Oh my! What a month.

 - by Brittany

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These are the many faces of Molly, who is now 10 months old. She was not about to hold still for me to take some pictures, so we did our best. You can see how big this girl is getting by her doll sitting by her feet. She is into everything, and never holds still. You might be able to tell by the stairs in the back ground, but yes, we moved. Our backyard has a much different view now. No more trees and moss, but more on that later.

Molly decided to teeth the week we moved. She got all 4 top teeth in. The front two came faster than the 2 side teeth, but all four are showing their sharpness. She has discovered the stairs, and has mastered how to go up them. We are still working on the down part. As long as she is on the stairs, she can go down. But, once she gets to the top, she stands triumphantly and yells. Then, can’t figure out how to turn around, so, she tries head first. We’re working on it. She has also found the toilet paper and door stops. She crawls like a mad woman, and is starting to bear crawl every where. I don’t think she likes the carpet on her bare legs, or the tile. She can walk when pushing something, and surfs along everything. Usually, she sleeps from about 7:30 pm till 7:30ish am, which is nice. She loves the phone, as you can see in the last few pictures, but just starting putting it up to her ear and “talking” in the last few days. She will also mimic what you do. She smacks her lips, shakes her head “no, no, no” and will wave on command… usually. When everyone starts laughing, she will laugh, and she tries to sing the hymns at church. She is off the charts for height and about 24 pounds. She’s a tank, that’s for sure. But she is beautiful and happy, and I always have random people commenting about her. She is usually so happy, or mean. She has super baby strength, and can really hurt you. But we love her.


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After taking these pictures, she found her way to the bathroom.

DSC_0534 (Medium) DSC_0532 (Medium)

How do I get mad at that face? She is so proud of herself. Molly has a great older sister, though, who rolled the toilet paper back up for her.

After, the toilet paper was cleaned up, we went outside to play with the neighbors. They decided to have some popsicle races. The boys lost interest after one race, but Ella loved watching the sticks go.

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So you see those shadows? Because I’ve been enjoying them. That means the sun is shining!


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