Month: December 2009

My only Apple exception

 - by Brittany

The weekend before Christmas, Kevin’s parents had some business in Seattle. This means we got to have another weekend visit from them. Kevin had been in training all week and had his test on Friday for his PMP. So Friday night, Jameson and I had quality time with Grandpa. (His mom and sister had one last business meeting that night.) We went to the downtown Seattle mall where they have a “snowfall” every night. It wasn’t near as fun as Bellevue’s. They played music and had the bubbles fall, but they also had Nutcracker characters passing out pins. Jameson was not a fan, and neither was I. But they did have statues all over that Jameson loved to look at.

dsc01218-large.JPG  dsc01219-large.JPG

We spent Saturday shopping, all of us getting spoiled, and then said goodbye Sunday before church. Jameson also received an early Christmas present from his Grammy; an itouch. Ok, some people may think it’s crazy to give a 2 year old an itouch, but it’s a lifesaver. Everytime Kevin’s parent’s are around, Jameson asks for Grammy’s iphone. She has some toddler apps he loves to play. We were looking at the Leapfrog, but it’s more of a controller, and I’m not sure Jameson would understand to push buttons. The touch screen is so much more effective with him. We’ve downloaded lots of toddler apps which include puzzles, matching, picture recognition, and so on. He loves it. We go shopping now, and I let him play with it. He never complains, and works on his puzzles the whole time. He knows how to turn it on, unlock it, scroll through the apps, pick the ones he wants, and even scroll through the puzzles he wants. We also downloaded a few short movies on there for our trip. He was fine our entire 13 hour drive (one way). We just charged it while he took his nap. You may think we’re crazy, but I highly recommend the itouch over any leapster for younger children.

P.S. Kevin passed his test and is now a certified PMP! Great job, hun!

“I ride da traina!”

 - by Brittany

Friday, December 11th, the train ride was free at Redmond Town Center. We had a busy day, running errands, but we made it over for the train ride. Luckily, we were able to meet some friends there also. So we were all able to ride in one train car together. Jameson was so excited till we got on the train, then he wasn’t so sure. Once we started going, he loved it. The train drives all through the mall. (It’s an outdoor mall, with a main street down the middle, and run off streets.)

dsc01212-large.JPG  dsc01213-large.JPG  dsc01217-large.JPG

Jameson is big into trains right now. I mentioned earlier we watched “The Polar Express” 4 times in one night. Well we watch it all the time. I can’t decided if I’m a fan of DVR or not. It was on one night so I let Jameson watch it as we got ready for bed. It was already half way done, so I didn’t bother recording it. The next morning Jameson woke up saying, “I watcha traina!” Try explaining “It was on tv,” to a 2 year old.

So that night it was on again and I recorded it that time. Well everyday, we have had to watch it. Multiple times every day to be exact. Except DVR does not block out commercials, so every time there’s a commercial, I hear, “Mom! What happened to da traina?” This is not so fun.  So now I’m wondering if it was really worth it to record it. Especially in the morning when Jameson has woken up early, and I’m trying to get a little bit more sleep on the couch while he’s watching his train. Not so helpful, DVR.

How awesome is he?

 - by Brittany

Today, I got to see my cousins, aunt, and uncle. Jayci and Tessa are here visiting their parents. I’m just glad they live close enough, for a visit once in a while. A while ago, I asked Jayci if she would take some pictures for us. She always takes awesome pictures. (Her blog is if you’re interested.) Because we changed our plans for travel at Christmas time, we needed to get together this week so both of us would be in town. Otherwise, their family is gone or we are gone. Well, Kevin has been in classes and studying all week for his PMP, so family pictures were a little out of the question. Instead, Jameson and I took pictures. It turned out nice since I’m no good at maternity pictures, and I’m never in the pictures since I’m usually the one taking them. He was a little pill, but Jayci soldiered through my child. She sent me a few teasers, including the funniest picture of all.

Aunt Colett said, this picture says…

“What do you mean you want more pictures, mom?! Are you serious?”


I think it’s hilarious.

She also sent me this little teaser…


I can’t wait to see the rest! We also got to see baby Mont before his nap. He is adorable!

On a side note, we are now up at 1:37 am watching Polar Express for the 4th time tonight, because Jameson has thrown up twice. This could explain his behavior earlier today while trying to take pictures. Hopefully it’s not contagious, and we didn’t infect anyone while visiting today.

Thanks again, Jayci!

Take a tour

 - by Brittany

My sister wanted to see pictures, and I got all of them except our room. Normally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable posting pictures of our house so indepth on here, but this stuff is not ours. We are renting a furnished place, so pretty much any furniture you see is not ours.

This is the front of our home. We enter on the side as we are the end unit, so we do have a little yard out the front door. It’s not exclusively ours, but still nice.

dsc01136-large.JPG dsc01137-large.JPG

When you enter the front door, there is a small area like a mud room, and the washer/dryer.

dsc01138-large.JPG dsc01139-large.JPG (The start of the stairs)

Coming up the first 7 steps and turning right, this is what you see.

dsc01142-large.JPG The first door on the right is an unfinished bathroom. (Doesn’t even have a toilet in it.)

If you enter the door straight ahead (was suppose to be our 3rd bedroom to use) this is what you see.

dsc01141-large.JPG (Our landlord’s stuff he left for us. We’ve moved most of the items into this room since they were left all over the house.)

dsc01140-large.JPG Looking down to the front door area, or go up another 7 stairs.

dsc01143-large.JPG Looking right at the top of the next set of stairs. Straight ahead is the family room area, the opening on the right leads into the kitchen.

dsc01146-large.JPG Obviously the kitchen.

dsc01144-large.JPG  dsc01145-large.JPG Family room

dsc01150-large.JPG View out the sliding glass door by the couch.

dsc01147-large.JPG Looking down goes back to the spare 3rd bedroom full of junk, going up 7 steps leads to Jameson’s room.

dsc01188-large.JPG Looking out from Jameson’s room. 1st door on the left is a bathroom, 2nd opening is the stairs, and straight ahead leads to our room.

dsc01189-large.JPG Looking from the opposite direction, standing at the top of the stairs.

dsc01148-large.JPG  dsc01149-large.JPG  Jameson’s bathroom

dsc01185-large.JPG Entering Jameson’s room

dsc01186-large.JPG  dsc01187-large.JPG The ladder is not always there. It folds and stores. The loft area above the closet is nice and provides lots of storage. Our bedroom has the same storage area, it’s just full of more of the landlord’s things. Jameson still sleeps in his crib, but that will have to change soon.

So at the top of the last flight of stairs is our room. I don’t have pictures of it yet, but I did take a picture of the view from the deck out of our room.

dsc01191-large.JPG  I had to take a picture since it was sunny and clear. See that? No clouds! This was last week, though. This week is different.

So there you have it. That’s our house for now.

Funny sayings

 - by Brittany

Jameson knows most of his body parts. I am told he was frequently used as the model in nursery before we moved, because of this talent. It usually comes in quite handy. He comes in and asks for kisses on his toe, or head, or fingers after he’s hurt himself. (Kisses really do make things all better.) His knowledge came in quite handy a week ago, when I was gone, and Kevin was home with him. Jameson has started playing in the drawer with the spatulas. Kevin didn’t think it was a problem, not knowing I had some knives in that drawer that don’t fit in the holder on the counter. Well next thing Kevin knows, he hears a thud, and then Jameson screaming.

Kevin came around the corner to find Jameson standing in the kitchen with knives on the floor, blood, and Jameson crying. In my defense, the knives did have covers over the blades. Kevin scooped him up and asked where it hurt. Jameson pointed and told him, “My toe!” Sure enough, his toe was cut. Kevin checked for any where else, and couldn’t find anything. He asked Jameson again, where else it hurt. He just kept saying his toe hurt.

Thank goodness, that was all that was cut. He sliced the bottom of his toe when he turned to run out of the kitchen. It’s all healed up now, and looks good thanks to Dr. Kevin. It still didn’t slow him down, though. The next day he was running around like nothing happened, although, his sock was a little bloody when we took his shoes off.

Now for the funny part. It pays that he knows his body parts, but I guess we’ve overlooked a few. Today he went running down the stairs, had socks on, so slipped and fell on his butt. He came back up the stairs and told me, “Mom, I hurt my poop. You kiss it?” (He was also holding his butt.)  After trying to figure out what he was talking about, I asked him, “Did you fall?”

His answer,”Uh, huh. I hurt my poop.”

Me, “Did you fall on the stairs and hurt your bum?”

Him, “Uh huh.”

So after laughing, and telling him he hurt his bum not his poop, we attended to the sore spot. I guess we have a few more body parts to cover.

P.S. The knives are no longer in the drawer. They have been moved to higher ground.

Just for Aunt Steph

 - by Brittany

Kevin’s sister, Stephanie, had a birthday last Thursday. She bought Jameson some cute monster pajamas and sent them home with Kevin when he was there. As a birthday request, she asked for some pictures of him in his pajamas for her desk top. I tried really hard. I really did. This is what I got that night. (I’m not editing or leaving out any pictures. This is how many times I tried.)

dsc01203-large.JPG dsc01204-large.JPG dsc01205-large.JPG dsc01206-large.JPG dsc01207-large.JPG dsc01208-large.JPG dsc01209-large.JPG dsc01210-large.JPG dsc01211-large.JPG 

So sorry Stephanie. Every picture is blurry, because he would not hold still. He would not stand by the tree like I asked. He pointed to his monsters and said cheese, but not long enough for the picture to take. And he would not leave the crayons he made for his friends and cousins on the table. Therefore, his crayons are in every picture and every picture is blurry. I will try again next time. Hope you had a happy birthday anyway!

Christmas Projects

 - by Brittany

Jameson and I have been working really hard on our Christmas projects. Sorry if you see something here and then get it for Christmas. I started by finishing up a project from Super Saturday. Thank you, Emily, for cutting these and getting everything ready for me. (And the pregnant paper was too cute. I’m saving those for something for me.) These will be going to some of the grandparents.

dsc01167-large.JPG  dsc01169-large.JPG

Jameson and I had a crayon project for his friends and his cousins. Let me tell you, they’ve upped the glue they use to keep the wrappers on. After about 10 crayons, Kevin came down and, after seeing me suffer,  devised a way to save my fingers. He found a razor blade, and cut up a plate to create a holder for the crayon. Then I didn’t have to worry about cutting my fingers, but could save them from the ripping paper. I just love him.

So here is Jameson deciding what colors to put together and what tins to fill. I was trying to keep only 2 colors per tin, but Jameson decided he liked more than that. So, the crayons didn’t turn out the way I would have liked, but Jameson loves them and can’t wait to give them to everyone.

dsc01170-large.JPG  dsc01172-large.JPG  dsc01173-large.JPG

dsc01176-large.JPG  dsc01192-large.JPG

I’ll keep the end product a surprise till after Christmas. We made round crayons and “dinohor” crayons. He absolutely loves his “dinohor” crayons. Every time he sees the pan, he ask for his dinohor crayons or his dinohor cakes. Too bad that pan is a pain to clean or I would use it more often.

We also finished our soap project tonight. I wish they would have turned out better. I think I got the wrong kind of wax. Oh well, they’re done. Hopefully, I’ll remember to post pictures of those after Christmas. Those are going to too many people who I know look at our blog. I’m not too worried about the grandparents looking at our blog. Some don’t even have the internet.

“I see the drums?”

 - by Brittany

Last Wednesday, we met friends and took the kids to see the drummers on Snowflake Lane. I’m sure you’re tired of me posting pictures of the same event, but Jameson loves it. He asks to see the drums every day. Anytime we get in the car, all I hear from the back are 2 questions. “The beat?” (This is his Janeene Brady song) or “I see the drums?” (This is referring to Snowflake Lane.) Even though it was only about 30 degrees that night, we bundled up and headed out.

Here’s Jameson and all his girls.


As the drummers danced on the street in front of us, Jameson decided he would dance with me. He would grab my arms and move me back and forth with him. I had my arms around him to try and keep us both warm. He was too cute, though.

dsc01155-large.JPG  dsc01156-large.JPG

(Too bad Kevin wasn’t in these. I would send them as Christmas cards. Maybe I will anyway. :))

After the show ended, we headed up to the 28th floor of the Microsoft building for some scenery and hot chocolate. You could see the Space Needle and downtown Seattle from that floor. You could also see the cars crossing the water on the two floating bridges. As far as a picture, the reflection wasn’t working with me so this is all I got.


When we got home, we started the fire. I tried to take a tummy shot since I hadn’t taken one in a while. (No more doing it last thing of the day.) Jameson wanted to stand with me. So here I am at 26 weeks, frozen and trying to warm up.


I am totally carrying different this time. I really do have the “watermelon” over the “basketball.”  I am carrying higher and more spread out. Not as flattering if you ask me. She kicks like crazy, though. I can feel her do her somersaults with a few kicks and punches. Nothing too bad, yet. When we ask Jameson where the baby is, he tries to lift up my shirt. Of course, as Kevin knows, there are a few more layers you have to go through to reach any kind of skin. 🙂

“I play wiffriends?”

 - by Brittany

Monday night, we headed out to take care of some things. We got our Christmas tree, which Jameson was excited to sit by in the car. Then we headed downtown to make it in time for the festivities. Kevin needed some shoes, so we decided to get there in time for the toy drummers and then do our shopping. Jameson loves to see the drums, and watch the characters dance down the sidewalks.


Tuesday morning, we picked up some friends for Jameson. The whole way there, all I heard from the back seat was, “I play wiffriends?” Ramona was here visiting with her mom this week. We got to hang out at their place while we waited for Tommy to wake up, then we came back home for some more play time and change of scenery. They laughed and giggled the whole car ride. They enjoyed their lunch together with a few “Cheers!”

dsc01133-large.JPG  dsc01135-large.JPG

These two still play really well together. I don’t think Jameson remembers he spent the first year of his life hanging out with her, but he has a good time. As nap time approached, we took Rams and Tommy back home. (Don’t worry, their nanny was with them the whole time. We didn’t leave them unattended.)  Thanks for coming and playing!

Daddy’s work

 - by Brittany

Jameson decided to help his dad out one night and take a call for him. He directed the meeting, lead the discussions, and put out a progress report.

dsc01120-large.JPG  dsc01122-large.JPG dsc01124-large.JPG

Or, maybe he was singing along to his favorite songs.


Either way, he had a good time.