Month: November 2008

Curly Hair?

 - by Brittany

When Jameson was born he had hair like this…


Monday, when he woke up from his nap, his hair was out of control. He must have been sweating, because even his top curls were making an appearance.

november-17-001-large.jpg  november-17-002-large.jpg  november-17-003-large.jpg  november-17-004-large.jpg  november-17-005-large.jpg  november-17-006-large.jpg

And where do these blond curls come from? This…


(This picture was taken not long after we had started dating.) Don’t worry, he cut his hair before the wedding.

Family & 1 Year Pics

 - by Brittany

Marielle Hayes was in Reno for the weekend and offered an awesome deal that we partook in. Since it is so close to Jameson’s birthday, I wanted to do some pictures of himfor his 1 year shots and also our family pictures. I think they turned out great, and a big thanks to Marielle for waiting for us to chase Jameson down for every picture. He was watching all the people around us (mostly bums :)) and wouldn’t look at the camera.

family-photo-1.jpg  family-photo-2.jpg  family-photo-3.jpg  family-photo-4.jpg  family-photo-5.jpg  family-photo-6.jpg  family-photo-7.jpg

If any of our family, or I guess our friends (if you really want us hanging up in your house) would like any pictures or to look at all of our pictures, let me know and I will send you the information.

Double trouble and tick-or-treating

 - by Brittany

Jameson was still eating his lunch one day but Ramona was done and wanted down. She didn’t realize in getting down from her highchair, she would no long be able to see Jameson and his food. So I lowered his highchair to appease both children. Well Jameson finished and I cleaned him up. I was in the kitchen cleaning up lunch and looked over to see this series of events…

october-30-31-003-large.jpg  october-30-31-006-large.jpg  october-30-31-007-large.jpg  october-30-31-008-large.jpg  october-30-31-009-large.jpg  october-30-31-010-large.jpg

Obviously, you see who came up with the idea. Too bad Jameson hasn’t figured out all his skills yet. Ramona still has the advantage in some areas. Needless to say, there will be no more lowered high chair with the tray not attached.

We went and voted early on Nevada Day! Jameson was fine while we waited in line for over an hour. He kept those around us entertained. Then the last 5 minutes before it was my turn, it was melt down time. I’m definitely sure I voted my preference for president and congress, but all the propostition and other items, I could have voted wrong. Jameson was throwing a fit and shaking the dividers and therefore, I was just trying to finish my ballot. This is how we left the voting booth…

october-30-31-015-large.jpg  He was sick and teething so I guess I can give the kid a break this time.

After voting, we met up with Kevin and headed to Carson. Kevin’s grandma made Dutch soup (she moved here from Freeceland, a part of Holland, when she was little) for everyone for dinner. Then we went by his Aunt’s house were I got the poop scared out of me, which in turn made Jameson cry. Thanks Jori! We trick-or-treated at some of her neighbors and Jameson ate an entire tootsie roll pop. Then we headed over to the governor’s mansion. The line was way long, and it was already after 8 with an already tired child. So we trick-or-treated at some of house around the mansion in the historical district. I’ve never been there so it was really fun.

october-30-31-016-large.jpg  october-30-31-017-large.jpg  october-30-31-019-large.jpg  october-30-31-020-large.jpg  

Jameson didn’t like carrying his pumpkin. He just wanted the candy.

After, we went back to his grandparents to put Jameson in his pajamas before the trip home. He hung out with his great grandparents for a bit, before we left. (This was about 10:00 at night so he was beyond tired.)

october-30-31-021-large.jpg  october-30-31-022-large.jpg  october-30-31-023-large.jpg  october-30-31-024-large.jpg

And that was our Nevada Day and Halloween!

Job Anyone?

 - by Brittany

I don’t know who looks at this blog and would be interested, but I thought I could use it to get the word out. If you or anyone you know might be interested in an 8-5 office job, please let me know. I will try to answer any questions you have.