Home bound

 - by Brittany

Thursday, April 19th, we started our journey home. It was a big travel weekend. Mom was headed to Utah for Paul’s graduation from BYU, Weston was headed to Idaho to go to prom with his girl friend… yes, you read that right, and I was starting my drive home. Luckily, my cousin was able to ride with me so I didn’t have to make the long trip by myself with the kids. We left in the early afternoon, and made it to Medford a little after 8 pm. We got a hotel for the night, where none of us slept well. Well, maybe the kids did, but Jen and I didn’t.

We got up and got back on the road. The kids did pretty well, until nap time. Ella will refuse to take naps on trips. You just have to let her break down, and then she gives up. We did pretty well, though, and made it home just after 6 pm. The kids were so excited to see Dad, and I was so excited to have everyone in their own beds again.

We had a great trip, and will now be home bound till at least July. My doctor wasn’t too thrilled that I drove that far. But, we got out frequently, and walked around so everything was fine. I had a doctor appointment a few days after getting back, and everything was looking good and on track. We even made it with no one getting car sick on the way home. Success!