3 feet deep

 - by Brittany


We’ve got to go swimming a few times at our friends. It’s perfect, because there is a roped off section that is only 3 feet deep. Not to mention, half the pool is also 3 feet deep, but at least there is a kid area. Jameson loves it.

Ella, on the other hand, is not as big of a fan. She doesn’t like that she can’t eat in the pool. After a few minutes, she wants out, and she wants the lunch box. Another reason she might not like the pool, is that the first time we went swimming, we found out Ella cannot swim. She made that clear. I did have preparation for that moment, though. I watched my brothers jump in pools plenty of times and need to be saved. Ella was on the step in the pool, and then she reached for a toy that had fallen down a step. That made her go face first into the water, which then meant she needed to be scooped out of the water. Don’t worry, she’s fine, and is not traumatized. I was right there. We do love to go swimming, though, because that means it is warm outside.

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