Month: April 2009

“Like a day date?”

 - by Brittany

Haha.. name that movie. Well that’s exactly what Kevin and I did last Saturday. We went on a day date to Northstar. It was our last chance to go before the resort closed. It was a beautiful day, with blue skies and warm weather. Even my mom would have skied on a day like this. Although it was warm, I still wore my jacket so I wouldn’t get wet. (I just unzipped the vents.)

april-18-22-001-large.jpg  april-18-22-002-large.jpg  april-18-22-003-large.jpg

The last picture is a view of the Lake Tahoe at the top of the lifts. We had tons of fun. We took our time getting up there, going to breakfast first, which we don’t usually do. There were no lines, and we did a little wakeboarding on a few runs. The snow was slushy, but the beautiful weather made up for it.

As we caught the first lift, it takes you over the top of the tubing area. They had wicker couches set out for adults watching. One lady was being funny and throwing snowballs at her friends. Apparently Kevin thought she needed to be taught a lesson. As we went over the top of her, she was bent over making another snowball. Well Kevin shook his board so snow would drop, and all I hear is… “Ahhh!” She screamed so loud. Kev caught her right down her crack. Me, not knowing exactly what happened looked like the guilty one when I turned around (cause I heard her scream) and Kevin hid behind me. Wonderful! It was a fun day.

On our way home, we went to pick Jameson up from his grandparents. He got to spend the night with them, and got to see his great-grandparents. He had to have a ride on Aunt Brittney’s bike, too.

april-18-22-004-large.jpg  april-18-22-005-large.jpg  april-18-22-006-large.jpg  april-18-22-008-large.jpg

april-18-22-009-large.jpg  april-18-22-010-large.jpg  april-18-22-011-large.jpg

This was the first time we’d seen grandpa since his heart surgery, and were so glad he’s doing so well.


 - by Brittany

So I didn’t get any pictures in our new Easter clothes, but here’s what we’ve been up to today. I got a bucket and some eggs so we could do a little hunt in the backyard. Well, I’m a slacker, and instead, I gave Jameson the bucket full of empty eggs. He was pretty excited.

april-12-002-large.jpg  april-12-003-large.jpg  april-12-005-large.jpg  

april-12-006-large.jpg  april-12-008-large.jpg  april-12-009-large.jpg

He found some more uses for the bucket.

april-12-010-large.jpg  april-12-011-large.jpg  april-12-012-large.jpg  april-12-013-large.jpg

*For those of you wondering, Jameson’s shirt says, “Jr. Missionary. Soldier for the Army of Helaman.”

So now there’s eggs all over the floor, but Jmo’s having fun, right. Maybe next year I’ll actually get more into the holiday’s with him.

This is Jameson’s new place to hang out. I gave up, and let him get up there. I guess one day when he falls off the back he won’t want to crawl up there anymore.

april-12-015-large.jpg  april-12-014-large.jpg  april-12-022-large.jpg

Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?


Kevin is currently trying to get the piece with the face on it out of the tube, which requires taking it completely apart.

Then Jmo came running in with a new toy.. my shoes. At least he picked some cute ones!

april-12-017-large.jpg  april-12-019-large.jpg  april-12-020-large.jpg  april-12-021-large.jpg

And the verdict… the piece has been removed!

april-12-023-large.jpg  april-12-025-large.jpg

P.S. Jameson only woke up about 2 and now it’s only 4:30. Busy Boy!

Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada

 - by Brittany

Friday we took the kids down to Carson to visit the children’s museum there. It actually wasn’t all that bad. It was only $5 for adults and children under 2 were free. Jameson loved the space shuttle most.

april-10-001-large.jpg  april-10-002-large.jpg  april-10-003-large.jpg 

april-10-016-large.jpg  april-10-009-large.jpg

Jameson was locked up for a time before there was a jail break.

april-10-013-large.jpg  april-10-014-large.jpg  april-10-015-large.jpg  april-10-010-large.jpg

After the jail break, the boys were hungry, so they went and did some grocery shopping.

april-10-018-large.jpg  april-10-019-large.jpg  april-10-020-large.jpg

Camden explained, “There’s no monies.”

april-10-021-large.jpg  april-10-022-large.jpg  april-10-023-large.jpg

april-10-024-large.jpg (On a side note. Don’t let your children push the shopping carts out of the grocery area. The carts are just the right height to take out your knees, or in my case a stranger’s knees.)

They also had some musical instruments Jmo loved.

april-10-011-large.jpg  april-10-029-large.jpg

april-10-025-large.jpg  april-10-026-large.jpg  april-10-027-large.jpg  april-10-028-large.jpg

Jmo gave Rams a ride around the block.


And something you’ve all been waiting for. Kylie will be proud. (We were trying to get down to your height.) Sariah has the better picture so for now, you get the blurriness.

april-10-004-large.jpg  april-10-007-large.jpg

We should have taken pictures in the skinny mirror, also, but the midget mirror was much more fun. (Sorry if I offend anyone)

There was also a doctor’s office, but Jmo was too busy with everything else, a shadow room (which Sariah and I had fun in) a bank, and the legislature’s office. Camden drove the train for a while, but Jmo was too busy in the space shuttle. It was great for kids under 5. I would say if your kids are older, it might not be that exciting, but for the price it was worth it.

Salt Lake

 - by Brittany

I was able to attend a very nice funeral on March 30th. On the way home, I called my mom, and she asked if I was ready to go to another one. Really? What is going on. Well my great-uncle had a heart attack unexpectedly and the funeral was going to be Friday. My mom had been planning on coming over to visit, so we had to rearrange our plans a bit. She drove over on Thursday instead, then we flew together from here to Salt Lake. Jameson hasn’t been on a commercial plane since he was about 7 months, but he’s flown on a private plane quite a bit since so I didn’t worry. Of course, he fell asleep as we entered the airport. We checked in and got to security. I undressed (cause that’s basically what you have to do now) and picked him up out of his stroller. Oh guess what! They made me take his flip flops off. Really people?! So of course he woke up as I was laying him back in his stroller. He freaked out as the plane took off. It was pretty bumpy, but as we leveled off he calmed down. He was awake the whole way till the decent. Great timing, again! We got our rental car and headed to my grandparents. Jameson found the stash of balls in the basement and was in heaven.

Friday was the funeral. It was snowing all day. Jameson was fine till the funeral started. We seriously have only had to take him out of Sacrament meeting about twice for being bad. He made it about a third of the way through the funeral and then we had to leave. I walked back to the Relief Society room to listen in there while he threw his trantrums. One of the girls in the kitchen offered to take him so I could go back, but I explained Enos was my Great-Uncle and I didn’t really know him. (Enos was 2 years older than my grandma.)  It was nap time and I forgot Jameson’s blanket, so note to self… don’t forget the blanket. Then we went up to the grave site where Paul, Jameson, and I stayed in the car. Of course, Jameson was still not asleep. Finally, on the way back to the church, Jmo crashed. He slept in his stroller all during the luncheon so I got to talk with my aunts and uncles. There were probably about 100 family members there. My mom got to see cousins she hasn’t seen since I was born, and all of my mom’s siblings were there.

After the funeral we headed back to my grandparents and my cousin brought his boys over. Well just before they leave, the boys come up and tell me “Jamesifer got in the water.” (He had a hard time remember Jameson’s name.) I go downstairs to find a very proud Jmo. My grandma has an Ariel toy that has two buttons on the front, and there’s two baskets in the water case. You push the buttons which releases air bubbles into the water, which pushes the ball, and you try to get the ball in the basket. I’m sure some of you rember these. Well, he pulled the plug out of the top and dumped the water all over. He was proud, I was irritated. Oh, well.

Friday night, my sister and nephew flew in from Vegas to play with us. Paul stayed with us at my grandparents too. Here are the boys trying to play ball. (Drew,Uncle Paul, Jameson)

april-2-5-012-large.jpg  april-2-5-013-large.jpg  april-2-5-014-large.jpg

Saturday we watched conference, then went shopping. Paul went to pick up my cousin, Tessa, and met us at the mall. Mom spoiled us and Tessa was our personal shopper. We need her around more often! Then we headed to Olive Garden for dinner. We got there just before the priesthood session ended, so while we were waiting all these men in suits started arriving. Here is Tessa and Jameson deciding what they want.

april-2-5-015-large.jpg  april-2-5-016-large.jpg Tessa will be such a good aunt, and Paul is a great uncle.

Then Saturday we watched the first session, and headed to my aunt’s house. Paul went to pick up Tessa and she got to meet our crazy family. Well she’s met them before but hasn’t seen anyone in a long time. I had taken Jameson outside and asked my mom if she could keep an eye on him. She agreed. Then, my aunt came inside and tells me how Jmo was running off so my mom sent Chase to get him. (He is my cousin’s son.) My aunt looked at mom mom and said, “You know you just sent a 3 year old after a 1 year old?” So my mom changed her plan. She asked Tristan (a different cousin’s son) to keep watch on Jameson and she would pay him $2. He’s not a very good negotiator and accepted. Some grandma, huh? Well it worked for about an hour, until the kids all wanted to feed the horses. Tristan went to round up the horses and when he came back, since I was outside, he got his money from my mom. Dang it.

april-2-5-017-large.jpg  april-2-5-018-large.jpg  april-2-5-019-large.jpg  

april-2-5-022-large.jpg  april-2-5-023-large.jpg Jameson was not too fond of the horses.

Here are some family shots.

april-2-5-024-edited-large.JPG  april-2-5-021-large.jpg

It was so fun to have Tessa with us. I don’t think she had ever seen Jameson. I think we got her ready for a nephew. 🙂

As we were outside, my cousin was getting us our Mary Kay and Sentcy (if you want any let me know and I’ll give you her number) and Jameson was playing in the dirt. Another cousin, Misty looks at me and said, “Umm, Brittany. Your son is eating rocks.”

My reply, “Rocks or is it poop?”

Misty, “Rocks.”

Me, “Oh, that’s ok.”

You got to know where your priorities are, right?

Jameson got to play the rest of the day with my cousin’s boys. Then mom picked us up after dropping off Christina, Drew, and Tessa. Monday we did some more shopping then headed back home. We almost didn’t get on the plane, since they messed up our tickets, but we made it. We got to the airport where Kevin was waiting for us. I took Jameson out of his stroller. He was mad, but then heard his dad call his name and took off running. He didn’t even look up. He was so excited for his dad. It was such a fun weekend with my family, and hopefully we’ll get back before Christmas.


 - by Brittany

Over the last few weeks, Jameson has gotten to play with his buddies almost every day. Some of those days have been spent at the park, when it was nice weather of course. One day Camden did not want the other two to play with the cookie jar toy. He kept guard on it while he was sleeping.


Another day we were at the park with some other friends from the ward. Hudson, Camden, and Jameson went “looking for spiders” as I was told in the maze. Apparently they found “Big Huge Ones!!”


Tanner was content to sit by me and eat pretzil sticks. Jameson is totally enthralled with the cozy coupe car. I guess this will be a purchase of ours this summer. For now he borrows Camden’s. I think between Jameson and Tanner, all sippy cups got drank. Not sure who drank what, though.

april-1-003-large.jpg  april-1-004-large.jpg  april-1-005-large.jpg  april-1-006-large.jpg

Jameson tried his hand at the scooter, but couldn’t make it go. At least he can balance, right? Tanner also found a new trick. He would climb up on the slide (a new feat in itself) then climb over the median to the other slide. Camden would stand at the top and tell any of the kids, “Don’t go this side. That’s my baby Tanner. Go that side.” Then Jameson would climb up the slide Tanner wasn’t on so the kid at the top had to find new slides. Oh well.

april-1-007-large.jpg  april-1-008-large.jpg

After the day at the park, we dropped off Camden and Tanner. Before we made it into our driveway, Jameson was out. Isn’t it amazing how fast kids fall asleep? He didn’t even have time to pull his hand out of his snack trap.

april-1-011-large.jpg  april-1-009-large.jpg  april-1-010-large.jpg