Molly Christine Brazell is Here!

 - by Kevin

Requiring little introduction, Molly Christine Brazell has finally arrived! Britt and Molly are doing very well, and are sleeping well at the hospital. The expectation is that they will be discharged tomorrow afternoon sometime.












At 9lbs 2oz and 21 1/4 inches, she’s the giant of the Maternity Ward and our biggest yet! She was delivered at 4:50pm on 6-21-12, which is barely inside of business hours (one of my original requests).













After everything had settled down at the hospital, I picked up Ella and Jameson and we headed over to see their new little sitster. They were even excited to wash their hands so that they could touch Molly.













Jameson was especially proud to be able to hold Molly for a bit.














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