Month: August 2013

My heavens

 - by Brittany

As I was trying to get Everyone ready to take Jameson to school, Molly decided to take it upon herself to get herself breakfast… After I already fed her. Meanwhile, Ella decided to pee her pants and was yelling for me at the same time. Luckily, non of those marshmallows got snatched in the carpet while tending to Ella.


New companions

 - by Brittany

In preparing to take family pictures, I was in charge of making sure Weston would be present. Since he is serving a mission in Australia right now, a cardboard cut out seemed logical. We picked him up Thursday, and took pictures to send to him. Cardboard Kevin was so excited to get a new companion!




 - by Brittany

Kevin was out of town all week, and I wanted to go to the rib cook-off that came to town for the weekend. I check with Steph to see if they would be going, because I did not want to tackle it alone with my kids. They just so happen to be going that day, so we hurried and left to join them. Molly loved the ribs, but did not want to sit in her stroller.





Aunt Steph took Ella and Jameson to get balloon animals. Then the balloon dogs needed her drink.



We had fun, and I have missed those ribs!