Month: May 2008

Lake Adventure

 - by Brittany

So we were suppose to go to the lake last weekend but due to snow over the pass, chain control, a child with a fever, and me with some type of stomach flu we stayed home for the weekend. We decided to go today instead and test out my parents jet ski. We got all dressed up ready to go..

img_0078-medium.JPG img_0079-medium.JPG

So we get to the gas station and realize we forgot to put the ’08 stickers on. Kev took a quick trip back home for the stickers while I finish gassing up. We head out to the lake. About 45 minutes later we stop at some shop to buy permits for the cars, because we were on the Indian reservation… what a crock! So we have no idea where we are going. We find this boat ramp that doesn’t look like it is used very much now that the water is lower. Apparently there are real docks we just didn’t make it that far. So as we decide who gets to be the brave one and drive the jet ski over to the picnic tables I mentioned we should probably make sure that it will start first. (We’ve never taken this jet ski out.) So guess what… it doesn’t start. Great! So luckily our friend Greg is with us and he has jumper cables. I have his son, Camden, and Jameson down by the water and Camden is throwing rocks at the turtle (a tractor tire was about 30 feet out.. the turtle). The boys are looking at where to hook the jumper cables up to and can’t figure it out. Finally I walked over and pulled the plastic bin part out that covered that battery. I’m a genus I know! So the boys get it running but as soon as they disconnect the cables it would die. Hmmm… don’t want to launch it and then have it die. No good. So they go to the store up the way to try and buy a new battery leaving me and my brother with the two small boys. There was this makeshift dock that was stable but slanted. Camden kept wanting to run on it. Scary! I’m holding Jameson trying to tell him to walk in the middle and don’t run on it. (A 2 year old not run? Am I crazy asking that?) So as we were walking to this dock I stepped on what I thought was a little log covered by dirt. Paul was behind us and starts laughing yelling…”You just stepped on a fish!” WHAT!!!!!!! I turn around and yes! About an 18 in dead fish is laying there with my foot print in the middle and I look down and there is nasty guts that had squirted out on my leg. I was freaking out while Camden is ready to run on the dock. I got in the freezing water trying to wash it off.. so gross. So the guys finally come back. While they were gone they were suppose to call some other friends that were suppose to be meeting us. Kevin comes back saying he couldn’t get service on the phone. So I ask… “The store didn’t have a phone?” Oh in this world of cell phones, my husband forgot pay phones existed. So they head back up and actually found our friends driving around. Thank goodness. So after all this we decide the jet ski is not going to happen today and we drove over for a picnic on the beach. We set up at a table and the kids had a good time. It was still fun even though our plans didn’t quite work out. Here are some pictures…

The Chef.. (best sandwich maker)


Havin fun!


lake-day-004-small.jpg  lake-day-007-small.jpg lake-day-003-small.jpg

Camden was so fun all afternoon. He got really good at squirting his dad!

img_0084-medium.JPG  img_0110-medium.JPG img_0091-medium.JPG

Ramona loved to eat the sand and chew on any rock she could!

img_0118-medium.JPG  img_0121-medium.JPG img_0124-medium.JPG

Jameson didn’t like the cold water and couldn’t figure out why the sand fell through his fingers.

img_0095-medium.JPG img_0101-medium.JPG img_0122-medium.JPG

This is the closest anyone got to riding the jet ski… I couldn’t pick which picture was the best because they are all so funny!

img_0130-medium.JPG img_0132-medium.JPG img_0134-medium.JPG

img_0136-medium.JPG img_0137-medium.JPG img_0138-medium.JPG

So Jameson’s first trip to the lake was still fun. We got all packed up and he slept the whole way home. Maybe next time we will actually get in the water! Thanks to our friends for joining us at the lake!

Congrats to the Free Family!

 - by Brittany


Sariah is no longer pregnant. Tanner has arrived! He was a couple weeks early but was almost the same size as Jameson.

Jmo’s size Tanner

Height 20 1/2 in 20 1/2 in

Weight 8 lbs 7 oz 8 lbs 6 oz

Crazy huh!

Just wanted to say congratulation and were glad everything went well!


 - by Brittany

Jameson’s version of rockband…

image_052.jpg   image_053.jpg  image_055.jpg

Jameson’s Uncle Paul has moved to Reno to go to school and has been nice enough to share his toys with us.

Trip to Vegas

 - by Brittany

We took a trip to Vegas at the beginning of May. This is where my camera disappeared. We took pictures of Jameson on his first private plane ride but those are no where to be found. So instead, you get the pictures from my phone. Well as we were landing the descent into the Vegas valley is always bumpy but in a small plane it’s not so fun. I was trying to keep Jameson sucking on his binki so his ears would pop. Just as the tires hit the tar mat, he lost it. I had nice puke formula all down my shirt. He had it coming out his nose and everything. Not to mention it was hot. What happens is in the air it’s freezing cold so they turn the heater on. Well there’s this fine line when you’re dropping in altitude where it turns from freezing cold to hot and if you don’t change from the heater to air in time it gets way hot in the plane. Way hot + bumping landing = not feeling so good. Add some nice second hand formula and I thought I was going to puke. But we got cleaned up and the trip home was a lot better. Anyways. While there, we went to the District for lunch. Then we went and walked  around the shops. This guy had his monitor lizard there on a leash. Jameson was so fascinated. I’m sure if he could walk he would have been running to it. This kid has no fear. His 2 year old cousin wouldn’t even go within a foot of the lizard. I held Jameson out and he reached out wanting to touch it. img_4059.jpg  image_043.jpg As I was standing with Jameson and his cousin this other little kid came and backed himself into me then sat on my knee. I was like…..umm whose kid is this. I asked him if he wanted to touch the lizard and he said no. Then the thing crawled over and licked the kids leg. I told him, “Well if you don’t want to touch him, he’s going to touch you.” The little boy finally went and found his own mom to hide behind.


 - by Brittany

Jameson boycotted solid food for about 2 weeks. He started out on oatmeal and loved it. Then we added veggies and fruit and he would get so excited at feeding time. All of a sudden, this happened….


I have since found out this child does not like oatmeal. If I mix his food with rice we’re ok.

*disclosure notice: My camera has disappeared so I only have the camera on my phone. Sorry about the small pictures.