Month: August 2008

Weekend away

 - by Brittany

Last week was our anniversary. It was on a Wednesday so Kevin and work and class, therefore, we didn’t do anything. He did bring home flowers, though, which will always brighten my day. We had to go to Sacramento, so we decided to leave Jameson with my mom Saturday and head down to Monterey. We took our time getting down there and then went to the aquarium. We also walked Fisherman’s warf and did a few other things along the beach. We decided to try and find a hotel, but there was a few big events in town so a lot of the hotels had no openings. We decided to head back to Sac and find a hotel along the way. We ended up staying in downtown San Jose, and had dinner there. The restaurant was called “Original Joe’s” which was recommended by the bell hop. Well there was a 30 minute wait which was fine, but then it took another 30 minutes to even order. Not fun, when you’re starving. We finally got to eat and headed back to the hotel where I ordered the 7 layer chocolate cake! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten room service, but this cake was well worth it. We enjoyed the cake while watching the men’s relay take the gold, and then crashed for the night. (Two thing I love about hotels… King size beds and air conditioning I don’t have to pay for. :)) We got up the next morning and enjoyed a complimentary breakfast in the hotel restaurant and then headed back to my mom’s. Jameson was so excited to see us. Poor little guy. I guess once he figured out we weren’t there, he cried. We waited till he was ready to go back down for a nap and then headed for home. We spent a lot of time in the car, but it was a fun weekend.

august-14-21-011-large.jpg august-14-21-012-large.jpg These seals beached themselves on individual rocks sticking out of the water. Pretty funny.

august-14-21-027-large.jpg august-14-21-028-large.jpg august-14-21-017-large.jpg august-14-21-013-large.jpg

There were some pretty big fish in the tanks. I couldn’t really get good pictures since it was dark and the fish were swimming. Too bad they don’t stay still.

Inside the tide pool tanks…Before august-14-21-021-large.jpg After august-14-21-022-large.jpg

Out on the deck august-14-21-024-large.jpg august-14-21-026-large.jpg

There was an auction going on while we were there. These cars were going for as much as my house. We could hear the auction over the loud speaker. Kevin wants this Maserati for his birthday… what do you think?

august-14-21-029-large.jpg august-14-21-032-large.jpg

View of San Jose from our hotel window.

august-14-21-033-large.jpg august-14-21-034-large.jpg

It was lots of fun and good to be able to spend time with each other. Thanks, mom, for watching Jameson!

Swim Days

 - by Brittany

This summer we have been able to go swimming about once a week. This is really different for me. I grew up in pools. We didn’t have a pool growing up (our house had a slight slant to the backyard therefore our house had the slip n slide) but all of our neighbors and family had pools. We pretty much swam every day during the summer. Hey… it’s Vegas… what else was there to do in the heat? I never swam in a public pool (except for P.E.) either. So being here in Reno, summers are a little different. No one in the neighborhood has a pool. At least one that doesn’t blow up or is stored in your garage. And now public pools are the only accessible pools. Luckily, I have family renting an apartment up the street until their house is built. So, this summer we get to swim. I think this is the first summer I have gotten to swim in a pool since I’ve lived here, and definitely Jameson’s first pool experience.

august-14-21-001-large.jpg  august-14-21-004-large.jpg  august-14-21-007-large.jpg

Jameson loves to just float. He reclines in his little tub and will cross his legs. His little toes will grab hold of the tube. I can’t complain… he’s such a good little boy.

august-14-21-002-large.jpg  august-14-21-003-large.jpg

Ramona on the other hand doesn’t mind going under water, and loves to crawl on the steps. Her favorite is to escape the pool, only to make you get out and chase her down. Great exercise, but not so fun. She can also show you her trick of crawling out of the tube. With no fear of going under water, it can get tricky. Luckily, Jameson just floats so more attention can be given to this active swimmer.


Camden also loves the steps. He is a great helper at the pool with carrying the floaties and getting towels. He isn’t much of a swimmer, but he does like to sit in the water.


This was Tanner’s first swimming pool experience (outside the womb). He did pretty good. He fell asleep in the rocket, but as soon as the rocket was set in the shade on stable ground, he woke up.

The pool has been fun this summer and thanks to Rachel and Matt for letting us borrow the key!

First bike ride

 - by Brittany

Last night Sariah had a great idea to ride bikes down to the new park and check it out. You know when your parents say “I walked 5 miles to school up hill both ways!”? Well I never thought that was possible but it was seriously up hill both ways! Plus I haven’t ridden a bike in who knows how long. Pretty sure not since at least high school if not before. We made it, though, and the park is awesome. Somewhat crowded, but still fun. Jameson and Tanner shared a ride. Tanner looked pretty ticked, and Jameson just chewed on the seat belt while Camden hitched a ride on the back of the other bike.

august-13-001-large.jpg  august-13-002-large.jpg

Another Year

 - by Brittany

Yesterday was our anniversary. It wasn’t the best day at first. Kevin had work and then school so he was gone till 8:00 last night. Jameson didn’t take a very good afternoon nap so he was cranky. It was pretty much like any other day until Kevin came home with these.

august-13-005-large.jpg  august-13-007-large.jpg

Kev never skimps when it comes to flowers. We met on a blind date and have seen each other every day since (unless one of us was out of town, of course.) This is Kevin when I met him. He thinks it’s time to grow the fro back.


I love you!

16-large.jpg  scan0030-large.jpg

Pyramid Lake

 - by Brittany


The last couple Saturdays we have gone to Pyramid Lake. It is much warmer than Tahoe, but I don’t know if the salt water taste in your mouth or trying to get it out of your hair is worth it. The first Saturday, the Free family came with us. ( minus Tanner). It was all fun and games till Sariah injured her husband. You should know to hold on tight if you’re on the back and ALWAYS pull the driver off with you. 🙂 That’s like #1 rule on a jetski. We set up on the beach, after taking forever to find some decent beach space, we got Jmo’s pool all set up and let him play.

august-1-9-007-large.jpg and he spent some time eating rocks august-1-9-008-large.jpg

Sariah and I took the boys on a little ride.

august-1-9-011-large.jpg august-1-9-017-large.jpg


august-1-9-020-large.jpg august-1-9-024-large.jpg august-1-9-025-large.jpg

Tubing… Side note…unless you have 20 minutes to waist don’t let Sariah fall off a tube in the water. It will take quite some time before you’re up and going again.

august-1-9-030-large.jpg (Greg watching while Sariah holds on for dear life, because she doesn’t want to have to try and get on the tube again.)

august-1-9-034-large.jpg august-1-9-036-large.jpg

Camden’s first ride on a tube (He later got dumped twice by his own mom. Not so cool, but he was tuff and we swam till she came back to get us.)

Kevin took Jmo out in his taxi for a nap. The waves rocked him to sleep after one crashed on top of him. Poor kid.

august-1-9-040-large.jpg august-1-9-043-large.jpg august-1-9-045-large.jpgaugust-1-9-047-large.jpg august-1-9-050-large.jpg

The Free Family


Greg setting off on his ride of doom

august-1-9-054-large.jpg august-1-9-055-large.jpg and after august-1-9-057-large.jpg
He only bruised a few ribs… nothing too serious. 🙂

Jameson loved to crawl in the sand. This is the second time going to pyramid and that is mud, not a diaper leak.


And once again, he fell asleep in his taxi.


We had a great time both weekends. The second time Greg was not able to join. Camden came with us girls over to see the pyramid up close and personal. That thing is creepy and it had a spring shooting out just above lake level. We could see the steam and it looked like someone turned on a hose. Anyway, I don’t recommend taking a trip across the lake on a jetski. I’ve been sore ever since. It didn’t help that it was windy so the waves were huge. This fact made it tons of fun later once we didn’t have a two year old riding with us. Pretty sure we almost went over the front of the jetski, and almost fell off the back a few times. Too bad the jetski has to go back home!

Sand Castles

 - by Brittany

Jameson had such a long day at Tahoe. He spent all day building and when he was finished he fell asleep in my arms.

august-1-9-001-large.jpg  august-1-9-002-large.jpg Maybe this guy helped a little…august-1-9-003-large.jpg

Crawling = Trouble

august-1-9-004-large.jpg  (Yes.. that is the dog’s water bowl and food all over the floor along with lint and dryer sheets.)