Month: September 2010

Last day

 - by Brittany

Our last day at the cabin included one last ride, and cleaning. Jameson got a hold of the camera and this is what he wanted to remember…

We packed up and headed to Vegas. Kevin caught a flight and flew home. The kids and I got settled in at Grandma Judd’s.

A growing family

 - by Brittany

Our family hasn’t all been in the same place at the same time in a while. So during the 24 hours our time overlapped at the cabin, we took some family pictures.

Trying to get a picture with the grandkids…

And a little man love…

The dog house

 - by Brittany

(July 31st)

Jameson and Kayden loved to play in the “dog house” as they called it. I tried to tell him it was the DOLL house, but apparently, that name didn’t work out for them. Maybe we should change it to club house till the girls get older, anyway. Jameson told me he made dinner. Do you see the table’s all set in the back ground?

The boys also helped Grandpa load the trailer with the old fence posts. Then Tilly, the dog, helped unload the trailer by snatching all the sticks they boys threw on it.

After hard work of cleaning and cooking, Jameson was ready for a ride.

Every afternoon at the cabin, it down poured. It was awesome. The stream was higher when we left than when we got there. My sister didn’t think I would like the rain, since it always rains here. But there, I didn’t have to go run errands in it. And, it was rain, not a mist. So, I loved it.

We seriously need to get a bean bag.

We have desperately needed family pictures with Dad. There was only 1 day where all of us would overlap and be at the cabin. This was Saturday. It started raining, but luckily, the rain stopped and the clouds parted. We all headed down to the spring.

After trying to heard the kids and get them to smile, we headed back before the rain started again. These boys got to ride these…

And these boys got to ride here…

Don’t they look so excited?

Saturday night was spent playing games and watching movies. At first, the boys had a different idea of the games that should be played at the cabin. This is not what should happen…

After a while, we got some sense talked into those boys and busted out the board games till all hours of the night.

More adventures

 - by Brittany

(July 29th)

Thursday morning Uncle Paul showed up with Kevin! We’d been waiting for him all week. Uncle Paul immediately tried to fish from the fishing hole right out front, but he has no skill. I would have shown him, but I didn’t get a fishing license. The boys loved watching. It would have been a lot more fun if he would have pulled a fish out.

Kevin showed the boys what the fish eat…

And then we took the boys on a small hike or walk. I’m sure to them it was a hike. Up the stream a little ways, there’s a large rock. One year we buried some treasures under it, and then dug them up the next spring. My best friend and I declared that this was our special spot. The stream used to run around it creating a little island. Now, there is so much growth it just creates a border for the stream. So I showed my children where I escaped to as a child, and thought how I wished Jenna had been able to make it.

After our adventures by the river, the boys found the 4 wheelers. This is where they could always be found. Picking up a tradition left of by Paul and Weston.

That would be a big “thumbs up” from Jameson!


 - by Brittany

(July 28th)

We had a couple days at the cabin before everyone arrived. While we waited, we filled our days with…

*Jameson entertaining the girls (pretty much a first for him to show this much love)

But how could you not love these two cute girls?

*We also roasted some marshmellows

And then our favorite person arrived!

Two peas in a pod

 - by Brittany

(July 27th)

We got up Tuesday morning and got ready to head out. Steve packed the car, which was a feat in itself. (Literally, there was only room for each of us to sit and not move.)  I tried to get a photo with grandma before leaving, and this is what Jameson gave me…

I got Grandpa to come inside to take a picture. He actually even gave me a real smile. I just love these two and wish I could see them more.

On the way to the cabin, we had to take the long way and go through Ephraim. While my brother-in-law interviewed for a coaching position, I took all the kids (minus Jenna), to the park. I was told it was just a few blocks away. So I picked a direction and started driving… wrong direction. I pulled up next to some old man on a scooter who had glazed over eyes and a cigarette hanging from his mouth and asked where the park was. He told me I could come play at his house… nasty old man. I told him I had kids and that they needed a place to play. I finally got some directions, and made it to the park. We spent 2 hours there in the hot sun, with 4 kids. Kayden kept having to go to the bathroom which didn’t make it easy to watch the other 3. Some other kids showed up, that were a little older, and when I got back from helping Kayden, they were holding Ella. She had been laying in the grass on a blanket. I could see her, but couldn’t hold her while helping Kayden. The girls were glad to help with Ella, even more than necessary. The kids mom came, and after the family was gone, Jameson and Kayden showed up wearing these.

Apparently the little boys forgot there hats, and these little boys were happy to help themselves.

I was tempted to let the boys keep the hats, but it’s a small enough town, the boys would be back for them. Instead, I had to tell these boys to leave their precious new hats on the table for their rightful owners.

Ella and I hung out under the tree while we waited.

Finally, as I was ready to take the kids to get ice cream somewhere, we got the call that Christina and Steve were ready. We got them, and blasted the AC in the car. Then we finished our trek to the cabin.

Sweet Memories

 - by Brittany

4 Generations (Paul is the baby)

Today marks 9 years since my grandpa was called to service on the other side. He was known by many and loved by all who knew him, but he belonged to us. Once people realized what my last name was, I would frequently be asked. “Any relation to President Judd?” Because of this, I had constant reminders that I needed to be an example to those watching me. I am lucky to have had so much time with him. We got to see him more since my grandma watched us when we were little, and we lived with them for a summer later on. Grandpa would take us for rides on the horses, let us crawl up his legs and flip, and always had a hug for us. He would clap his hands together first, then hold them out for us to run to. So to my sister and my cousins, remember, “We are precious.”

3 Little Penguins

 - by Brittany

(July 26th)

What happens when Jameson gets hold of the camera?

At least one picture is of Drew.

We took the boys to the aquarium out in Sandy. Grandma even came along for the ride. I can’t believe she was able to lift these boys up to see things. They’re pretty heavy boys.

I think there was a turtle in here the boys loved watching, and cute Jenna in her stroller.

The penguin exhibit was the biggest hit. They had pictures of penguins on the wall of the different types. The boys wouldn’t stand next to them, they stood in front of them. Each picking their own penguins.

Row row row your boat…

There was a touching pool, but all the stingrays were at the bottom. To touch would have meant some very wet boys. They did like to see the fish up close and personal, though.

The boys tried to find all 6 seahorses. I think they actually did.

The biggest, grossest lobster ever

Even Ella and Jenna enjoyed the fish.

In the Utah section of the aquarium, the boys enjoyed riding this frog.

The aquarium was a nice size. It had enough to keep the kids interested, but not too big that they would get tired and want to leave before seeing anything. After, we headed to McDonalds to let the kids burn off the last of their energy before heading home. The parking lot was full, so we had to park in another area of the shopping center parking lot. This meant we had to walk across a street, but not a real street. It was a street between the gas station and McDonalds, but still within the complex parking lot. I’m not sure what to call it. So Christina told the boys to hold hands while we cross the street. As we were getting the babies out, the boys grabbed hands and headed to the main road (which is super busy), hop the curb and are standing on the sidewalk. I start yelling at them to come back, and Christina can’t figure out what they are doing. Well to a 4, 2, and 1 year old, the street didn’t mean the little drive between the gas station and the food. It meant the big street. Christina started asking Kayden where he was going, and I had to remind her she told them to hold hands to cross the street. So once the boys were out of danger’s way, we explained what street we were talking about, and escorted them to the food.

Man, you have to be careful how you describe things to these little boys.

P.S. Christina and Steve took their kids to temple square with my camera. So here is you picture of your visit.