Month: April 2012

Catch up with Easter

 - by Brittany

I think I am finally motivated to catch up on our happenings. April 3rd, we had a small egg hunt at the church with our playgroup friends. We gathered all the kids together for a before picture. We were really surprised at how cooperative the kids were for this picture. It only took a few minutes to gather them and have them all sit down. Surprising, right!?

We each brought eggs and hid them throughout the primary and relief society rooms. We let the younger group get a head start with easier eggs to be found, and then let the older kids attack. Ella figured out there was candy inside, and that only motivated her to find a few more eggs before cracking them open and digging into the candy. I never saw Jameson until after all eggs were found. I was lame and did not provide my kids with eater baskets. Who knows where ours were from last year, and I didn’t feel the need to buy new ones. We wouldn’t be here for Easter anyway. So, Jameson used his “Rescue Pack”… a lion pack back his Grammy bought him, and Ella used a bag. Neither one cared they didn’t have a basket.

The kids each got their candy fill, and couldn’t be more excited.

Where have we been?

 - by Brittany

In a land where these are available. I was in heaven… Sonic, panda express (with a drive through), and a Wal Mart all in one shopping center. More to come. I just have to organize pictures.

Who won?

 - by Brittany

I’ve made a few more boards the past few days. One was for a girl I visit teach (as women in the church, we visit each other and check on each other) and the other is for the girls camp fundraiser for church. Yes, I know, I spelled Nauvoo wrong. That’s what happens when you’re trying to craft and your kids keep interrupting you. I knew it looked wrong, but it took someone else pointing out what was wrong to figure it out. I’ll fix it later.

These were done with partial color pictures. I’m still testing out different types of pictures, but I thought they still looked good.

So, remember how I said I would make you one? Loved your jokes. I used random generator and…

True Random Number Generator
That means that comment #7 WINS!
So, Lynnette, let me know what picture you want, because you were comment #7! I’ll send you and email to get details. 🙂