake. This can either go very well, or we might be starting over.

I also had a million bananas. Ok, not a million, but I got my order from Amazonfresh, and somewhere, my bananas didn’t get taken off. I have an order that comes every Friday, but I still had some from the previous week so I thought I took it off my order. Apparently not. So I had tons and tons of bananas. Because of this, Jameson and I made some banana bread today. Since I don’t want to eat 2 loaves by myself, we cut some up and took it to the neighbors. Yes, that loaf does have chocolate chips. I don’t add nuts, I add chocolate chips.

So that was our day. Jameson got to play with a friend all morning, and Ella slept most of the day. Literally. Neither child woke up before 8:30 am (Oh Heaven). Ella went back down by 9:30 and slept till 11:30. Then went back to bed at 1:30 and slept till 5 pm. By 7 pm she was back in bed. Those shots yesterday took it out of her.

Which, by the way, in case you were curious, her stats as of 3.2.2011 are:

22.13 pounds= 75th%

30 1/8 inches= 90th%

18 cm head circumference= 50th%

She got her Hep B, PCV (chicken pox), and MMR shot, so she was not happy. That has to be one of the worst things. To hold your child down so that someone can stick a needle in their little body. Her Ped. was very impressed with her walking while carrying toys skill. The nurse also weighed her on the big scale, because she can stand alone. No more baby scale for her. Ella has also started to grind her teeth, so I asked about that. We pretty much determined it’s only because she’s just discovering her teeth. She only does it while she’s walking around, which sounds horrible. The other news is that the doctor didn’t hear her heart murmur. We won’t know for sure what is exactly going on till next month when Ella is scheduled to have EKG and ultrasounds, but that would be awesome if the hole in her heart has closed up.