Eating crawdads

 - by Brittany

Kevin was gone for part of Labor Day weekend, so Monday was our only day to do something as a family. We headed up to Lake Tahoe to meet friends. Despite it being the last holiday weekend of summer, the beach was pretty empty. Could have been in part to the wind, or the fact that the air is still filled with smoke from the massive Rim Fire. Either way, we had fun. We made some rootbeer once we got to the beach. Molly tried her best to get it out herself.

The dads and boys headed out to the rocks to dive for crawdads. They dove till their bodies were numb and ended up with about 50. Jameson was a little nervous to pick one up, but Molly had no fear. We had to keep her away so she wouldn’t get pinched.





We had BBQ and the boiled up the crawdads. They were a lot of work for the amount of meat you get from them, but not bad tasting. Ella enjoyed watching everyone eat them, but she was not about to touch them.




While we were eating, Molly was having deep conversations with her friends.

We had so much fun, and loved spending time with friends. We were also as to spend time with family that happened to come to the same beach. Till next summer, Tahoe!


 - by Brittany

Kevin was out of town all week, and I wanted to go to the rib cook-off that came to town for the weekend. I check with Steph to see if they would be going, because I did not want to tackle it alone with my kids. They just so happen to be going that day, so we hurried and left to join them. Molly loved the ribs, but did not want to sit in her stroller.





Aunt Steph took Ella and Jameson to get balloon animals. Then the balloon dogs needed her drink.



We had fun, and I have missed those ribs!

Oh my! What a month.

 - by Brittany

DSC_0542 (Medium)       DSC_0537 (Medium)     DSC_0538 (Medium) DSC_0540 (Medium) DSC_0544 (Medium) DSC_0543 (Medium)

These are the many faces of Molly, who is now 10 months old. She was not about to hold still for me to take some pictures, so we did our best. You can see how big this girl is getting by her doll sitting by her feet. She is into everything, and never holds still. You might be able to tell by the stairs in the back ground, but yes, we moved. Our backyard has a much different view now. No more trees and moss, but more on that later.

Molly decided to teeth the week we moved. She got all 4 top teeth in. The front two came faster than the 2 side teeth, but all four are showing their sharpness. She has discovered the stairs, and has mastered how to go up them. We are still working on the down part. As long as she is on the stairs, she can go down. But, once she gets to the top, she stands triumphantly and yells. Then, can’t figure out how to turn around, so, she tries head first. We’re working on it. She has also found the toilet paper and door stops. She crawls like a mad woman, and is starting to bear crawl every where. I don’t think she likes the carpet on her bare legs, or the tile. She can walk when pushing something, and surfs along everything. Usually, she sleeps from about 7:30 pm till 7:30ish am, which is nice. She loves the phone, as you can see in the last few pictures, but just starting putting it up to her ear and “talking” in the last few days. She will also mimic what you do. She smacks her lips, shakes her head “no, no, no” and will wave on command… usually. When everyone starts laughing, she will laugh, and she tries to sing the hymns at church. She is off the charts for height and about 24 pounds. She’s a tank, that’s for sure. But she is beautiful and happy, and I always have random people commenting about her. She is usually so happy, or mean. She has super baby strength, and can really hurt you. But we love her.


DSC_0545 (Medium)

After taking these pictures, she found her way to the bathroom.

DSC_0534 (Medium) DSC_0532 (Medium)

How do I get mad at that face? She is so proud of herself. Molly has a great older sister, though, who rolled the toilet paper back up for her.

After, the toilet paper was cleaned up, we went outside to play with the neighbors. They decided to have some popsicle races. The boys lost interest after one race, but Ella loved watching the sticks go.

DSC_0547 (Medium) DSC_0549 (Medium) DSC_0550 (Medium)

So you see those shadows? Because I’ve been enjoying them. That means the sun is shining!


Private plus sickness

 - by Brittany

I have been thinking about our blog  a lot lately. I am going to start making most post private. I am just not comfortable with the whole world seeing our family anymore. Our blog will still be public, so it should show on your own blogs when we update, but individual post will be private. A lot of you are already on an email I send with the passwords to posts. If you would like to be added to this email, comment or email me and let me know. I will keep things such as young women, baby showers, etc. open so people can share ides, and I will get our blog up to date, hopefully soon.

A quick update on our December….

We were out of town the last 2 weeks of November, and returned home, December 2nd. While out of town, I was called as Young Women’s president. December 4th, I had my gall bladder removed.

December 7th-12th, we had fun visitors.

December 11th, I had my tonsils removed.

December 14th, Molly endured getting her first tooth.

December 17th, Ella went to the doctor, found out she had croup. They gave her a steroid so she never had too bad of symptoms. we caught it early.

by December 22nd, we took Jameson to the doctor. Found out he had an ear infection so he is on amoxicillin.

December 23rd, took Ella in because she was showing signs of an ear infection. She was clear, but old she had a really bad cold.

December 25th, canceled our dinner plans.

December 26th, took Ella back to the doctor. She now had an ear infection and beginning to get pneumonia in her left lungs. She is now on amoxicillin that has an added boost to it for her.

December 28th, took Molly in for her well child check up that was already scheduled, but she has started coughing as well. Turns out, she now has an ear infection and bronchitis. So she too, is on amoxicillin and a breathing treatment.

So, between my surgeries and the kids being sick, I think we have lived at doctor’s offices for the month of December. Which, is partly why my blogging has been lacking. Hopefully, I can catch back up. Here’s to no one being sick by 2013!


Down time

 - by Brittany

(Sept. 21)

Molly loves her time with Dad. Most of the time.

And while they played, these two had their own fun. They are constantly wrestling, which starts out all fun, and then usually turns into Ella crying.


 - by Brittany

(Sept. 16)

I was trying to get ready for church , but Molly wanted attention. So I sat her on the toilet in her bumbo next to me. Pretty soon, Jameson found where we were hiding out, and the next thing I know, he’s brought his own chair to the bathroom. Why can’t I ever just get ready without an audience?

Climbing high

 - by Brittany

One of the local gymnastic places had an open house day where anyone could come. I though I would check it out with the kids. Well, it was a mad house, but, Jameson did get to try climbing the ropes. I didn’t realize how high he could climb with no help.

First day of Pre-School

 - by Brittany

(Sept. 7)

Friday was Jameson’s official first day of pre-school. The morning started out like this.

Jameson wouldn’t look at me, and he didn’t want to go. He had been so excited up until that morning when I made him get ready for school. After some bribing, and some deals, He went in with a better attitude. After pre-school, it was a different story. He was happy, and had a good first day. Although, I got talked to almost every time the first 2 weeks for things Jameson was doing and needed to work on at home. Things like, not growling at other kids, or spitting, or being a better listener, etc. Fun times for me.

After school, his friends came to pick him up and take him the watch the boats in the locks. They had family in town and invited all of us, but I had just put the girls down for naps. So, they said they would take Jameson. He waited patiently at the curb until they came to pick him up.

Once Dad got home, a new adventure began. Kevin got his new tent delivered, and he wanted to check it out. So, they decided to all have a camp out in the backyard.

I brought Ella inside about 10 pm, and put her in her own bed. She was not going to sleep outside. The boys slept outside all night.


I missed some

 - by Brittany

I found some pictures that never got posted.

(Sept. 6)

Molly is 11 weeks old. She laughs and smiles all the time. Her hand-eye coordination is getting better, and everything goes in this girl’s mouth.

Here are the other two crazies this week.