Month: February 2008

New tricks

 - by Brittany

Jameson has got some new tricks. It’s really been since he hit 12 weeks. He will now blow bubbles. This trick I do not like, because he drools and gets slobber everywhere. Kinda gross. He also has really started to put things in his mouth to feel. He tries to get both fists in his mouth. He is always eating his blankets of bib or burp cloths. He will also now do crunches in an attempt to sit himself up. I keep telling him he has to roll over first :). If you hold his wrists he will pull himself sitting position then stand up. If he is awake he wants to be sitting up. He knows that once you lay him down it is time for a nap or bed and he is not happy. His last trick is his attitude. Goodness Gracious. When he is done with his bottle (it can be empty or fall out of his mouth because he feel asleep) and you try to burp him he starts this whiny cry. Like he wants more bottle even though he’s not hungry. It’s really funny.

february-2008-060.jpg  february-2008-061.jpg

These pictures were taken while the swing was going so they are a little out of focus.

Dad’s Curls?

 - by Brittany

I was giving Jameson a bath the other night and when his hair is wet it gets this little curl. Maybe he will have curly hair like his dad.



 - by Brittany

When we got back from Vegas Jameson and I got sick. Then were out of town, and days I did have time to blog I didn’t feel like it. But now I’ve been told by too many people to update. So this has been our month…

We got back from Vegas and I was sick. Not fun. I haven’t been like that for about a year. I was doing my best to keep Jameson away and not get sick. We had even arranged for a sleepover at Gramdpa and Grammy’s (originally so we could go snowboarding together on Saturday). Instead I spent the day in bed while Kevin went snowboarding. It was nice to sleep through the night though and not worry about having a baby cry at 4 am. When we picked him up the next day he had signs of being sick. Jameson spent the next week so hoarse he could barely cry. I had to listen closely at night for his cry because it was sooo quiet. (Not a good quiet either) We went to the pediatricians.. again… (we had just been for his 2 month the week before) and found out it was influenza. Wonderful. Luckily dad did not get sick and was able to help out.


We had to go to Boise for Kevin’s cousin’s wedding. He was one of the groomsmen so he kind of had to be there. We got the car all ready. I got the tires balanced and rotated and we had an alignment done. Then Kevin changed the oil and fixed some other things that I don’t remember. He tried to show Jameson, but I don’t think Jameson cared by the look in his face.

february-2008-011.jpg  february-2008-013.jpg

Bath time at 11 weeks…


So we thought we had the car all ready and on our way to Fernley the car did not feel right. We ended up switching cars, and Kevin’s parents let us drive their other car. BIG THANKS! We ended up getting to Boise a little before 6 their time. His cousins met us at the hotel and told us we had 10 minutes to change and get to the restaurant for dinner. I don’t know about anyone else but when I travel my hair is in a pony tail and no make up. So 10 minutes to get me and a child who’s been locked in a car seat for 7 hours??? Not happening. I think that is the worst Jameson has ever behaved was at the restaurant. We finally left and went back to the hotel with a screaming baby. We got back to our hotel room and fed him and gave him a bath. What a difference…


The wedding was in the Boise temple. It was really pretty! But then again temples always are. Here are some pictures from the wedding that day…

The groom and his men… Captain Morgan seems a little contradictory 🙂

february-2008-005.jpg  february-2008-026.jpg

The bride and her bridesmaids

february-2008-027.jpg  february-2008-020.jpg

Our family and my handsome husband in a tux


The reception was in McCall Idaho which was about 100 miles north. Yup, we had to drive farther away. It was a drive through mountains so it was really pretty but took a long time. This time we had a little bit of time to relax at the hotel before getting ready for the reception. There was about 6 feet of snow on the ground and it was freezing. Some roads weren’t even plowed and all you could see were fence post. I guess they didn’t need those roads. Sunday morning we got up and prepared for the LONG drive home. Jameson was able to meet his Great Grandpa Brazell. They live between McCall and Boise so we took a small detour. They didn’t know we were coming and we had to hunt them down at church. It was a fun adventure though.

4 Generations


Great Grandpa Brazell and Great Grandma Karen

february-2008-047.jpg  february-2008-050.jpg

We then had a stop in Boise for a birthday dinner for Kevin’s dad. Luckily our stops ended up being when Jameson was awake and then he would fall asleep in the car. We had a much happier baby in the car on the way home even though the drive (with stops) took about 13 hours. It was a very long weekend but it was fun to see everyone.


(Picture above is at 12 weeks)

So that was the first half of February. Not much has happened since. There! You all have a long updated post now.