First timers

 - by Brittany

(August 25th)

Remember how we celebrated our anniversary earlier in the month? We went to breakfast and a ward party. Awesome, right? Well, the breakfast was awesome, and we had fun at the picnic, but our big celebration was to go to Les Miserables. It was our first time going to the 5th Avenue Theater, and it was gorgeous. These are pictures of the ceiling. The chandelier hung from the dragon’s mouth.



It was also Kevin’s first time to a musical. He did start out with a pretty good one. It was awesome. The actor playing Jean Valjean made his debut playing the same part 25 years ago when the show debuted. How cool is that?



I told Kevin before hand about the story line, and he thought I was giving spoilers. But, he was grateful once it started to have an idea what was going on. We will be going back to the 5th Avenue Theater sometime soon. It’s too much fun, not to.

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