Month: September 2009

Trying out for RHCP

 - by Brittany

We weren’t at mom’s long before Jameson found the drumsticks. We were in the process of getting him ready for bed, so all he was wearing was his diaper and some socks. The next thing I know, Jameson hands me something. What does he give me? His diaper! I called Kevin to come see his son, and this is what he found.

edited-large.JPG dsc00627-large.JPG

Tryouts for Red Hot Chilli Peppers have begun.

San Diego Zoo

 - by Brittany

Since we were close, Kevin thought it would be a good idea to go to the famous San Diego Zoo while we were in CA. Christina arrived Thursday night, which wasn’t a good night for me. I was already in bed when she arrived. Let’s just say it was a long night with little sleep. We got up, fed everyone, and headed on our way. After making a few stops to get some sound proofing material Kevin needed for his car, we made it to the zoo. The only problem was, we made it there at 1:00 on a very hot day.


We learned later that we turned the wrong direction when we entered. We saw mostly the African animals while there. We only saw about half the zoo, and missed all the gorillas, pandas, and other animals. Jameson did like the camels, though.

dsc00587-large.JPG dsc00589-large.JPG

He also was excited for the elephants. Kayden decided he’d rather watch the video on them rather than see the real ones.

dsc00590-large.JPG dsc00591-large.JPG

When we walked by the lion and cheetah, Jameson almost jumped out of the stroller. He was roaring and pointing to the lion so exited. Both were dead asleep, but he didn’t care.

Jameson loved the bird, but wouldn’t sit on his own.


We headed to the polar bear exhibit thinking it would provide some relief from the hot sun. Polar bears like it cold, right? Well, apparently the area to view the polar bears does not need to be cooled. And, the bears were taking a nap in the back corner, so they could barely be seen by adults. (Yup, that’s a whole tank of water for the bears not to swim in.)

dsc00593-large.JPG dsc00594-large.JPG 

This shows how we felt.


We hiked back up the biggest hill ever to catch the sky tram back to the other side of the zoo. The seal show was going to begin, and we didn’t feel like walking. Jameson wasn’t so sure, but Kayden loved the ride.

dsc00599-large.JPG dsc00600-large.JPG dsc00601-large.JPG

We got to the show, and sat in the wet zone since it was ridiculously hot. We were about 15 minutes early, so it was that much longer in the sun. They started the show with a guy cleaning the stage who would purposely spray the audience. Kayden was so mad at the guy. He glared at him the rest of the time. I on the other hand, got one little drop of water on me. Really? Then, they brought out the birds. These birds flew so close to our heads, because the trainers were standing on the isle by us. Jameson loved the birds.

dsc00603-large.JPG dsc00607-large.JPG 

Then the seals came out and did their tricks. They were pretty funny. Every time the crowd clapped, Drew would clap along. It was so cute. He was so excited.


After dying in the sun for 45 minutes, we found some slurpees, and sat in the shade. Jameson chased the birds that were by our table, not really caring to cool off. After we were somewhat better, we took the kids to the petting area. Jameson had no fear of the goats. I must say, those goats have been busy. Almost all of the goats were pregant.

dsc00610-large.JPG dsc00611-large.JPG dsc00613-large.JPG 

This one cracks me up.


After we got the kids washed up we tried to take their picture. The little girl in the back wouldn’t leave, and her parents thought it was so funny she wanted to get behind their. Umm, if you move your daughter we wouldn’t take so long, and she could play with it faster. (Their mouths are still colored from the slurpees.)


dsc00617-large.JPG dsc00618-large.JPG

One of the last animals we saw were the otters. Jameson saw it swimming and yelled “A fish!” Ok, so we need to work on what exactly a fish is. Apparently, if it’s in the water, it’s a fish. This little guy swam around for a while, and the boys loved watching.

dsc00620-large.JPG dsc00621-large.JPG dsc00622-large.JPG 

Our last stop was a science show. I think Kevin wants to make one of these buckets for J-mo. It creates enough air flow to knock things over. (The trash can is the larger model.)

dsc00623-large.JPG dsc00624-large.JPG

After the show, we were spent. We headed out of the park, while Christina took Kayden on one more ride on the sky tram. We only saw about half the zoo, but we were there during the hottest time of the day. Maybe next time we’ll plan a little better, and go in the winter. Jameson had a fun time with his cousins. When we returned home, he was able to play with Grandma and Grandpa Gordon. Kayden and Jameson ran around the condo all night showing off for their audience until bed time. Grandma even took them down to the arcade. Luckily, they enjoy the games without having to put money in. Saturday morning, we got up, and packed. Christina and Mom headed for the beach, while everyone else went to Disneyland. We packed up and headed to Sacramento. We got a nice view of the LA fire, and traveled with the smoke most of the way. We finally got to Sacramento just before 7 pm. It was nice to enjoy some quiet time, although, Jameson had his own agenda…

Jameson meets the waves

 - by Brittany

This was Jameson’s first time seeing the ocean. He did not like the waves. As you can see, he was scared and tried to run. (Sorry about the booty throughout the whole thing. He was standing too close and I couldn’t get just J-mo.)

Our first Disneyland trip

 - by Brittany

The main reason we vacationed in Anaheim was to go to Disneyland. It was kind of a combined anniversary, birthday, and graduation present to me and Kevin. We were so glad our friends wanted to come with us. It gave Jameson friends to play with and friends for us to play with. Jeremy and Laura are now invited any time with us to Disneyland. They are our personal tour guides around the park, and know all the tricks to the lines. They were also willing to sit with kids a few times so we could go on adult rides. Thanks a bunch to you two!

Wednesday morning, we woke up early, well we did, I think everyone else was use to getting up early. (I’m greatful Jameson sleeps in the morning and doesn’t wake up with the sun.) Preston and Gavin were so excited to go see Mickey’s House. I played this up with Jameson, too, since Mickey is all he knows. Kevin had a work meeting he had to call into, so the rest of us headed over to the happiest place on earth, and were through the gates by 8:30 am.

disneyland-august-005-large.jpg disneyland-august-006-large.jpg

We decided to go for all the kid’s rides first. Jameson was not so sure about Peter Pan, our first ride. He has mixed emotions about boats. Preston and Gavin, on the other hand, practically jumped on as soon as they could. I sat Jameson down, gave him his blanket for support, and he held on.

august-16-30-013-large.jpg august-16-30-015-large.jpg august-16-30-019-large.jpg august-16-30-021-large.jpg disneyland-august-008-large.jpg

Jameson’s face pretty much explains his feelings.

august-16-30-022-large.jpg disneyland-august-009-large.jpg disneyland-august-010-large.jpg

Jeremy opted to watch Marley since she was sleeping. He took his station by the strollers.


We went on a few more of the smaller rides, till the boys saw Dumbo. We got in line, and Jameson was fine till I got ready to climb in Dumbo. He would not get off my lap, which luckily, I could strap him in on top my lap, but still. Dumbo started flying and he was not too happy. Gavin had no hesitation with the joy stick. Poor Laura, got a little more than she bargained for. Preston only knew how to push it down, so Jenna spent most of her time near the water. After one round of Dumbo, I learned no more rides that just go in circles for me. It took a while to recover from that one.

august-16-30-024-large.jpg august-16-30-026-large.jpg august-16-30-027-large.jpg 

As we were in line for Mr. Toad’s ride, I was holding Jameson because he wouldn’t get down. He was fine, eating his sandwich. Then he saw the cars. As people were loading in front of us, I screamed so loud. Laura looked at me asking what happened. Jameson bit me!!! It was so hard and unexpected. Everyone in line was now looking at me, I was about to cry it hurt that bad, and it was our turn to board. I was a bit confused or I probably would have bitten him back. Instead, I was trying to get into our little car, Jameson was kicking and screaming, and the operater lady was looking at me like, “Are you really going to put your poor child through this if he doesn’t want to go?” HECK YES I AM! Especially now that he’s bitten me. I don’t want him to think if he bites it gets him out of stuff. So I was trying to hold him down so the lady could put the bar down, and everyone in line was staring. If she would have just let us go I would have pulled the bar down. He calmed down once we started going. Geez! I had a black and blue shoulder for about a week after. Not cool!

After, we headed over to Buzz Lightyear or “Luzz Biteyear” as Preston calls him. They were so excited. Jameson was a little bit better. He got to see a giant Buzz while waiting in line. Then, in the car, you shoot at all the targets throughout the ride. As you can see, we didn’t do so well.


It also didn’t help I had Jeremy and Laura in front of me. I was laughing so hard, and mostly taking pictures of how intense they were through the whole thing.

august-16-30-028-large.jpg august-16-30-029-large.jpg august-16-30-030-large.jpg august-16-30-031-large.jpg

Afterwards, Kevin was able to meet up with us. It was just before 11:00 so we gave the kids their sandwiches and snacks. Guess who was also waiting for us?

august-16-30-032-large.jpg august-16-30-033-large.jpg

The kids also loved playing with this ball. We couldn’t figure out how it was spinning and floating on the water. The kids sat and played with this while, a few of us went on space mountain. We used baby passes which got us to the front of the line lots faster. After, we headed to Mickey’s House. All the boys were so excited. Let me tell ya, it’s a work out pushing a stroller all over Disneyland.

august-16-30-034-large.jpg august-16-30-035-large.jpg august-16-30-038-large.jpg

After playing at Mickey’s it was time to actually meet him. We waited in line, with tired kids, but they were really good. We walked in the room, and Preston was  starstruck! He was in aww of Mickey. He started singing for him and everything. Jameson knew it was Mickey, but didn’t want to go near him. He liked seeing him, but did not want to get close. That’s why every picture with a character he’s looking at them holding on to us for dear life.



After Mickey’s we headed back to our condo for naps and lunch for us. Jameson was asleep before we even left the parking garage. We got back and put all the kids down. Jeremy and Laura spent some time in the pool while we all relaxed. We repacked our diaper bags, made more sandwiches, and when the kids woke up we headed back to Disneyland. That way, we were also out of the dead heat in the middle of the day.


We headed back over to toon town so the kids could see a few more houses. Jameson could have stayed there all day.

He found the boat by Goofy’s

august-16-30-045-large.jpg august-16-30-046-large.jpg

He then headed over to Minnie’s to help take her phone messages, and make cakes.

august-16-30-048-large.jpg august-16-30-050-large.jpg 

This is the only picture we got all three somewhat looking at us.

august-16-30-052-large.jpg disneyland-august-011-large.jpg disneyland-august-012-large.jpg disneyland-august-013-large.jpg

Next we went by Chip n Dales. august-16-30-053-large.jpg

There was almost an escape. Luckily, the doors were locked.


One of Jameson’s favorite  rides was It’s a Small World. We ended up waiting in line for it, while the other line could walk up and board a boat. The problem? They were loading a handicap onto a boat which took forever. We definitely picked the wrong line there. Jameson loved the ride, though, which was a nice change. We got out some more food for the kids, including popcorn which Laura originally made fun of us for packing. In the end, she asked for some.

august-16-30-056-large.jpg august-16-30-057-large.jpg august-16-30-062-large.jpg

I think the longest line we waiting in the whole day was for Finding Nemo. We ended up waiting about 20 min. When we first crawled in the submarine, Jameson wasn’t too sure. Then we started going, and he couldn’t see out and got scared. I pointed out the bubbles out the window, and then he was fine. It was a little loud, so he would hold Kev’s hands over his ears. He loved seeing the fish and bubbles throughout the whole ride though.

august-16-30-063-large.jpg august-16-30-064-large.jpg august-16-30-065-large.jpg august-16-30-066-large.jpg august-16-30-067-large.jpg august-16-30-068-large.jpg

After Nemo, we headed to the other side of the park. We hadn’t even gotten over there and it was already getting dark. On our way to the jungle cruise, it was time for the Tikki Room to begin. We filled in, and fed the boys some dinner we had packed. This was another of J-mo’s favorites. He loved watching the birds and flowers sing. Preston even did a little dance throughout the whole show. We thought Jameson would love the jungle cruise. Instead he cried during almost the whole thing. It didn’t help our guide was yelling into his mic and shooting off pop guns. We went on a few more rides, and then the fireworks started going. We had planned on watching them in front of the castle, but it didn’t work out that way. Instead, we got a great view, and it wasn’t as loud. The kids actually enjoyed watching them.

august-16-30-069-large.jpg august-16-30-072-large.jpg august-16-30-073-large.jpg august-16-30-074-large.jpg august-16-30-076-large.jpg disneyland-august-015-large.jpg

We hit up the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean before heading back. Jeremy was good to have around, because he would warn us before any loud noises so we could cover the kids ears. He would also tell the boys not to be scared and warn them what was coming next on the rides.

On the way back, we checked out the shops for some souvenirs.  I’m proud to say we spent less than $7 in the park. We got Jameson his own water bottle with Mickey Mouse on it, which he loves. The last thing bought that night was a churro. They smelled good all day, but I wanted the kids tired enough they wouldn’t want any. It worked, I didn’s have to share one bite.

august-16-30-079-large.jpg august-16-30-116-large.jpg 

Other than the bite that morning, we had no meltdowns the entire day. The kids did really well, even up until 11 pm on the tram heading back to the car. We loaded the tram, after waiting for about 2 trams to fill up, then were told there was a problem and we needed to board another tram. Really? We made it back, put the kids to bed, and crashed for the night. We had tons of fun, and look forward to our vacation next year with the Lukes and the Tippets!

Seagulls and Sand

 - by Brittany

Sunday night, we set out for CA. What should have taken 3 1/2 to 4 hours took us 6 hours to drive. Ridicules traffic! Once again, we got to our destination around midnight. Luckily, we all got sleep that night. Monday was spent relaxing and some time in the kiddie pool at the condo. Monday night, our friends, the Lukes, arrived. Jameson loves their boys. Our view was of the Disneyland employee parking. Not very exciting for us, but the boys loved watching the cars.

disneyland-august-001-large.jpg disneyland-august-002-large.jpg

Tuesday we all got up, and headed to the beach. Huntington beach to be exact. It was such a nice day. It wasn’t too hot sitting in the sun on the beach. Jameson didn’t like the water. The waves scared him, along with the noise. Preston and Gavin loved the water, though.

august-16-30-117-large.jpg august-16-30-118-large.jpg august-16-30-119-large.jpg august-16-30-120-large.jpg disneyland-august-004-large.jpg

Preston and Jameson were so funny to watch together. They’re both so blond with curly hair, sometimes we mixed up our own kids. Usually this was the case if I caught one out of the corner of my eye, or saw one running around the corner. The boys loved the birds. They chased the birds all over the beach, trying to feed them. They wouldn’t throw the food, though, so the birds had no idea the kids were trying to feed them. Jameson gave up on one bird and went for a closer one. Preston was determined, though, and Jared ending up having to chase him down the beach.

august-16-30-121-large.jpg august-16-30-122-large.jpg

Jameson did come around to the water after a while. He didn’t want to touch it, but he would get closer to it.


Gavin was infatuated with the seaweed. It started out with one strand at first. He was so excited to show us.


Then it became a few more strands.

august-16-30-001-large.jpg august-16-30-002-large.jpg

Jameson and Preston decided it was pretty cool stuff, too. There was a small tug of war, but in the end, J-mo gave up.

august-16-30-003-large.jpg august-16-30-004-large.jpg

august-16-30-005-large.jpg august-16-30-010-large.jpg disneyland-august-003-large.jpg

The kids loved the beach, but after a few hours we headed back to the condo for naps. We got dinner started, spent some time on the roof in the spa (the boys watched the kids), had dinner, then spent some more time with the kids down in the pools. The kids were whipped out at the end of the night, but Gavin and Preston were so excited to see Mickey’s house the next day. They finally fell asleep, and we all crashed for the night.

Controlled Fire Burning

 - by Brittany

We left Salt Lake about 5:00 and headed for Vegas. Along the way there were tons of signs saying “Do not call 911, controlled burn ahead.” I don’t think this one was a controlled burn, though…

august-16-30-103-large.jpg august-16-30-106-large.jpg august-16-30-109-large.jpg

What do you think?

We spent the night with Grandma Judd, arriving there just before midnight. It was a long day for us. We got some sleep, sort of. Jameson decided to wake up early. Kevin took over, though, so I could get some rest. Grandma made us a delicious dinner, and then we packed up and headed out. Jameson did manage to get a hold of my camera while we were there.

august-16-30-112-large.jpg august-16-30-113-large.jpg

We got to spend some fun time with Dad and Grandma Judd before we left. Thanks for always letting us stay, Grandma!

A week with Grandma and Grandpa Cartwright

 - by Brittany

Kevin’s brother was going to be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple the weekend after Grandma’s party, so I decided to hang out for the week rather than take two trips. Jameson doesn’t do well without his dad after a couple days, especially if there is no other males around. Luckily, Mom and Paul hung out with us till Monday. In the meantime, I was talking to Kevin on the phone one night and asked Jameson if he wanted to talk to Dad. He came running, and tripped on one of my grandma’s many rugs. He ended up head first into the rocker. Because of the screaming and crying, I hung up with Kevin, and then couldn’t call him back cause the phone died. So in the end, Jameson never did get to talk to his dad that night. Poor guy!

august-13-17-058-large.jpg (His battle wound.)

As my Mom and Paul left  Monday morning, I was left with a kicking and screaming child, who wanted to run after their car. He cried for Paul and “Gama” for a while before calming down. Over the next day or two, he became Grandpa’s shadow. This wasn’t an easy task since Grandpa is constantly coming and going. We had to put a stool in the kitchen so Jameson could watch his Great-Grandpa cutting wood in his shop. One night after dinner, Grandpa and Jameson headed outside. Grandpa found him some marbles to run through his tube. In the end, we only found 1 out of 8 marbles. Grandpa will find the rest when he mows the lawn.

august-16-30-080-large.jpg august-16-30-081-large.jpg

My cousin sells Mary Kay, and she willingly came over to help me get some make-up. Jameson decided he needed to test it out as well.

august-16-30-083-large.jpg august-16-30-082-large.jpg

He and Trey had to watch Grandpa outside. We had to lock the screen door, though, so they wouldn’t escape.

august-16-30-084-large.jpg august-16-30-085-large.jpg august-16-30-086-large.jpg

Throughout the week, Jameson found a few other items of Grandpa’s that he liked. He loved to wear his slippers all over the house.


He also found something I enjoyed of Grandpa’s when I stayed there over summers. His cup of Dr. Pepper. Every morning, this cup is filled with deliciousness. Jameson found he also enjoyed it.

august-16-30-096-large.jpg  august-16-30-098-large.jpg

When ever Grandpa was inside, Jameson insisted on being near him, usually on his lap.

august-16-30-099-large.jpg august-16-30-100-large.jpg

By Wednesday, Jameson was starting to be a little hard to deal with. It didn’t help that I woke up nauseous. I couldn’t eat all day, and Grandma kept trying to give me crackers to get something in my stomach. The only problem was that the crackers were either expired or some multi-grain, not so tasty crackers that somewhat added to the problem. We made it through the day, got some rest that night, and Thursday I decided we needed to get out of the house. We got ready that morning and headed to the Gateway Discover Museum. Jameson loved it. When you first walked in, there was a beehive with balls and tubes that led everywhere. Some tubes sucked the balls up, while others went down and around.

august-16-30-088-large.jpg august-16-30-089-large.jpg

The next room had all kinds of activities. A house, construction zone, farm, garden, grocery store, gas station… Jameson’s favorite was the water. He actually let me put a little muck (for some reason I think this is the name, but I have no idea what they’re called) on him so he wouldn’t get all wet.

august-16-30-090-large.jpg august-16-30-091-large.jpg 

Jameson loved playing the over sized xylophone.

august-16-30-092-large.jpg august-16-30-093-large.jpg august-16-30-094-large.jpg

Upstairs was more for older children. He didn’t really care about it, except for outside. There was a helicopter, which already held a bunch of kids. Instead, he became air traffic control.


After a couple hours, I was ready to go. Jameson probably would have stayed longer, but I still didn’t feel great. He was worn out, though, and fell asleep on the way home. Friday, we headed over to the airport to pick up Kevin. Jameson would have been so excited if he wasn’t asleep when we got there. Kevin met us at the car with no luggage. It was lost. On the way home, we stopped for some lunch (and good saltine crackers), and J-mo woke up to find his dad in the car. He was so excited. The rest of the day, he wouldn’t let Kevin out of his sight. Later that night Kevin got a call from the aiport. They had his bag! We could either pick it up and get $50 voucher for flying or they could deliver it. We’ll take the voucher, thanks! We picked it up after dinner with Kevin’s family, which was on our way. No harm, and we made money.

Saturday, we woke up, got packed, and headed to the temple. We made it just in time. Kevin’s brother, Jeremy, was getting sealed in the temple. The sealer was actually really funny, and it was a nice ceremony.

august-16-30-101-large.jpg august-16-30-102-large.jpg

After a long wait, we were finally told where the luncheon would be held and we headed that direction. We enjoyed some good food, then changed and headed out for Vegas.

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for taking care of us all week, and giving Jameson a friend.!

Grandma’s 80th birthday

 - by Brittany

August 13 (our anniversary), Jameson and I got packed up and ready to leave for Salt Lake. As I was doing laundry in preparation of packing, Jameson was able to get a hold of all his blankets. This child loves his blankets. It doesn’t have to be a certain one, it’s more the material of the blanket. It makes it easier, so I have about 4 of them. J-mo was so excited.


Weston brought my mom over Wednesday night, and Thusday we headed off on our trip. We had a pretty good trip till about just before Wendover. Jameson had only slept about and hour, and wouldn’t go back to sleep. He dumped the rest of my water bottle down himself, so his shirt came off. Then, I gave him an M&M not thinking about the color till I had handed it to him. He was completely blue. Wet wipes, just weren’t enough. So then I resorted to a sucker. It was fine till I turned around to find this…

august-13-17-001-large.jpg august-13-17-002-large.jpg

When I asked him what happened to his sucker, this was his reply…


Mom was laughing while I was trying to pace my breathing.

On a side note… There was a news 50 van from CA that was following us the whole way across the state. He would tail me so I would pull over so he could pass, and then we’d end up passing him again. It was really annoying. When we stopped for lunch, that was the last we saw of the van… until the salt flats. Mom was driving, and it had gotten really windy. We had slowed down because of the wind. Well, up ahead I could see lights flashing, so mom pulled in the opposite lane. As we got closer, there was a car on its side about 20 feet from the road with parts strewn everywhere. We could only see the bottom of the car till we passed it and that’s when I realized it was the news 50 van. I’m sure the wind picked up that big dish on the top of his car and pushed him right over. Serves him right, though. I didn’t feel too bad. Also, what is a CA news van doing crossing the state of Nevada to Utah?

Friday was spent preparing for the party on Saturday; getting decoration and food prepared. Paul and I made a stop at Toys R Us before heading to the park to pick up some toys. The lady asked us at the register, “Family reunion?” Seriously? I guess in Utah they’re use to that sort of thing. The park is churched owned, so the family reunion was at the park, and then we moved inside for her 80th birthday party. Paul was in charge of candles and bought 80 candles. I’m glad she didn’t pass out afterwards. Jameson loves playing with my cousin’s kids, and I have to say the sockem boppers were a hit. Having to blow everything up was not so fun, though.

august-13-17-011-large.jpg august-13-17-012-large.jpg First we helped set up, then headed outside.

august-1-15-032-large.jpg august-1-15-033-large.jpg 

Jameson had no fear on the slide. It kind of scared me, though. august-1-15-035-large.jpg august-1-15-036-large.jpg

Taking forever to set up and light the candles, and Grandma powering though to blow them all out.

august-1-15-037-large.jpg august-1-15-039-large.jpg august-1-15-040-large.jpg 

august-1-15-042-large.jpg august-1-15-043-large.jpg

Jameson was trying to play but I don’t think it turned out so well and his cousin got frustrated.


Jameson now loves the swings and conned my cousin into pushing him.

august-13-17-023-large.jpg august-13-17-024-large.jpg august-13-17-025-large.jpg

After the family party, we headed in the church. Grandma had lots of family and friends come and say hello.

august-13-17-030-large.jpg (The board in the back was my project. Grandpa wanted all the grandkids on it, and I’m proud to say every grandchild, most their spouces, and most the great-grandchildren are on there.)

Can you tell where my Mexican heritage comes from?  august-13-17-056-large.jpg

It was a great day, and so fun to see cousins. I’m so grateful for my Grandmother and the example she is to our family.