Month: February 2009

Conference calls

 - by Brittany

Apparently, Jameson had a very important call that could not wait until after his nap. When I went in to get him, this is what I found.

(The phone in his room is actually his baby monitor. I can call his extension and listen to him. Comes in handy when I need to make a quick run for an ingredient to the neighbors and he’s sleeping.)

He was not happy I interrupted his call.

feb-27-001-large.jpg  feb-27-003-large.jpg  feb-27-005-large.jpg

This is Jameson’s new eating arrangement. He is actually doing pretty well with keeping the food on the table. He was totally into whatever show was on tv and would not look at me.

feb-27-006-large.jpg  feb-27-007-large.jpg  feb-27-009-large.jpg

One day the chair will fall back on him and he will understand why I tell him to sit down on the chair.

(My dad made this table for me when I was little. Apparently he did a very good job, because it is still sturdy after everything I put it through and now Jameson is. My grandpa made these chairs for the great grandkids. Jameson loves it.)

Concert in Primm

 - by Brittany

*Warning* This is long.

I think I mentioned before, but for Christmas, Kevin gave me tickets to Brooks & Dunn. Well the time had finally come to take the trip. I was going to leave Thursday, but due to a funeral, left a day earlier. Since this was not planned, I was running around last minute Tuesday trying to get things done before leaving, which also happened to be Kevin’s dad’s 50th birthday. Needless to say, we got everything done, packed, and celebrated. I packed up the car, and we were on the road by 9:30. There was snow on the ground when we left here. This is pretty much the view of Nevada the whole way, plus or minus snow.


I had my laptop playing movies for Jmo, a bag of toys next to him, a bag of food by me, and his binkies and blankets within reach. Yes, I was making this trip without another adult.

So why is it the McDonalds insist on being aweful in all the little towns? We got to Hawthorne, and had lunch. First of all, no changing table. Second of all, I like honey with my nuggets and the honey they gave me was clearly past shelf life. It was kind of hard. Then, they have no play places. Don’t they know this is the only fast food in the town, and there is no park with grass to play in?

Anyway, Jmo fell asleep after lunch and slept till about Beatty where we got out at the Candy factory and he ran around there. We made it to Vegas a little after 6. I went to my sister’s for dinner, and Jameson had tons of fun running around with Kayden.

feb-17-23-006-large.jpg  feb-17-23-007-large.jpg

I have vowed never to have the lever door handles as long as there are children in my house. I was getting ready for the funeral Thursday morning. My step-sister, her husband, and daughter left. I was finishing grabbing things when I called for Jmo. I couldn’t hear him and when I looked at the front door (Which has a glass window in it), I could see his head outside. What?! He tried to leave when the others left. Then as I was putting stuff in the car he ran out in the cul-de-sac. I didn’t think too much about it until I could hear a car. The man jumped out just as I grabbed Jmo and was like “Do you got him?” I’m not a bad mom, right? I had all of his toys to keep him busy during the funeral when in one of the talks they said, “I’d like to thank those in the nursery…” What? A nursery! Oh well, he did pretty good.

Friday morning he and Lucy had time to play together. He is about 4 weeks older than she is. He has mastered the stairs, but she had not. They put the child gate up to keep the kids out, but Jameson was not having it. Jameson figured it out.

feb-17-23-009-large.jpg  Then Lucy appeared. feb-17-23-010-large.jpg She said, “Hey, how did you get up there?”feb-17-23-011-large.jpg “I’m stuck out here, and my mom won’t let me on the stairs.” Jameson says feb-17-23-012-large.jpg

Here let me show you how the gate works. Lucy says, “Here let me try.”feb-17-23-013-large.jpg Jmo said, “That’s right, just like this.” Lucy, “Look I did it!” feb-17-23-014-large.jpg Jmo said, “Com’on. Just crawl up like this.” Lucy hesitate for a moment. feb-17-23-015-large.jpg Then, they’re off! feb-17-23-016-large.jpg

After a long hard day of playing, it was time for bed. feb-17-23-018-large.jpg

Saturday, Jameson got to play with Kayden even though he was sick. Kayden had to go to the ER and found he had croup from RSV. Well since Jameson had been playing with him since we got to town, I figured if he was going to get it, he’s already got it. So why not let them entertain each other while we get ready for the concert.

feb-17-23-019-large.jpg  feb-17-23-020-large.jpg  feb-17-23-022-large.jpg  feb-17-23-023-large.jpg

Christina has the best trampoline. It’s only about 6 feet wide and 18 inches off the ground. Jameson had a blast on it. He loves to jump on everything and yells, “Wee!”

Saturday night we picked up Erin and headed to dinner at Chilli’s. Then we headed out to Primm and hit up the outlets before the concert. I found a couple pairs of baby shoes for a friend here in Reno. 2 pairs at Baby Gap for $9.99. How awesome is that?!

There was no opening act. So they had just started when we got there. (Dunn is on the left Brooks is on the right.)

feb-17-23-024-large.jpg  feb-17-23-029-large.jpg  feb-17-23-030-large.jpg  

For the song “Born in America” they had 4 marines come out on stage on tons of streamers filled the air. The crowd was shouting “U.S.A.” This is on reason Kevin will listen to country with me, for its patriotism.

feb-17-23-036-large.jpg  feb-17-23-038-large.jpg

They kept getting mad at anyone who would stand up and dance. We were on the floor in the second section back on the 3rd row, so not bad seats, but it would have been better if we could stand and enjoy ourselves. Well this lady in front of us kept getting in trouble. Finally during the encore the ushers gave up. She had a blast dancing. She was never on beat, and looked like something might be wrong with her. She was hilarious to watch.

feb-17-23-043-large.jpg  feb-17-23-044-large.jpg

And here we are after the concert. (Jenna didn’t make it this year due to a 2 week old baby at home.)


Sunday, we attended church then, went back to my dad’s to start dinner. He bought the ingredients on the list I left for him, then I prepared dinner. My sister and nephew, Drew, came, my Grandma, and also my step-sister and her family. Jameson went crazy after dinner. He would not stop. Just watching him made everyone tired. He did stop for a few minutes and pose with Drew for me.

feb-17-23-050-large.jpg  feb-17-23-053-large.jpg  feb-17-23-054-large.jpg  Drew was so content to just watch Jameson. He was so good, and I love his chubby cheeks.

Jameson thought he was so cool when he would climb in the exersaucer. Linda made the comment, “the exersaucer has been through 10 grandkids, and this one might be the one to brake it.” He would climb in and then jump as hard as he could laughing the whole time. What do I do with him?

feb-17-23-055-large.jpg  A few more of Drew…feb-17-23-057-large.jpg  feb-17-23-058-large.jpg

We packed up Monday morning and left. We stopped by Einstein bagels which I truely miss here in Reno. Then I went to pick up some Snowy Popcorn and the post office said they only carry it at Christmas. What!? Sorry Sariah. Danielle’s was too far away to go get some there so I’ll have to order some online. We picked up some things from Christina then headed out. Jmo slept from Vegas to Tonapah which was wonderful. Then came McDonalds in Tonapah….

They don’t have a 6 piece chicken mcnugget meal only a 10 piece. Huh?! Then, they don’t carry honey. What?! No playplace or changing table. And, it was way to cold and windy to play on the only grass on the whole trip at the highschool there. Good news though, Tonapah now has a Burger King!! Next time, we will be stopping there. It was slow around Walker lake as they are putting those divets in the road that tell you when you’re drifting near the edge… down the middle. Scared the crap out of me when I went to pass a diesel and hit those. We made it to Fernley, where Jmo got to visit his grandparents at work. Kennels are his new favorite spot.

feb-17-23-059-large.jpg  feb-17-23-060-large.jpg

We finally got back to Reno. It’s been so windy since we got back. Jameson was so excited to see his dad. Kevin has been getting ready for his trip to Costa Rica. Jmo had to try on his pack.

feb-17-23-061-large.jpg  feb-17-23-062-large.jpg  feb-17-23-063-large.jpg

Now were just trying to get caught up on laundry and cleaning, and trying to get Jmo back on a schedule.  I’m also waiting to see if he is going to show signs of croup, so I’m keeping him away from other kids.  We had lots of fun, and I can’t wait to see what concert I get to go to next year. Thanks hun!

Jameson says…

 - by Brittany


Here’s to the big 50!

october-12-27-007-large.jpg  october-12-27-020-large.jpg

Jameson loves seeing his grandpa. He has come over almost every week since Jameson was born, so he is quite attached. Jameson loves when his grandpa takes him out on the farm, and brings him pears.

We love you!

Who is the coach?

 - by Brittany

Today during sharing time, one of the counselors from the bishopric came to share a lesson. In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, he used a football analogy. He had kids set up as offense and defense and explained the importance of each position. He explained to the kids how the quarterback initiates the play and what is best for his team. Then he explained how the coach tells the QB the plays for how to win the game. It is up to the QB to interpret the coach and put the play in action. After everyone had and understood their job, he ran a Flea flicker (you can look this play up on your own). Then he likened each position to the gospel. He explained how the quarterback is like the father of the home, and how he has to choose the best play for the team. Then he asked the kids who the coach is. In my head the coach was Heavenly Father, as I’m sure in many other adult heads. All the kids yelled, “Mom!” All of us teachers were laughing so hard. He had to correct the kids and rethink his analogy.

Gotta love the way children’s minds work! (I thought that was a very good answer but the men in the room were quick to correct 🙂 )

Indian Chief

 - by Brittany

Jameson has a tee pee that he’s been playing in all week. It has a tunnel that attaches and the can lead to a tent which is not set up at the moment. (My family room is not big enough to have both set up for long periods of time.) Today, Jameson found the chief in his tee pee!

february-1-001-large.jpg  february-1-002-large.jpg  february-1-003-large.jpg  february-1-004-large.jpg  february-1-005-large.jpg  february-1-006-large.jpg


I don’t think Kevin fits through the tunnel hole, but Jameson sure loved it.

Out cold

 - by Brittany

I gave Jameson lunch on Friday and put his highchair in front of the tv. ( I know, bad mom. Don’t criticize me, though, unless you honestly have never let your kid watch tv while eating.) I was doing the dishes and heard J-mo yell at Nikki. He tries to imitate me when I tell her to get down. I looked up and noticed he wasn’t moving. I walked over and found him like this.

january-30-001-large.jpg  january-30-002-large.jpg Yes, his arm was totally kinked.

I don’t know if he was fully awake when he yelled at the dog. So I got a paper towel to clean him up. When I wiped his mouth, though, he opened it trying to eat I guess. Then, as I took his bib off and tried to pull him out, he woke up quick and grabbed a noodle, then shoved it in his mouth. I was laughing so hard. Only problem now was that he was out cold and had a noodle in his mouth. I fished it out before laying him down for his nap. Guess his nap needed to come a bit sooner that day.