Month: January 2010

Jameson loves Nikki…

 - by Brittany

a little too much.

He has now started to share water with her. Her water to be exact. After telling him numerous times today not to drink Nikki’s water, I just pulled out the camera and took a picture. I forfeit the battle for today.

dsc01371-large.JPG  dsc01372-large.JPG


 - by Brittany

Last Saturday, we took a family trip to…

dsc01367-large.JPG  dsc01368-large.JPG  dsc01370-large.JPG

XXX Burger. We learned of this place through a little blog stalking. It’s only about 20 minutes from our house. So I looked it up and found out…

They have activities like every weekend during the summer months. We got there and were told the fryer was broken, so we couldn’t order anything that had to be fried. Kind of a bummer, but we’re going back so we’ll try next time.

Our order consisted of

XXX Root Beer Super Float……………………$6.29 Old-Fashioned handmade with premium Darigold ice-cream!

Jameson was in heaven. He had a rootbeer float for lunch. There was so much ice-cream in this thing. And yes, Jameson had to stand up in order to use the straws, the cup was that big.

dsc01348-large.JPG dsc01349-large.JPG dsc01350-large.JPG dsc01352-large.JPG dsc01353-large.JPG dsc01354-large.JPG dsc01360-large.JPG

(Do you like his “cheese” smile now?)

We also ordered

Old-fashioned juicy burger on our special fresh baked XXX bun: lots of beef, grilled onions, three cheeses, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo, XXX dressing & fries….$12.49

This burger is huge. Kevin and I shared it. He barely finished his, and I ate half of mine. So really, I ate a quarter of the burger. I think there were 4 hamburger patties on this thing. Too bad we weren’t able to order the fries. We’re not really salad people. (And I was really looking forward to a chilli dog.)

dsc01357-large.JPG  dsc01358-large.JPG  dsc01361-large.JPG

(This is an even better “cheese” face.)

The walls are covered in memorabilia from past customers, pictures, cars, trophies, and tons of other stuff to look at. There was a picture of a classic car next to us, so Jameson kept telling us “Doc” was on the wall (from Lightning McQueen).   After we ate all we could, we headed outside to have Jameson run off some of the sugar he just consumed. He loved looking at their vintage bus outside.

dsc01363-large.JPG  dsc01365-large.JPG  dsc01364-large.JPG

So anytime anyone wants to visit us, we can make this a stop on your trip!

Exciting Friday Nights

 - by Brittany

We’re not an exciting bunch of people around here on Friday nights. Lately, Jameson has been really into watching cars on tv. He wants to see them race and crash and everything else. Tonight, the only thing that was on was an auto auction. Here is Jameson so excited about his race cars.


 - by Brittany

This morning as I was paying bills, Jameson informed me he was going to work. He came into the room with his Lightning McQueen suitcase (with the handle over his shoulder like a bag) and said…

Jameson: “Bye Mom!”

Me: “Bye. Where are you going?”

(He walked over and gave me a kiss just like Kevin does before he leaves for work.)

Jameson: as he turned around and walked off  “I go to work.”

And then he left the room. I was a little startled at first, then started laughing. Instead, we went to the park and skipped work. He was bound and determined to leave.

“I eat snails!”

 - by Brittany

Tonight for dinner we had shish kabobs with chicken and peppers and mushrooms along with rice. I gave Jameson the vegetables and chicken on his own plate with some bbq sauce. As we were eating he yells, “Mom! I eat a snail!” I turned around and he was holding one of the mushrooms so excited. I guess they kind of look the same. Maybe?

This could be bad for the future snails on the doorstep.

What else can fit?

 - by Brittany

When we first moved here, Jameson climbed out of his crib the 2nd night. We thought, ok, time for a bed. We went that weekend and found a bed for him. Since then, he’s never tried to climb out again. In fact, he will climb in his crib, and then call you to come get him out. Well, we have 8 weeks before we’re going to need that crib for someone else. His bed has been empty, except for visitors. I decided we would start the transition after Christmas travels. We’ve been home about a week now, and back to regular sleeping habits, so last night I decided it was time. He really did not want to sleep in his bed, but after bringing some items with him, jumped happily into bed. I laid by him, and read him a few stories, and then told him it was time for bed. He was not too thrilled with that, but stayed in his bed along with…

Mom cow

baby cow

His horse

the barn

a duck

a moose

a motorcycle

his blanket

his binki

the balls for the Hungry Hungry Hippo game in the tiny muffin tin mold

sleeping on the decorative Lightning McQueen pillow rather than the big one

with the Lightning McQueen blanket on top.

He cried on and off for about an hour, but never climbed out of the bed. It was like an I spy book in there.

Can you spot the cow?

dsc01325-large.JPG  dsc01328-large.JPG  dsc01329-large.JPG

I think he woke up when Kevin left this morning, because when I finally heard him at 10 am there was an added cup to the mix. (He only slept late since it took him forever to go to sleep.) He never did get out of his bed, though. I went in and found him like this…


Nap time today took a lot longer, but I think we succeeded. He doesn’t get out of the bed, he just never goes to sleep. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, though, considering he loves his crib and it was our choice to put him in the bed. Next up will be the binki. First we’ll get use to the bed, then we’ll conquer that trial.

Grocery shopping in my pajamas

 - by Brittany

and not the white trash way of just going to the store in my pajamas.

We were talking at playgroup last week, and somehow online grocery shopping was brought up. I know stores do this, but I always figured it was expensive. One of the girls said she uses and they are pretty comparable. So I came home and told Kevin about it. He was totally on board. We checked out a few different grocery websites and compared those prices with Amazon. Turns out, a lot of items they had cheaper.  So I made a dinner menu for the week, figured out what I would need, then went grocery shopping Friday night on the couch.

The site was so easy to use, and you could compare pricing and quantity. (I know you can do this in the store, but some times the unit price is not on the tag, or it’s hard to find.) Everything was right in front of me. Also, I wasn’t wandering the isles, so I stuck to my list really well. If your order is over $75, it’s free delivery, which mine was. So I picked my delivery time (which was between 10 am and 1 pm), and went to bed for the night. Also, you don’t have to be there for the delivery.

Saturday morning,  we woke up, had breakfast, and by 10:30, this was at my door.


I had all my grocery needs and I hadn’t even gotten dressed yet. AWESOME! After unpacking, I found I do need to pay closer attention to the size of what I am buying; ie. 8oz vs. 16oz. But overall, I was very happy. They even included a bouquet of flowers for my first time. Kevin tried to claim them, but he was a little late. The bins have zip ties on them so you can tell if they have been opened previously or not. The cold food is packaged in insulated bags with ice packs. They pick up your bins on their next delivery.


As my first time,  I missed lots of items. Since you don’t wander the isle, I didn’t think about laundry detergent and stuff like that. So Saturday I still ended up going to the store. But, it was for non food items. So if your interested, I was given coupons that expire January 31st for

Free produce sampler enter code: WCFRBFR2

10% off your first order enter code: WCTENFR2

Try it out and tell me what you think. If they don’t deliver to your area, try another grocery site.

Leaving on a jet plane

 - by Brittany

January 13th, we set off to fly home from our extended trip in Sacramento/Reno. (Side note: January 13th was also mine and Kevin’s first date 5 years ago. Funny that we were returning to him on this day.) I haven’t flown commercial with Jameson in a while, so I knew we were in for an adventure. I also had to buy him his own seat for the first time. I got our bags packed, and also got our carry ons packed. Jameson had his Lightning McQueen suitcase full of books to keep him busy on the plane. I also scheduled the flight for 1:20 pm thinking he would nap on the way. Yah right!

Jameson insisted on pulling his suitcase throughout the whole airport. Plus, he also decided to run and not pay attention to anyone else around him. Luckily, most people laughed at him as he ran down the terminal yelling, “Mom! I find da airpane!” while pulling his luggage.

dsc01316-large.JPG  dsc01317-large.JPG

While we waited to board, we watched out the window at another plane getting ready to pull out. I looked up to see the pilot in that plane waving, very distinctly, at Jameson. I had to point him out, but Jameson did see him and waved back. I didn’t think they could see through the windows into us, but I thought that was so nice of the pilot. The guy sitting next to me was impressed, too.

As we boarded the plane, we were stopped right when we got through the door. The asked us to wait while they seated the lady in front of me who needed assistance. The pilot of our plane was standing there and asked Jameson if he wanted to see in the cockpit. Really? With all the security they still allow kids to do this? Jameson was all for it, till he looked in and saw all the buttons and got scared.

We started heading to find a seat, and I got to watch all the faces look at us like, “Please don’t sit by me.” I kept telling Jameson to head to the back of the plane where we wouldn’t bug anyone. We found some seats with a nice lady behind us. I was thankful it was not a full flight so we got our own row. Jameson was not ok with wearing the seatbelt during take off and landing. We had some tantrums, and I thought the guys in front of us would say something. They were too busy filming a documentary on the take off and landing of the plane. Luckily, once the seatbelt sign was off, he was in a better mood.

dsc01318-large.JPG  dsc01319-large.JPG  dsc01320-large.JPG

Jameson was also very interested in keeping up on the safety and evacuation of the plane. He mostly liked seeing the diagram of the airplane.

dsc01321-large.JPG  dsc01322-large.JPG

After we landed, the lady across the isle informed me he was very good. When I looked at her like I thought she was crazy, and he was horrible, she said, “He was good, and you survived.” Thanks, lady. I appreciated that she could look past the tantrums on take off and landing, and saw the effort I was putting into keeping him quiet and happy.

It took us forever to walk to baggage claim where Kevin was waiting. Not only did Jameson have to pull his McQueen bag, there are fish in the floor tile, that he had to touch. He would drop his bag, and yell, “A fish!” Then he would try to get them out of the floor. It took forever. We finally reached the escalators, and as we neared the bottom, I pointed out Kevin to Jameson. He almost didn’t wait for the escalator. He yelled, “DAD!” as loud as possible and went running. It was the best moment of the day.

For the next 24 hours, all we heard from Jameson is, “I ride a airpane.” and that he wants to go again. We had a great trip and are so grateful to everyone that let us use their rooms and beds and took care of us, but we are so glad to be home again.

Sisters make good pillows

 - by Brittany

Tuesday night before we left Sacramento, Jameson fell asleep on his sister. He hardly ever falls asleep before we put him in his bed. Apparently, he was worn out. He couldn’t even keep the binki in his mouth.