Month: July 2010


 - by Brittany

I didn’t get much sleep Saturday night from not feeling well. So, I got my kids ready and sent them to church with everyone else. After they left, I went to sleep, and did not wake up until hearing them come back from church.

Jenna looked so cute in her dress, but I heard not long after church started, she peed through her clothes and had to be changed. Don’t you love kids?

Grandma and Ella having some one-on-one time.

After some fun time with Grandma, Ella took a nap with Papa Don.

Thank you so much for watching the kids. I felt lots better after having some good, uninterrupted sleep.

After church, the boys once again found the water. We could not keep them out of it.

Getting ready for dinner. (Efficient use of paper towels.)

Cookie Monster

 - by Brittany

Saturday, June 11th, Jenny was having her graduation party. I didn’t feel well, so I tried to take a nap while everyone else watched my kids for me. Weston was kind enough to watch Ella and Nikki.

I’m not quite sure how well the boys were being watched, because they were found like this…

Weston was the DJ while everyone enjoyed the party.

Drew loved the pool and Madison was so good to watch the boys in the water.

The babies were well taken care of.

Grandma with her grandbabies. (Jenna on left and Ella on right.)

Thanks for watching my kiddos while I tried to get some rest.

***Side note:

This girl: was kind enough to take in Nikki for us. It was time for Nikki to go to a new home. With us renting homes right now, plus Jameson and the baby, she was getting neglected. And I couldn’t justify paying extra in rent for a dog that just sits on the couch. So, Lindsay was kind enough to take her in. Big thank you to her!

And they lived happily ever after.

 - by Brittany

Friday morning we took the kids to Fairy Tale Land. We got in line with a group of people, and followed them in. Then we realized we came in with a tour group and had just gotten in for free. Trust me, my first intention was not to go back to the front gate and pay, but that’s what we did. So after we payed for our already entranced fee, we found the “Old lady who lived in a shoe.”

Poor little Drew kept getting cut in line by the bigger kids, so his cool aunt saved the day. Let me tell you, they don’t make slides for people with birthing hips. It was a little snug.

And that’s as far as my camera made it before the battery died. I was the one who always had the camera out, so it’s only logical that it died. Luckily, Christina had her camera with her so I can continue to show you our time here.

Our next stop was the indian encampment in Neverland.

After learning about “What makes the red man red?” the boys headed over to Farmer Brown’s Barn to check out the donkey and cow along with a ride on his tractor. There were strict rules about feeding the animals.

There was even a tricky slide to get out of the loft in the barn.

While Christina took a break to feed Jenna, I took the boys over to Owl’s house. This slide was a little less forgiving than The old lady in the shoe’s. Pretty sure I got a bruise from this one. Only for you, Drew! (The pictures are blurred because we are going so fast.)

We saw some goats (I don’t remember what fairy tale they are from), and then we headed to Cinderella’s carriage.

Jack’s bean stalk was huge. Check it out!

We had to take the train to our next stop. The conductors were pretty cute.

Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail were waiting out side Mr. McGurger’s garden. There were strict rules about them, too.

Next up, the Lion, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and Dorothy needed a face lift. We told the boys to stick their heads in the holes, which is exactly what they did. Therefore, you cannot see their faces in these pictures. (From left: Jameson, Kayden, Jenna, and Drew. Ella was sleeping.)

We read a few stories with Mother Goose, but she wasn’t very comfortable so we didn’t stay long.

Captain Hook was calling our name. He was also calling everyone else’s making one crowded ship.

Jameson and Drew loved the flower drinking fountains. Flower power… maybe not.

After all of our travels, we needed some lunch. So we stopped into King Arthur’s castle to have lunch under King Drew and Queen Christina’s rule. The round table made for a good picnic table.

Drew wanted to eat on his thrown. Mostly so no one would steal his food.

After our time under the rule of the king and queen, we headed on to Sherwood forest.

The forest offered some nice shade, and benches to sit and feed babies. Once the girls were fed, we collected the boys and headed for home. The kids had so much fun, and all crashed in the car on the way home.

Having a blast

 - by Brittany

Tuesday morning, June 8th, we got up and headed to the swap meet. With 3 adults, 2 teenagers, 1 “big kid”, 2 toddlers, 2 babies, 3 strollers, and 1 front carrier we headed out. This also happened to be the hottest day of the week. I was dying with Ella in the front carrier. It was so hot. The boys all rotated between strollers. I did find some cute baby shoes for Ella, and a bubble gun, which will make a later appearance on this blog, for Jameson. Finally, mom and Shelby took the boys over to Burger Kind while Christina, Helen, and I finished shopping.

That night we left the boys and Ella at home and took Helen to her sister’s house in the bay. Apparently, the boys had tons of fun while we were gone. They got to celebrate Madison’s birthday. It looks like they helped open presents, too.

The men even helped out with Ella.

After an eventful time* in Freemont, we made it back home to sleeping kids and babies.

*We arrived at Christina’s sister-in-law’s house only to find her heading out the door to the ER. She ended up with pneumonia and staying at the hospital that night. Luckily, her mother-in-law lives close by so Helen was able to go with the children over there and help.

WEDNESDAY, June 9th, started off with some shopping. After a morning of trying on swimsuits, I found out a few things.
1. Don’t try on swimsuits after only 3 months of having a baby.

2. Don’t try on swimsuits when you’re nursing. Tops don’t hold everything in since they’re bigger than they should be. Not attractive to have cleavage coming out the side of your swimsuit as well as the neck line.

3. My special underwear does not look attractive under swimsuit bottoms. Note to self, bring a regular pair when trying on swimsuits.

4. Don’t allow Christina in the dressing with you at any time. She forgets there is someone else in the room and will open the door during mid change. Then stand with the door cracked to consult with my mom about a shirt all the while I’m standing inside trying to get cover and get clothes on. Not cool Christina!

Before leaving the mall, we stopped by the Disney store. They had their Cars race tracks on sale so I got one for Jameson. When we got home, Uncle Weston helped them put it together, and the boys played with it all night.

When Jameson thought no one was looking, he snuck into the kitchen to eat the toppings off the pizza. It didn’t take Drew long to figure out what was going on, and he joined Jameson.

Mom was trying to handle to two babies while we got the boys ready for a bath. I don’t know how people with twins and other children manage.

After dinner, it was bath time. The boys decided they needed to clean Grandma’s tub. So nice of them.

and drink the water…

After their bath, the boys settled down for some milk and a movie.

After a long day, the boys finally all fell asleep.

THURSDAY, June 10th, was spent in the backyard. Drew had to do everything Grandma did. They moved some soil to repot plants.

and then had to water them, and add water to the fountain.

Meanwhile, the bigger boys decided to get in the pool… with their clothes on. This was a daily occurrence.

Drew did join them…

And for your viewing pleasure:

At one point throughout the day, Christina and Mom walked up stairs to find this scene.

These boys found their way out onto the balcony above the front door. Yup, they are outside and loving it. Just look at how happy they are!

Well, after swimming and playing and sneaking out on the balcony, what else is there to do? Eat! Jameson and Kayden would frequently hide out in the pantry.

Crazy kids!

One last playdate

 - by Brittany

Monday morning, June 7th, I had a hair appointment with my wonderful friend. While one great friend treated me to some new hair, another great friend watched my kiddos. We took one last picture of all the boys before taking off to Sacramento.

From left: Jameson, Camden Free, Tanner Free, and Jacob Rand. I really like that we even got the whole picture of the Rand family to enjoy also. You look hot Sariah! 🙂

After playing with these boys, we headed to Sacramento. Both kids slept most the way over. When we got there, Jameson had some cousins to play with. First, he had to locate his cars in his new back pack his Grammy Brazell bought him.

Then the boys all decided to play in the dog crate. Gross…

And finally, once everyone left for the day, Jameson crashed. Not without finding a giraffe to sleep with, of course.

That night, my sister Christina and her kids ventured up to my mom’s also. Jameson woke up the next morning to different cousins at the house.


 - by Brittany

Sunday, June 6th, Ella and I headed back to Fernley after church. (Jameson had spent the night, remember?) We were getting together for a family dinner so everyone could meet Ella. Also, it was Grandpa and Grandma McCulley’s anniversary. Grandma McCulley came in and went right over to meet her new great-grand baby. Ella was a little overwhelmed at first, because she was waking up just as everyone got there. After some food, she was all about it. Here is the first meeting of Ella and Bepe (This is the Freece word, dialect of Dutch, for Grandma, pronounced Bepa. We use the Freece word since she is from Holland and speaks Freece and we have to distinguish all the grandparents somehow.)

After introductions, we all sat down to enjoy some food, and cake.

After dinner, Brittney took Jameson and showed Uncle Ben and Jase her garden.

Jase was kind enough to walk with Jameson over to see the horses next door, and keep him entertained.

Here is our 4 generation picture minus Kevin.(Ella, Kevin’s mom Debbie, and grandma Greta)

Later, Debbie pulled out some binoculars that used to be Kevin’s. Jameson was in love with his dad’s old binoculars. He had to go check out the llamas and everyone else.

Sharon kept Ella nice and snug for me.

Later, Ella got to check out Paka. She wasn’t quite so sure.

The night ended with everyone chatting while Jameson played with the barn Grammy bought for him to play with at her house.

We had such a good time with everyone in Reno and Fernley!

A day with Grammy on the farm

 - by Brittany

Saturday, June 5, we headed down to Fernley to visit Kevin’s mom. Jameson was so excited. He chased the cat around, which I wasn’t too fond of. I have to wash his hands every time, since I’m allergic.

Then he checked out the new lambs and the llamas.

While we were there, the bee lady came. She keeps a hive on their property. I guess you can only have so many bees per so many acres. We got to watch her add another hive. She told us the smoke confuses the bees. It’s almost like an anesthesia for them. Still, I would think you would want to wear a little bit more protection than just the hat.

She even got some honey for us to try. It was delicious. You just put the wax in your mouth and chew, sucking the honey out. Once the honey is all gone, you spit the wax out.

After the bees, Jameson helped Grammy collect eggs from the chicken coop. First, they picked some grass to feed to the chickens.

After collecting the eggs, he had to climb the mound of wood chips left over from the tree that fell over.

After running around on the farm for a few hours, we went back to Reno for some shopping. Grammy was kind enough to keep Jameson occupied with her new toy.

His reaction, “Ooooohhhh, a big itouch!” He was so excited. After shopping, Jameson headed back to Fernley with his Grammy to spend the night. He had a blast.


 - by Brittany

Jameson got lots of playtime in. Thursday and Friday were spent playing with friends.

At one point, I couldn’t find Jameson anywhere. I started to panic, that maybe he left out the front door of the house. Matt and Rachel don’t live on a busy street, but still. I finally found Jameson. Here…

He had taken toys and his blankets into Raider’s dog house. Well, at least he didn’t go out the front.

Friday night, we got to hang out with Jake. It was fun to watch Jake (who I started watching when he was 6 months old) play with Jameson. Jake is now 7, and was my little baby-sitter for Jameson while we were there. Ella got spoiled by Catherine with hugs and kisses, and also a very cute baby blanket she made. Here is Jake with Ella. He was just 3 months older than her when I first met him.

A day with Uncle Josh and Aunt Steph

 - by Brittany

We got to Reno around 5 pm and headed straight to our friends. Jameson got to play with Camden and Tanner for a bit before heading to my step-brother’s house. Matt and Rachel are always so nice to allow us to stay with them. Wednesday morning, June 2nd, we got up and met Kevin’s sister and her husband for some lunch. We headed to Cadillac Ranch at the Legends. When we got there, I asked if I should put Jameson in the stroller. Josh and Steph assured me they would keep and eye on him, and I didn’t need it. Well he got away from them…. twice. They learned real quick how fast a 2 year old can be, and how you always have to hold on to him. (I had Ella in her front carrier, so I couldn’t run after him.) After lunch, we headed over to Scheels to check out the animals.

Then, Jameson found some arcade games and Aunt Steph helped him throw some newpapers.

On the way back to the car, we checked out the fountains. At first, Jameson was a little unsure, but Josh showed him not to fear. And yes, I did get sprayed while trying to take these pictures. As soon as Jameson was no longer afraid, he used his foot to spray the water everywhere.

We ended up hanging out for the rest of the evening with them. Jameson crashed on their couch he was so tired. We had so much fun. Thanks for hanging out with us and taking time off from work.