First day of Pre-School

 - by Brittany

(Sept. 7)

Friday was Jameson’s official first day of pre-school. The morning started out like this.

Jameson wouldn’t look at me, and he didn’t want to go. He had been so excited up until that morning when I made him get ready for school. After some bribing, and some deals, He went in with a better attitude. After pre-school, it was a different story. He was happy, and had a good first day. Although, I got talked to almost every time the first 2 weeks for things Jameson was doing and needed to work on at home. Things like, not growling at other kids, or spitting, or being a better listener, etc. Fun times for me.

After school, his friends came to pick him up and take him the watch the boats in the locks. They had family in town and invited all of us, but I had just put the girls down for naps. So, they said they would take Jameson. He waited patiently at the curb until they came to pick him up.

Once Dad got home, a new adventure began. Kevin got his new tent delivered, and he wanted to check it out. So, they decided to all have a camp out in the backyard.

I brought Ella inside about 10 pm, and put her in her own bed. She was not going to sleep outside. The boys slept outside all night.


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