Month: July 2009

New Hoagan

 - by Brittany

Saturday, July 25, we went out to New Hoagan. Once again, Jameson was not a fan. He is getting better on the boat, though, and only covers his head while we are moving. I don’t think he likes the wind or spray from the water. Tanner on the other hand, was ready to jump in the water, and Camden loved it.

dsc00334-large.JPG dsc00337-large.JPG

As we were touring the lake, we came across this boat. Notice anything wrong?


Apparently, they didn’t know you shouldn’t drive your boat over brown water. It looked funny at first, until we realized the waves were braking around the boat, and it was slightly tilted. Don talked to the guy who told us to watch out for shallow water. Yikes! Don explained we had 3 tubes on board and could float them back in. The guy, though, just kept telling us the bottom of his boat was gone, and help was coming. Well, we had lunch and the whole time the people were still there. A few hours later, the patrol boat finally showed up. In the end, they left the boat. If they would have just trusted us, we could have had them in earlier, along with their boat.

dsc00343-large.JPG dsc00345-large.JPG 

Weston worked on perfecting his backflip. He almost landed it, but always let go of the rope.

After lunch, we all took a swim in the water. Jameson wanted to get out to his dad, but didn’t want to get in the water to do it. He mostly just played on the platform on the back of the boat.

dsc00346-large.JPG dsc00347-large.JPG dsc00348-large.JPG

Sariah took her turn on the kneeboard, and showed us up with two 360s. Well I don’t think she really showed us up since we wakeboarded and she only kneeboarded. 🙂

dsc00351-large.JPG and here’s her crash. Can you see her in the middle of the water? dsc00354-large.JPG

A little man love on the tube. I think it ended up being Kevin= 2  Greg=1

dsc00361-large.JPG dsc00362-large.JPG

Our flag boy for the day did a great job!


Camden was brave and took a turn on the tube. He even submarined it and tried again!

dsc00367-large.JPG dsc00369-large.JPG dsc00371-large.JPG

We had a good trip. Thanks for going with us Free’s! And thanks to Mom and Don for taking us!

Water babies

 - by Brittany

This past weekend (July 24-25) we took a trip over to my mom’s with the Free’s. It was a long trip over with one lane traffic through part of it, and then lunch in Truckee. Two of the boys fell asleep, and Tanner stayed pretty entertained the rest of the way. Kevin and Greg were coming over after work.

When we got to my mom’s she was having an open pool party. People in her ward with pools sign up for a certain amount of time, and it gives others places to swim each week. This week was her turn. Jameson immediately went to find Grandma. Before they tried to get in the pool with their clothes on, we changed the boys and took them out. They thought the fountain was the best thing ever. Only Tanner was smart enough to close his eyes while he was trying to dring from it. After Jameson decided he was big enough to swim with the other kids, and Tanner tried to go down the stairs, Sariah and I decided we needed our suits on and the boys needed their life jackets on. The moms just laughed as we kept trying to save our children from drowning, since their children were already past that point. Don’t worry, no one drowned.

dsc00319-large.JPG dsc00320-large.JPG dsc00321-large.JPG dsc00322-large.JPG dsc00324-large.JPG dsc00325-large.JPG dsc00326-large.JPG

Weston was kind enough to let the boys play guitar hero. They were having a blast “thinking” they were really playing.

dsc00327-large.JPG dsc00328-large.JPG

The dad’s showed up later that night, just in time to help with bedtime.

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

 - by Brittany

Last week at the Lake (July 21) Jameson found a toy shark in the water. He tried to hit it with the squirt gun. I guess he thought it was attacking him. He finally realized it wouldn’t bite him and took it. I asked a few moms, but never found the owner, so we came home with a new toy.

Jameson has also been more daring at the lake lately. He is starting to wander out into the water rather than stay on the beach. At one point, he was about waist deep. A wave knocked him down. He stood up immediately, I was watching but still a little nervous, and yelled at the wave. He stood telling it “No” for a few minutes. The ladies nearby were laughing at him scolding the water.

New irrigation boots

 - by Brittany

Jameson’s Grammy bought him some irrigation boots for out on the farm. He wears them everywhere. I think it’s because it’s his only pair of shoes he can put on himself, but they hurt when you get stepped on! Oh, and one of his favorite toys are the detergent bottles. He carries them everywhere. Don’t ask me why.

dsc00300-large.JPG dsc00301-large.JPG dsc00302-large.JPG

Kevin went out of town for the weekend on a motorcyle trip. To see details about his trip go In the mean time, J-mo and I were home. One night he would not calm down for me. He would not sit, and though he was so funny.

Needless to say, I was excited when Kevin tried to surprise me and come home a day early. I say try, because I was tracking him, and they didn’t take the route they said they were going to. Bedtime is so much easier with Kevin here.

Bella Diving

 - by Brittany

July 15, at the lake, a few of the girls decided to copy Bella and jump off the rocks. First, they had a mandatory swim out to the buoy. See the 3 heads in the water, they were waiting for the 4th to get into the freezing cold water.

dsc00274-large.JPG dsc00276-large.JPG

Once they made it to the buoy, they headed to the rocks. Sariah and Kristi made it up with few comlaints of the boys already on top the rock. I believe Sariah told one she was old enough to be his mom and to leave her alone. Rachel was still heading backwards up the rock and Lillie was stuck below.


Sariah jumped first. Umm, I believe Bella did not plug her nose.

dsc00282-large.JPG dsc00283-large.JPG dsc00284-large.JPG

Rachel jumped next, but I told her I would not post those pictures. Although, her’s did come out the best. Sorry girls, no one else told me not to post pics.

Kristi contemplated for a while, then took her jump!

dsc00290-large.JPG dsc00291-large.JPG

Then, three heads in the water had to wait for their final Bella to jump.


Unfortunately, she could not get up the large rock, so she jumped from the small rock. This resulted in a picture that only captured her splash. Next time, a higher rock is needed if you want more pictures, Lillie.


The 4 girls coming back. No, I did not jump. I’m not crazy. It’s not the rock I fear, it’s the freezing cold water you land in!


Do you like the guy standing in all my pictures? I sure did.

Jameson and I, before we left. Prove that I actually go to the lake, and don’t just take pictures.


Family Outings

 - by Brittany

A couple weeks ago (July 11, 13) we had some family time. That Saturday we took Jameson to feed the ducks now that it’s not so cold. There weren’t that many at the pond. Actually, all the geese were gone, and only ducks were there which was nice. We even saw a few fish jump. He kept getting so close, I was nervous he was going to fall in. He even threw a whole roll to one duck. I guess J-mo thought that duck was hungrier than the rest.

dsc00244-large.JPG dsc00245-large.JPG dsc00247-large.JPG dsc00248-large.JPG dsc00249-large.JPG 

After the bread was gone, we headed out for a camping trip.


Ok, not really. We headed over to Scheels to explore. Jameson loved the fish tanks, and all the balls everywhere; ex. soccer balls, baseballs, footballs, whiffle balls… you get the idea. He was all over it. We played for a while in the store, bought a frisbee, and then explored the new outlets. I could spend lots of money over there, and they have fountains the kids can play in. Good thing it’s on the other side of town.

We’ve been working on “please” and “thank you” with Jameson. He will say please if he really wants something, but sometimes he needs to be reminded. He also calls anything sweet a “cook cook” or a cookie. In return, this is what we get…

Monday night we went to the park to test out the new frisbee. We also took J-mo’s soccer ball. He had a blast playing with his dad at the park. He’s pretty coordinated for a 19 month old. At least I think so, maybe I’m biased. We may have to put him in soccer when he’s old enough.

dsc00262-large.JPG dsc00263-large.JPG dsc00264-large.JPG 

Then I lost them in the maze. I thought this was a neat idea when they put it in, but now that the plants are taller than my kid, I’ve changed my mind. He will follow some of the bigger kids in here on park day, and then I can’t see him. Not so good.

dsc00265-large.JPG dsc00266-large.JPG

Scooters and Papa!

 - by Brittany

I bought Jameson a scooter when I was out garage sale-ing. I wasn’t sure if he was quite big enough, but it was $5. Come on, who can pass that up? So it’s been in the garage, and he has been playing on it while Kevin works on things out there. He has now perfected his skills. He gets mad when you try to help him, but he doesn’t know how to turn. He doesn’t realize you just turn the handle bars. So as he gets close to the edge of the sidewalk, he hops off and pulls it back to the center. Then starts going again.

dsc00230-large.JPG dsc00232-large.JPG

I was killing some time before having to leave Thursday night, and decided to play guitar hero. Well, at first I was guitar and Jameson was drums, and that worked out pretty well. Then, I switched with him, and things changed. He ditched his guitar to sit on my lap, then stole one drum stick. Yah, we were boo’d off the stage. So then Jameson took over. He also took over the massager. He figured out how to turn it on himself. (Notice, the red nobs are way over his head?)

dsc00233-large.JPG dsc00234-large.JPG dsc00236-large.JPG

Friday morning was park day. We got ready and headed to Keva Juice for some nourishment at the park. Well, there was a homeless man outside talking crazy, litterally. He was telling me he wanted me to buy him a cup of coffee so he didn’t go back to jail. I asked why he was in jail. He told me Jennifer Lopez’s gf didn’t believe he was legal even though he had his visa and wouldn’t give him a license even though he is legal. What? He said lots of other craziness that didn’t even make sense. So we got our drinks and met Papa at the park. Normally, Papa comes earlier on Fridays, but today was a different schedule, so he came to the park with us. Jameson loved having his grandpa and Olie there. He showed him all his tricksdsc00239-large.JPG dsc00240-large.JPG dsc00241-large.JPG dsc00242-large.JPG

Jameson also got to play with Ramona for a bit. Stephanie helped them both ride the trike.


And that has been our week!