Month: January 2008

Bad Dog… but cute

 - by Brittany

This morning I put Jameson in his bouncy chair and went to the kitchen to get some breakfast. I came back and found this…


When Jameson was first born Nikki wanted nothing to do with him. Now every time I set him on the couch or anything she tries to cuddle up with him. It’s cute but he’s still too small to have a dog curled up by him, or on him.

By the way.. In the 9 week post Jameson’s stomach looks huge. It’s really not that big. His shirt is just big on him and the way he’s sitting makes it pooch out.

9 weeks

 - by Brittany

Big Smiles! We missed dad while we were gone!


Jameson had his two month check up. He is

13 lbs 4 oz – 90th percentile

24 in- 90th percentile

his head is 15 1/4 in- 25th percentile

So he’s big and tall with a small head. What.. my child has a small head? He didn’t get that from his mom or dad!

Brad Paisley Concert!!!!

 - by Brittany

Saturday night Christina, Erin, Jenna, and I all met at my dads for a girls night out. Erin offered to drive, which I am so thankful for, because I do not know my way around the strip to well. So thanks Erin! We went to dinner first at Chilli’s. (We were going to spend as much time out and away from the kids as possible) We headed down to Mandalay Bay and took forever to find parking. We went to Valet and they said guest only could park there. So we ended up at the Luxor parking. We got in and were giving the ushers in gold jackets (jacket color will come into play later) our tickets when this guy in a blue WVU jacket asked if we wanted better seats. First we said sure, but then he said they were front row. So were like ya right, what’s the catch? No catch. So the guy gives us the tickets but then asks for the tickets we had to see if he could upgrade someone elses. We were all a little hesitant to give the tickets but we handed them over. So we go into the arena and the ushers in yellow jackets direct us to down the stairs to the floor… ok…. and then down the aisle towards the front…. what!… then a guy in yellow sits us down on like the 5th row and says he needs to give us wrist bands! What 5th row! This is awesome right?!


So the guy gives us the wrist bands and then directs us to go up to the guy in the RED jacket! This guy sat us down on the first 4 seats of the front row! WHAT!!! These are our seat? He then tells us that people in the first two rows can do whatever they want. Are you crazy?! Usually the scantily dressed cute girls get the front row. How did 4 wholesome married girls, 3 with kids get the front row you ask… I’ll tell you in a bit. The opening act was Chuck Wicks. Soooo Hot! My favorite picture is of Jenna’s hand with her wedding ring reaching for Chuck…


We had no idea who he was until someone said he sings “Cinderella.” We couldn’t stop staring at him though 🙂 (By the way, these pictures are not zoomed in… we were just that close!)

january-24-29-052.jpg january-24-29-053.jpg

Next up was Rodney Atkins. He wasn’t too fond of Jenna. She kept trying to get him to shake her hand and he would just look at her and walk by. It was pretty funny. We finally gave up on Rodney and tried to get his Violinist who was also extremely good looking.

january-24-29-001.jpg january-24-29-013.jpg

january-24-29-014.jpg january-24-29-015.jpg

january-24-29-016.jpg january-24-29-006.jpg

Gotta love the tight jeans!

Finally it was time for Brad Paisley. Erin and I had left to go buy some shirts and came back and there were so many people up front. I guess they told anyone with a wrist band can now come up front. But it was ok, because Jenna and Christina and saved us spots right by the stage. Before the concert started the security guard had asked Jenna to take pictures of Brad with his phone. We had to get his phone discretely though so he wouldn’t get in trouble. Well I went to get his phone from him and he freaked out because his boss was standing right there. Then “luckily” some guy at the top in the back decided to strip so all the attention was on him. I got the phone from the security guard and worked my way back to the girls. Might I just say that Brad Paisley is awesome on the guitar. Most singers will play some but not the technical parts. He would! It was so much fun. Don’t mind the camera guy.. we were buds.

january-24-29-024.jpg january-24-29-027.jpg

Christina’s proud photographer moments…

january-24-29-028.jpg january-24-29-033.jpg

I’ve never had to turn around at a concert to see the person! Ok so remember the guy in the Blue WVU jacket that gave us the tickets? So during one of his songs he had a slideshow going behind him. All of a sudden there was a picture of Brad and the guy in the WVU jacket. Erin pointed it out and the girl we made friends with that was sitting behind us was like “That’s the guy!” We told her yes, trying to figure out why she was freaking out. She yelled back “That’s his dad!” WHAT!!! Brad Paisley’s dad gave us front row seats! No wonders… he wanted wholesome girls up front not scandalous ones! Makes sense now. So after the concert was over we saw his dad and went and thanked him. He was such a nice guy. Also, the security guard we took pictures for kept giving us stuff like guitar picks and the song list from Chuck since we took his pictures. Thanks girls for such a fun night!!

january-24-29-025.jpg january-24-29-029.jpg

Weekend in Vegas!

 - by Brittany

For Christmas my husband bought me tickets to go see Brad Paisley down in Las Vegas. He got me 4 tickets so I could take my sister and 2 best friends, plus he said he would watch Jameson for the weekend. Well I knew if I left him here I would have some pretty upset family members. We left here on Thursday for a long weekend down in Vegas. I had timed our flight so Jameson would have slept on the plane. Well you can only plan so much and our plane was over an hour late so he slept great at the airport. Plus he had gotten his shots that morning so he wasn’t feeling great. He still was a pretty good baby on the plane and only fussed a little bit, but the people behind me didn’t realize I had a baby till I stood up to leave. And I hate the new southwest boarding policy! I finally have a child and look forward to preboarding, but then they change their policy and get rid of it. GRRRR! So we made it to Vegas where we were staying with my dad. They had put a cradle in the room for me but Jameson was almost to big for it…


Good news though! Jameson is sleeping about 7 hours straight before waking up. It’s really helping me get some rest.

We were able to spend Friday with Jenna and her boys. (We had 3 carseats in the back seat.) I don’t know how people that have their kids so close in age manage. We had 3 kids 3 and under. It was lots of fun though. Saturday we had a nice lunch at Lonestar and then killed some time till the concert. Jameson was able to spend the night with Dad and Linda while us girls went out. Thanks so much for watching him! Sunday we went to church with Christina and were able to see some friends there. Then Jameson got to hang out with his cousin Kayden all day.. Jameson mostly slept 🙂 but it was fun. Christina made dinner for everyone and Steve was able to find some Ritz to make the meal complete! Thanks Steve!


Monday morning Grandma Judd came over to get us so we could spend some time with her. It was really windy outside and I think it woke Jameson up that morning, because he woke up earlier than normal. We made it to Grandma’s and Jameson was able to play while I took a small nap.


The flight home was on time and we made it back safely. I don’t have any pictures of Jameson’s first flight because I had enough things to keep track of flying alone. The airline did loose my bag though. That’s the first time that happened to me. I don’t understand how Jameson’s bag made it and mine was lost when they got put on the conveyor belt at check in together. But I would rather have my bag lost than his. It was dropped off the next day so no big deal. So that was our fun weekend… Thanks to everyone for helping us out while we were there!

8 weeks

 - by Brittany

I’m a little late on this one. Jameson is really starting to smile and respond. One minute he is laughing and talking…


and the next he is sleeping… such a good little guy!

january-23-002.jpg   january-23-003.jpg


 - by Brittany

So we tend to get crickets in our house once in a while. Which I’d rather have a cricket here or there than ants! Kevin, being the tough guy that he is, kills them for me. But he just can’t squish them..


He gets a can of air, turns it upside down so the liquid will drip out, drips it on the cricket so its frozen, then laughs before he throws it away. (The cricket blends in with the speaker. Sorry)  Real manly, huh! 🙂

My Christmas story baby

 - by Brittany

We went to go on a walk today to my neighbors.  Someone gave me this coat/outfit… I don’t know what they’re called… so I though I would use it. He looked like Randy from A Christmas story. It was really funny

january-10-006.jpg january-10-005.jpg

Jameson’s big day

 - by Brittany

Ok so I finally took some pictures of Jameson in his blessing outfit. I know it’s a week later, but what can you do? I thought I better take some pictures before he grows out of his outfit. I know… He’s a stud!




I am so grateful we were able to have his blessing the last weekend of December instead of on the first Sunday of the month. This weekend we had really bad storms come in and the airport was actually closed for part of the weekend. Donner pass was also closed. All our family that came from out of town would not have been able to be here if we would have blessed him yesterday. The sky may have been blue but it was cold! This is what we found at church…


Sorry it’s a small picture… all I had was my phone.

Almost forgot…

 - by Brittany

We got to spend the day with Kayden while his mom went snowboarding. He played all morning and then I had cut up some breakfast pizzas for him because he kept eating mine. I left Paul with Jameson and Kayden (Jameson was sleeping and Kayden was eating) while I took a shower. I came out and asked Paul how the boys were doing before I looked at them. Jameson was still asleep and this is how I found Kayden…