Month: September 2011


 - by Brittany

We were at the auto parts store waiting for Kevin, and Jameson was checking out the hot wheels along with another little boy.
Jameson says,”Mom, this is my new friend. Hey friend, what’s your name?”

Friend, “Jose.”

Jameson, “Mom, this is Hussen.”

Mom, “No, Jose.”

Jameson, “No, it’s Hussen. Hey Hussen…”

I was laughing.

Growing like a weed

 - by Brittany

Ella had her 18 month check-up this morning. After almost getting her appointment cancelled, because we were late, we made it with 1 minute to spare. Ella had no idea she would have to get shots, or what those are for that matter, so she was all smiles to begin with.

Her stats were:
Weight- 26 lbs 10.5 oz (79.16%)
height- 2′ 8.68″ (75.67%)
head circumference – 47cm (61.76%)

She is pretty much right on track. Then, I held her down while two nurses tag teamed and gave her 4 shots. Jameson was yelling in the back, “Don’t hurt my baby!” we made it, though, and we’re all happy again.

Our innocence was taken.

 - by Brittany

Image Source

Today, as I look at, I can’t help but think of what happened on this day 10 years ago. One day, I will explain to my children my thoughts about this day. For now, I enjoy our freedom in this great country. We remember that freedom isn’t free, and give thanks to all those who serve and sacrifice for me every day. I watch, as my cousin moves as her husband trains in different parts of the country, with admiration. I hear about my other cousin who just returned home after a year of deployment, and am thankful for his safe return. We each have stories to tell, and I thank these people and their families for all they do. Just as I ask my grandparents about WWII and what they were doing, I will be asked one day about September 11th and what I was doing. I hope I can tell my feelings and give these heroes the glory they deserve for their acts of service that day.

So, thank you, for all you do to protect this country and our lives each day.

Pretty Excited

 - by Brittany

My neighbor was setting up for a moving sale yesterday, so we walked over to see what was going on. I didn’t know they were moving, and that is because they don’t plan to move till January. They are just starting to get things cleaned out before their big move. First, I spotted these awesome vintage suitcases. I have a few friends who like to take pictures, so I grabbed a few. I couldn’t pass up 2 cases for $9. Even if they don’t want them, I’ll figure out something to do with them.


She asked if there was anything else I needed. I said, “Yah, do you have a Polaroid camera?” See, I have this idea for a few baby showers I’m giving in the next couple months, and a Polaroid camera would be awesome to have. So, I threw it out there. She replies, “Yes, I do. It’s in the house.” and came walking out with a camera. I asked how much she wanted, and the answer was $5. I was all over that.


Then, playing around with it, I ended up taking a picture of the trees behind me. We had no idea there was film in the camera. So we tested to see how many were in there. The result was one more picture of Ella.



I came home and showed Kevin my new treasure. He loves it. He loves that the picture of Ella looks like it was taken 20 years ago. The color of the picture, it’s slightly out of focus, the house in the background (which is from like 50 years ago), and our neighbor girl (she is one of the front yard ninjas). How excited are we! Only problem, finding film. I have found a few sources, but does anyone have a secret place they order their polaroid film from? Or know what other film will work. I was researching last night, and the outlook is expensive. Not as bad as I would think, since other companies are now making film for the out of production polaroids, but I’m still wondering if there is anything cheaper. If you find something, let me know.

John Wayne Trail

 - by Brittany

Saturday, Kevin had to help move some vehicles for the scouts who were biking the John Wayne Trail. It is the old railroad line, that now serves as a hiking trail. The railroad tracks have been removed, which leaves a nice wide path down the mountain and through tunnels. Kevin asked a friend to help him shuttle the vehicles down, so we all went up to enjoy the day. We packed a lunch, and headed up the mountain. Jameson was so excited to go hiking. We started off down the path, which had a little wooden walkway covering a run off stream. The kids loved the planked sidewalk.

It wasn’t long at all before we hit the mouth of the tunnel. We thought we would have a little bit more time. We stopped to take some pictures. I loved the huge doors for the tunnel. Below is Ella (on Kevin’s back), Kevin, Jameson, Abby, and Jesse.

Getting ready for our big adventure into the 2.5 mile tunnel.

We really didn’t know what to expect on this trail. If we had known how wide and flat the trail would be, we would have brought our jogging strollers to throw the kids in. Then, we might have made it all the way through the tunnel and further. Instead, we made it maybe halfway in, turned around, and walked back out. We got the keys to the cars we were going to have to move, and then had a picnic. As we each climbed in a car to drive, Jameson was concerned we were leaving dad behind. I explained he was driving another car, and we were going to follow him. The trail is about 22.5 miles long, and ends at a lake. Next time, we will have to hike from the lake and then go swimming. Jameson talked about going on another hike the whole way down the mountain. Soon, both kids were asleep in the car, and we had a quiet drive home. The day ended with a few friends over for some hamburgers and hotdogs. The kids ran around till it was dark. It was such a fun day for each of us.

Seeing double

 - by Brittany

Double pony tails that is. I managed to get Ella to sit still long enough to put her hair in pig tails. What I couldn’t get her long enough to sit still for was a picture. I had to take them on the run.

She is definitely no baby. We have a little girl on our hands.

Into the wild

 - by Brittany

Labor Day weekend was pretty low key for us. Saturday, we met some friends for breakfast, and then went with them to the sale at Old Navy. The mall it is in, has a lot of quarter rides, so I handed Jameson a handful of quarters. The dads took the kids and we were able to shop in some peace and quiet. Kevin worked the rest of the day on his truck with some guys he hired to help him replace his engine.

Sunday, Ella had her first official day of nursery. I dropped her off, and as soon as her back was turned, I snuck out. She did great! I had to teach our young women that day, and introduced our project for Young Women’s in Excellence (more on that later, unless you need an idea. Then I’ll tell you.) We stayed for the next ward’s sacrament meeting, because Kevin was able to participate in our friend’s baby blessing. It was a beautiful blessing for a very special baby.

Monday, we took a trip to Cabella’s. The kids loved the animals. It was like going to the zoo, except you can get much closer to the animals since none are alive and able to hurt you.




The token machine for the laser gun range was broken, so they were free. This was Jameson’s favorite. He shot everything he could for about an hour. Ella even liked to shoot.







Jameson learned his mom is not too shabby of a shooter by being able to make the bear appear from behind the fence.


We even had a little boy next to us start crying for his parents. So we took him to the front and explained that Jonah had lost his parents. It only took a minute after the page went out that his dad came running. That store is so big, that is my fear while there. There are so many places a kid could hide.

On the way home, we were talking about events that are happening in Reno over Labor Day that we were missing. I very much missed the rib cook-off. My mouth waters thinking about it. The other thing I don’t miss dealing with is Burning man. We joked about one car that was covered in dust that it was someone from Burning Man. I don’t think that car was, but not long after, we saw this one:


All the signs of Burning Man were there: VW, bikes, dust, symbol on back window, and driver with dreadlocks. You could say I’m stereotyping, but it’s totally true.

We arrived back home just in time to head over to a friends house for a bbq. We were able to enjoy lots of good friends and food. I am so thankful for such good friends here, or I would never make it through holidays without family. I really don’t have too many complaints about where we live. It’s beautiful, and summer days are perfect (when they finally decide to arrive), and the rain usually doesn’t really get you wet when you have to run out in it. But I hate living so far from family. It makes it hard on holidays, so I’m grateful we have lots of good friends to get us through it.

Shhh… it’s quiet.

 - by Brittany

We can now enjoy the last 2 hours of church. Which means, Ella is 18 months! She had her first official week in nursery today, where I dropped her off and left as soon as she was distracted. This is unlike the last 2 weeks, where I sat in nursery with her. Jameson is a sunbeam, and Ella is now an official nursery attendee, which leaves my arms free free for the last 2 hours of church.

She does not like to be interrupted while eating. She and Jameson are starting to become good friends.


She has big blue eyes, which allow her to get whatever she wants. She can hold her own in a fight. It’s not surprising that she is constantly fighting with Jameson over toys. What is surprising, is that she wins. She doesn’t have a lot of words, but is as loud as Jameson. Her few words are:

Shoes (pretty clear)


Ma (always yelled)

hi (includes waves)

Bye (includes waves)

Hi Da (these two must be said together. Otherwise, Da is not said.)

She can shake her head “no” all the time, but when she shakes her head “yes” it is very deliberately done.

She will put her hand out and summon you to come to her.

She can count 1,2,3 except that she doesn’t say the numbers but has the connotation and influx in her voice. So really, only I know that she is counting. She also has a word for fish, but I don’t know what it is. I can tell when she says it, but it is not really a word. She sings and dances in the car and at church. She is also starting to pay attention to the tv. I know it sounds bad, but hallelujah! Ella loves her blanket that my mom made in college. Only problem is that the material is starting to disintegrate. She still loves a bottle for bedtime, and guards her binkis. I guess we need to start working on those.

This girl is full of life and demands her own attention. She will not take orders, but will do things in her own time. Oh, how I am getting paid back. We love her with all our hearts, though, and could not imagine life without her.

Brother/ Sister love

 - by Brittany

I know it looks like Jameson is knocking her down, but he was trying to help her up. She was laughing and loving every minute of it.