Month: January 2009

Paging Brittany Brazell

 - by Brittany

So it has been 3 weeks at the gym so far, and Jameson has been fine. He’s had a few days which have been more difficult than others, but for the most part he’s done really well. As long as I sneak out and he doesn’t see me leave, he’s fine. So today I’m just about done on my machine, and then the horrid “BEEP” comes followed by “Brittany Brazell, please come to the front desk.” Then repeated again. Great. This is code for “Your kid is outta control in the kids club.” So I wipe down the machine and head downstairs. I go to the back entrance, and climb over the gate. Hmmm, Jameson is fine, sitting on the floor watching t.v. So I’m thinking, maybe it’s a dirty diaper. Then I see Tanner crying, and Shireen (the girl watching them) brings him over to me. Now, I’m confused. She knows I’m not his mom. So she hands him to me, and I start asking about Jmo. “Oh, he’s fine,” she tells me. Sariah comes in and gets Tanner from me, then we both ask Shireen about Jmo. After a few confusing minutes we realize they paged the wrong person. So yah, You’re Welcom Sariah. I took the embarrasing page for you.

Sariah’s pages = 1

Brittany’s pages = 1

What the score should be….

Sariah = 2

Brittany = 0


 - by Brittany

Jameson has been really interested in his daddy’s wallet. One day Kevin is going to try and pay for something and not have money or a card to pay for it. He got caught!

january-6-17-010-large.jpg  january-6-17-011-large.jpg  january-6-17-012-large.jpg  january-6-17-013-large.jpg

Play time madness

 - by Brittany

This is what my house looked like the other day. Really fun for the kids, not so fun for me to pick up. Good thing the boys had a good time.

january-6-17-007-large.jpg january-6-17-008-large.jpg january-6-17-009-large.jpg

I think every single toy was out.

Wet dreams no more

 - by Brittany

So every morning Jameson was waking up totally soaked. He would sleep in longer, but he’s wet and cold and I don’t blame him. I didn’t want to take away his night bottle, because then he would wake up early from hunger. So I started giving him his milk earlier hoping he would play for a while and have one more wet diaper before he went to bed. Well that worked for a whole 1 night. You just can’t guarantee your child will pee before bedtime. Then, a friend told me about these…


Thank you sooo much! I couldn’t find size 3 so we got size 4 which is fine since my child is 25 pounds. He has worn these the last 3 nights with a bottle just before bed, and he has woken up dry every night (him not the diaper). The diaper has been full and sagging, but they do hold everything in with no leaks. These are my new best friend. So to all the pregnant girls or those having leaking problems, keep these in mind!


 - by Brittany

Last night I was trying to cook dinner, and Kevin was trying to get some stuff done. So Jameson got to sit on the counter while I cooked. Look what he found while he was up there.

january-1-5-019-large.jpg  january-1-5-020-large.jpg  january-1-5-021-large.jpg  january-1-5-022-large.jpg  january-1-5-023-large.jpg

This isn’t just any popcorn. It’s white chocolate covered popcorn imported from Vegas. It’s the best popcorn ever! If you want to try some go here.

Today, I found Jameson asleep with his legs sticking out of the crib. I couldn’t resist.

january-1-5-024-large.jpg january-1-5-025-large.jpg

Jameson in boots!

january-1-5-026-large.jpg  january-1-5-027-large.jpg  january-1-5-028-large.jpg

Christmas with the Brazell’s

 - by Brittany

Since some of us were out of town for Christmas, we celebrated with Kevin’s family on New Years Day. His mom bought some nice accessories that kept us all entertained for a while.

january-1-5-001-large.jpg  january-1-5-002-large.jpg  january-1-5-003-large.jpg  january-1-5-005-large.jpg  january-1-5-006-large.jpg

Jameson loves the new puppy, and her food.

january-1-5-007-large.jpg  january-1-5-008-large.jpg

Present time

january-1-5-009-large.jpg  january-1-5-010-large.jpg  january-1-5-012-large.jpg  january-1-5-015-large.jpg  january-1-5-017-large.jpg

We got to spend the whole day with everyone and had fun. Jameson made out like a bandit. Not sure what we are going to do with all of his toys between Christmas and his birthday, but everyone sure spoiled him. He loves everything and runs from toy to toy all day.

Gone fishin’

 - by Brittany

The other night I was trying to make dinner, and Jameson kept getting into things. I finally grabbed the goldfish box and opened it for him. I set it on the floor, and he would come grab some, eat, feed the dog some, then come back for more. He is usually pretty good about only eating one fish at a time. Then it got quiet. And this is where I found him…

december-14-31-070-large.jpg  december-14-31-071-large.jpg  december-14-31-072-large.jpg  december-14-31-073-large.jpg

In his tunnel with his box of goldfish. Oh well, it kept him entertained.

This was the amount of fish we found in the tunnel.


He was so proud!

Congrats to the Peterson’s!

 - by Brittany

Ramona spent a few days with us since her baby brother decided to make an appearance. Thomas Flavel Peterson was born on December 29th at 7lbs 12oz. He is so cute and has so much HAIR! Jameson and I decided Ramona needed to go meet her brother. Here she is seeing the “baby” for the first time.

december-14-31-066-large.jpg  december-14-31-067-large.jpg december-14-31-068-large.jpg   

It almost makes me want another one. ALMOST.