Month: May 2012

I’m oblivious

 - by Brittany

Last Thursday, I was headed to a baby shower for a friend. I asked my friend, Lauren, if she wanted to ride with me over. She said sure, but that she wanted some frozen yogurt before going over. Mostly, some time without kids before joining a bunch of other friends. I said, “Sure, no problem.” Who doesn’t want dessert before going someplace with more yummy food? So we head over there, and on the way, pass someone from the ward. She points her out, and I start telling her how bad I am. I am so oblivious to other people around me sometimes. Ok, a lot of times. So we park the car, and walk inside. We’re still talking about something, when all my young women turn around and yell, “Surprise!” It took me a minute to realize who was yelling, and recognize that it was for me. Lauren was laughing at me. I just looked at her… just proving my point about how I’m oblivious a lot of the time.

So back up to earlier in the week. I was told we were canceling the Tuesday night activity, because the girls were having finals and AP tests. Worked for me. I probably would have bailed on them anyway, because Tuesday night, I could not walk. Let me tell you. It was a rough two weeks. The previous week, Kevin was out of town and Jameson was vomiting. Then, last week, I was so sore with pain that I pretty much laid on the couch every afternoon and evening. I’ve never had this kind of pain before at the end of a pregnancy, and do not enjoy one minute of it. So, when they canceled Tuesday, I was really glad.

Unknown to me, the girls actually did have an activity Tuesday night. They put together a diaper cake for me and tied a baby quilt. I guess they were worried I would drive by Tuesday and see their cars at the church. I told them they had nothing to worry about since I was laid out on the couch all night.


One of my beehives took the left over diapers and made a small cake to go with it.


We all got some yogurt and the girls each took their guesses at what time the baby will come along with what to name the baby. No, we have not decided on a name. Not because I want to “see” her first or anything. Just because, we have no idea. So, just know, I’m a pretty easy person to surprise. The young women pulled it off, and that’s saying something. I was surprised none of them slipped and said anything. It was fun, and then we headed off to the actual shower we originally were headed for.

Sums it up

 - by Brittany

This pretty much sums up Ella right now. She loves Nemo, loves her hand-me-down Buzz Lightyear pajamas, loves her high heels, and loves her baby dolls.

Magnet men

 - by Brittany

Jameson has such an imagination… I’m pretty sure you’ve all noticed. I have found he loves toys that he can manipulate. Magnets are one of his favorite. I found these magnets while rummaging through a guy’s garage. He was selling a bunch of toys, I couldn’t pass these up. Now, I wish I would have bought the larger set. He was so proud one day, because he made all of us out of his magnets. It started with him and dad (the yellow people, then he added us girls (the red people). And not to miss out, he has Uncle Paul included (the green man) since he was staying with us for a few weeks. My favorite is that he gave us all eyes. They may be popping out of our heads, but I love them.




Love this little boy and all he creates.


 - by Brittany

In trying to catch up, I noticed I missed a few things. Kevin was at work, and we were out enjoying a nice day. As I was watching Jameson on the trampoline, I noticed he started doing flips. Not somersaults, actual flips. I text Kevin to tell him, and he requested a video. So, I sent this to him…

Oh my! At this rate, we might make some trips to the ER this summer. This little stunt devil is not afraid of anything. Uncle Paul was watching with me, and told me, “Now we need to teach him back flips.” Ummm no. We do not need to encourage his lack of fear.

Sheep sheer

 - by Brittany

Every spring, Kelsey Creek Park does a sheep sheer festival. I always see the signs, but we’ve never been able to make it. This year, we decided to go. Kevin had already planned to kayak the river, so I took the kids that morning to the festival. We got there just in time to see the sheep get their hair cut.

Ella liked watching the sheep, but Jameson was bored after one sheep. They actually cut about 4 every hour. So we finished watching and took off to see what else there was to do. They had some rabbits out of cages the kids could pet. Ella loved it. She wouldn’t leave the rabbits to continue to see what else there was.

I finally got her away from the rabbits. We got some kettle corn, and while I was getting that, the kids watched the dogs below herd the sheep. Once we got our popcorn, we headed down to get a closer view. I think this was their favorite part. They would let the dogs out and have them herd the sheep different ways… splitting sheep up, directing the sheep to the corners.

Kevin finished earlier than we thought, and could have met us, but parking was crazy. So we told him we’d meet him at home. Unfortunately, that meant that I had to push the kids up hill the whole way back to the car which was pretty far away. So yah, by the time we got to the car, I was worn out and contracting. But we made it.

Oh so sick

 - by Brittany

Monday night, I got a text from a friend asking if anyone else had kids throwing up who had come over to the bbq Saturday. I said no, and I didn’t know of anyone that had been sick. Not long after that text, another one came through from another friend saying her girls were throwing up. We didn’t know if it was heat exhaustion from being at the lake, or actually sick. Well, at midnight, Jameson came out of his room crying because he threw up. I got his sheets changed, everything cleaned (not easy to do when 9 months pregnant and his bed is the top bunk) put him back in bed, crawled in my own, only to hear him crying. I knew that meant it happened again. So, I stripped his bed again, threw the next load in the wash, pulled his mattress off and put it on my floor. I remade the bed, and gave him a bowl. I finally got back in bed at 2:30 am. I was awake off and on the 2 hours, though, listening to him to make sure he didn’t puke again. I got to sleep till about 8. Then he woke up with diarrhea, followed by puking. I pulled the mattress from my room and put it on the floor in front of the tv. He spent the whole day running to the bathroom or throwing up.


I called the doctor when we hit 12 hours and it was still going on. We made an appointment for later that day in case it was still going on. Just when I thought I was in the clear and going to cancel the appointment, he threw up again. So, we headed to the doctor that evening where all they could tell me was that it might be food poisoning. The only way to tell would be to take samples. So I decided if he didn’t get better, I would do the not so fun samples, and if he did… forget the samples.

Luckily, he didn’t throw up anymore, and he started to keep food and water down. I thought it might be food poisoning, but 7 of the 8 families we had over were dealing with the same thing, and the kids didn’t eat the same stuff. Then, we found out the 8th family had been sick earlier in the week but were feeling fine by Saturday. All we can conclude is that they were still carrying this nasty stomach flu and passed it on.

I was so grateful Ella didn’t get it. In some ways, it was easier. Jameson and Ella hardly fought, because Jameson didn’t care. He laid around for 2 days. By Thursday, he was feeling better, but still not looking so good.


It was a long week with Jameson sick, and Kevin out of town. Not to mention I was slightly sunburned and 9 months pregnant. But, we made it. Kevin was able to get things done so that he doesn’t have to leave again next week. So the kids got to wake up to him home Saturday morning, and he gave me a break this weekend. I’m just glad he doesn’t have to leave again for a while.

Sunburns feel good

 - by Brittany

Monday was supposed to reach 80 degrees. That is hot here. So we packed up and headed to the lake. Ella is my little water baby. She’s never been afraid of the water. But, my days of having her sit with me on the blanket and eat are over. She loved the water. (She’s in the orange swim suit with green bucket.) Jameson found the raft I bought at the end of the season last year, and played on that the whole time. (He’s on the raft in the first picture.)




I soaked up as much sun as possible, and ended up with a slight sunburn. You wouldn’t think a sunburn would feel good, but it feels good to know the sun was finally reaching us here in Washington. We also finally got to use the wagon the kids got for Christmas. It was awesome. I don’t know how I will fit everything plus a baby, but we’ll figure that out later. For now, I was content to be the beached whale. And now, I actually have a a few tan lines. Who knows when it will be warm enough for the beach again, but we loved it.


Mother’s day

 - by Brittany

After a fun filled Saturday, Sunday was Mother’s Day. Last year, I was out of town with the kids for Mother’s Day. This year was a little better. Kevin got up early and made me breakfast. He made me waffles, which he doesn’t like, and cut up a bunch of fruit. He even arranged it nicely on the plate, all decorative! He had to wake up the kids (they were still exhausted from Saturday), and we all had a nice breakfast.



Then, Kevin had to pack and get ready to catch his plane. He had to leave again to do testing for his project. So, I got to haul everyone to church by myself. Luckily, the kids did pretty well. Ella went to nursery with her nursery leader so I didn’t have to deal with her fake crying. Jameson was supposed to give his testimony in primary, so I went with him. The whole morning we were talking about what a testimony is and what to say. He wasn’t thrilled with the idea, and kept telling me he didn’t want to. When we got to the primary room, he said he needed to sit in the front to give his testimony. When it was his turn, I was helping him, but trying to help him come up with something on his own. I asked him why he loved Jesus and his response in the mic was, “I don’t know.” So we wrapped it up pretty quick after that. After church, the kids had Mother’s day presents for me. They had drawn on kitchen towels for us. So cute, and useful.

Jameson wrote his name, a tree with apples, a fence, grass, and I think it was a wolf. His teacher also helped him make me a cookie. She told me he wanted to make me a big cookie. That he did.


Ella’s towel had her hand prints on them plus some doodles.


The back had a quote about motherhood. I’ll have to update that later, though. So even though Kevin was gone, it turned out to be a nice day.

Don’t mess

 - by Brittany

Saturday, the 12th, we got a baby-sitter and headed out with friends to the gun range. Kevin gave me a new gun for Christmas, that I needed to try out, and we needed to teach another friend how to shoot. So after going through basics, and a few rounds, the boys decided it was time for some competitions. The first one they wanted to do was “kill shot.” At least that’s what they call it. Basically, who can be the most accurate while holding the gun up sideways. He even picked out his 1911 with silver side plates for the cause. Of course, the only picture I have shooting that day was of this pose. (This counts as a belly shot at 35 weeks.)


I will say the baby did not enjoy shooting. She jumped and kicked as Kevin started shooting the first round. She calmed down after a bit, but I’d like to see you be accurate while a baby is kicking around in your stomach. Not only that, it somewhat throws your balance off. I did hit the target if you were wondering. Our new shooter tied with Kevin for first.


After that competition, they wanted to do quickest and most accurate. I will say, I was hitting the target more than Kevin. The boys were making fun of us, though, because they would fire as quick as possible, where us girls still tried to aim.



We had a good time, and then headed home to get ready for a bbq with lots of friends later. Once we got back, we got the kids taken care of, then Lauren and I headed to the grocery store. We got our items for the bbq, and then went home to begin prep work. Friends started coming over at about 4. Everyone brought their own meat and something to share. We ended up with tons of food, lots of friends, and lots of fun. We had 8 families over, which resulted in about 19 kids. My neighbors thought we were having a huge party, but really, we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy friends and the nice weather. It was such a fun evening, but I was not expecting what was to come. By Monday, 7 of the 8 families had majorly sick kids… but we’ll get to that later.

Silly girl

 - by Brittany

While out shopping for birthday presents, Jameson saw this mask and had to have it. Since he had been pretty good after I dragged him around to a bunch of stores, I said ok. In fact, he wore it throughout the rest of the mall. Lovely. Ella loves it, too.