Month: June 2010

There’s reasons for my madness

 - by Brittany

Monday, May 31st, the kids and I met up with my mom at their hotel. Once the car was packed, we said good-bye to Kevin, and loaded up. We started on our 14 hour journey to Sacramento. We got out just before 9 am. The kids did really well in the car, for the most part, and we arrived at my mom’s after 10 pm. The next day, June 1st, we were scheduled to head to Reno. My plan was to head over between the hours of 1-4 pm. This would be Jameson’s nap time and between Ella’s feedings. So I got up, got showered and ready, then started on the kids. I got Jameson bathed and dressed, then turned my attention to Ella. I got everything together to pack the car. My next step was to feed Jameson, then it would be time for Ella to eat again, and then head out immediately. Jameson came in and asked for me to take his shoes off. I did, but told him to stay inside if his shoes were off. Well, this is what I found in the backyard after I got Ella dressed…

I looked at my mom and just asked, “Really, Mom?” She looked at me and said, “What, he’s having fun?” Jameson looked at me and said so proudly, “I take my socks off!” First, I brought up to my mom how he just got out of the tub. Then I explained how when you are nursing, timing is a little bit more critical then when you give your baby a bottle. (One more reason to stop, right?) She saw my reasoning, and helped make lunch. At least Jameson knew to take his clothes off first, right? Jameson first had to help her water the plants…

Among other things around the yard.

I did get him redressed, fed, and in the car along with Ella. Both kids slept almost the whole way over. So all worked out in the end.  I also have to say, I did pack a swimsuit for Jameson. He never once wore it. He, in fact, refused when I tried. Therefore, it may still have the tags on it. So please don’t think I always just send my child out in a diaper or tell him to swim in his clothes. He did this on his own accord, and most the time, I was not happy his clothes were wet.

Memorial Day Weekend

 - by Brittany

This Memorial Day weekend was a special one.  We decided before Ella was born, we would have her baby blessing this weekend in order to help our families attend. They would have a 3 day weekend to come vacation with us, along with participate in this special event. The weekend was kicked off when my dad and grandma arrived. Ella met her Great-Grandma Judd for the first time.

Grandma came in and immediately went for the baby, while Dad brought in the luggage. Who can blame her? Ella is named after her for goodness sakes. (Grandma’s name is Eula Mae.)

Saturday, we headed down to meet up with my aunt and uncle for lunch. They live about an hour from us. Sadly, I did not take any pictures while we were there. Maybe Dad can send me the picture from lunch??? and I can insert it <here>. We had a delicious meal at Austin’s and Jameson watched the boats in the Sound. It was great entertainment for him. After lunch, we headed back to their house for a little longer before heading home. Kevin and my Dad headed into Seattle and met up with my brother. (My mom, step-dad, brother, and step-sister got to Seattle late Friday night. They stayed in down town Seattle and did the touring thing.) Grandma, the kids, and I headed home for naps. We spent Saturday night relaxing, and Ella got to know her grandpa.

Dad also got Ella a hat. It’s a little big for now. Sorry, my kids have small heads. I’m not quite sure how that happened. Have you seen our heads? Not the smallest things.

Sunday morning we got to church on time, thankfully. Mom missed an exit on their way, and made it as the opening song started. Whew! We had an eventful Sacrament meeting. We had a confirmation and Ella’s blessing.  As Kevin stood up to give the blessing, I realized I needed to get a pen and paper.  As I was doing that, the men gathered at the front. The next time I looked up, there were more people up there than I expected. I couldn’t quite see everyone, so I was trying to figure out who was up there. We had 8 people up there: Kevin, Stan Judd (my dad), Don Gordon (my step-dad), Justin Chambers (friend), Dan McCulloch (friend), Randy White (Bishop),  Dennis Yool (first counselor), and Steve Jones (second counselor). I had forgotten to add in the bishopric. I’m glad they were there. Everyone in our ward has helped us out so much. We stopped for pictures before heading home. It had started to rain, so we had to stay close to the church.

4 Generations

All of our family that came…

We are truly appreciate of our family that made the long trek up here for this special occasion. It was fun having visitors, and other arms to help with our children. They both loved all the attention.

After church, we headed over to the park for some lunch. Luckily, it stopped raining long enough for us to enjoy some pulled pork sandwiches, funeral potatos, macaroni salad, watermelon, and cookies. Everyone helped carry our kids and food down to the park.

Jenny, Papa Don, and Jameson

Grandma, Papa Don, Jameson

Uncle Weston helped Jameson with his bike. He kept getting stuck with his plastic wheels.

Jameson also got to have lunch with his best friends here. The McCulloch family joined us at the park.

Dad kept Ella safe and warm for me.

Grandma and Dad flew out Sunday evening. I got the kids and I packed and ready to leave on Monday. I was riding back to Sacramento with my mom to start our two week trip to Sacramento and Reno. Jameson had to show Uncle Weston where we keep the suitcases. In the loft in his bedroom.

Monday morning, Kevin dropped me off at their hotel, and we began the 14 hour ride to Sacramento.